Model range of chainsaws Patriot: characteristics

Many farmers have equipment such as cultivators and walk-behind tractors. Both of these units help to carry out any work on the ground, as well as in the maintenance of the territory of the site. Motoblocks can also be used in winter for removing snow and removing it, splitting icy areas and cleaning paths. However, the technique is often not used in winter, and it is simply put away for storage.

A walk-behind tractor in winter cannot be simply taken and left until spring. It is necessary to carefully prepare it for cold weather, and protect the parts from corrosion. In this article, we will tell you how to prepare the unit for winter storage. Should you drain fuel, remove wheels? We will answer all these questions.

Recommendations for preparing equipment for winter

A walk-behind tractor is a versatile technique that helps in working on your site or even on a mini farm. In order for the equipment to serve for a very long time, you need to carefully look after it. And this includes not only cleaning after work, changing the oil, timely repairs, but also preparing it for the winter.

A walk-behind tractor cannot simply be thrown into a garage or shed where there is high humidity, and simply, at best, covered with a tarpaulin. As a result, you will face such a problem as the car will stop starting in the spring. Are these problems worth it just not getting ready for winter without following simple guidelines?

For storage in winter, the walk-behind tractor must be carefully prepared, which, in more professional language, is called conservation. This is necessary so that in the warm season you can start the unit without any problems and start using it right there.

Do I need to drain gasoline from the walk-behind tractor for the winter?

Our advice - before winter storage, be sure to drain the gasoline, use up the remaining fuel in the system and let the tank dry out. After such actions, there will be no problems with the fuel system of the walk-behind tractor in the spring.

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A walk-behind tractor is a versatile unit that copes well with a number of difficult jobs. Like any special equipment, it requires careful handling and operation. It is not difficult to properly preserve the walk-behind tractor for the winter. The main thing is to approach the process of preparing equipment for the cold season with all responsibility.

General rules

Any equipment, including motoblocks, prepares for winter according to certain rules. The preservation of the unit begins with its thorough cleaning. You can not leave the product all in dirt and earth. After cleaning, you need to dry everything thoroughly, because moisture can spoil the parts on which rust appears.

Features and operating principle of the t engine

Any owner of a motorcycle should have an idea of ​​the engine design and the principle of its functioning. The two-stroke power unit is used not only in motor vehicles, but also in other technical devices - gas mowers, trimmers and others. Despite the complete set of many models of modern technology with four-stroke, the two-stroke engine is still widely used. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain and repair, and also quite reliable.

The working cycle of such an engine is carried out in a couple of compression strokes and a working stroke as a result of the energy from the fuel ignition. Both cycles are carried out during one crankshaft revolution. The two-stroke engine lacks the fuel intake phase and exhaust cycle characteristic of four-stroke engines. The process of fuel intake and exhaust gas exhaust takes place during the compression and expansion phases.

Thanks to this design feature, the torque and the power developed by the engine are increased with the same cubic capacity as a 4-stroke engine. And although the efficiency of a two-stroke power plant is lower compared to a four-stroke, due to the two-stroke operation of the piston, the engine elements perform fewer movements. Provided high-quality lubrication of the mating parts of the motor, it has a sufficiently long service life and is less susceptible to internal wear.

For the two-stroke to function, it is necessary to turn on the ignition, provide fuel supply and turn the engine crankshaft with a starter or kickstarter.

Further operation of the two-stroke motor is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • the piston begins to move towards the spark plug from bottom dead center. At this time, the fuel mixture enters the working chamber of the cylinder. There is an opening of the exhaust port, intended for the outlet of exhaust gases, and the working mixture is compressed;
  • in the initial phase of the compression cycle, a pressure drop occurs in the chamber of the crank mechanism, contributing to the flow of a new portion of gasoline. In the upper phase of the piston movement, the working mixture is ignited by a spark from a candle;
  • the energy resulting from the ignition of gasoline forces the piston to move to the lower point. Due to the open channel of the exhaust port, exhaust gases escape through the elbow connected to the muffler;
  • the subsequent movement of the piston causes the purge channel to open and gasoline flows into the working area of ​​the cylinder. The phase of displacement of the piston to the lowest point completes the operating cycle of the motor and the cycle repeats.

In the process of supplying gasoline mixed with oil, the components of the power unit are lubricated. This distinguishes the lubrication system of a two-stroke motor from the lubrication system of a four-stroke, which has a gear pump for supplying oil to the area of ​​the mating parts of the motor.

Features of two-stroke engines

The duty cycle of any engine consists of the following stages.

In the range of Chinese budget-class chainsaws, the demand for popular Patriot chainsaws, different in power and application features, has stabilized. At the modern technical level, the manufacturing country is successfully implementing the production of American brand chainsaws.

The model range of this brand in all respects meets the requirements of the current regulatory documents and the requests of ordinary users. The tools of the latest models are equipped with power units and saw headsets with an increased resource.

  • The use of high-quality carburetors and primers, fuel equipment heating systems partially or completely solve the problems of winter operation.
  • The designers have provided convenient access to the control units of internal and external equipment, filters of air intake devices, much has been done to improve the efficiency of emergency braking systems.

Performance Benefits

The standard Patriot chain saw of the latest series is characterized by:

  • combination of affordable cost for the population with a wide range of operational capabilities;
  • modern industrial design with high performance;
  • reliability of component parts; <
  • the duration of the assigned MTO.

The design uses the advantages of three-cam clutch mechanisms, which ensure smooth running of the chain, and wear-resistant drive sprockets. A variable speed saw chain oil pump is now standard.

Increased attention is paid to improving operator comfort.

Main directions:

  • reduction of vibration and noise pressure;
  • refinement of balance, shape of the body and handles for a secure grip;
  • convenient placement of main and auxiliary controls;
  • Reduced maintenance and increased battery life.

Operational Benefits

The Patriot chainsaw models actually correspond to the characteristics declared by the manufacturer. During operation, they meet the requirements of the average operator. This is possible due to the increased resource of the unit and improved saw sets included with the device.

If there is a desire to go on long trips, they choose a highway or, in the case of motor vehicles, a cruiser. For moving through the forest or fields - enduro.

But when the user is just getting acquainted with motor vehicles, taking a heavy and powerful tourist is at least wrong. For such cases, it is better to look towards motocross bikes, or better pit bikes.

They have a lot in common. Light weight, compact size, restrictions in traffic rules. But making the final choice is extremely difficult. To do this, you need to understand the main features of each type.

Traffic rules and cross-country motorcycles with pitbikes

This is the Irbis TTR 125 pit bike - one of the most common PIT bike models. It must not be driven on public roads.

First of all, it should be noted that traffic rules prohibit both types of driving on public roads.

It is interesting that for each type the prohibition is dictated by cardinally opposite reasons. Nevertheless, it is so. If you do not want to have problems with the traffic police, you cannot ride these bikes on city roads.

Common features of both types

Due to the low weight, even a child can cope with such a technique. In the photo, a beginner cross-country athlete.

First and foremost, light weight. If in the process of training you drop (or lay) such a bike on the asphalt, it is easier to lift it than a large tourist.

Ankle fracture (lateral and medial): symptoms and treatment, how long it heals

Among all injuries of the ankle joint, ankle fracture occurs in almost 75% of cases. During this injury, a person loses the ability to work for a long time.

Fracture of the leg in the ankle requires surgery in slightly more than half of all cases. With a fracture of the ankle, the integrity of the bone is violated due to the active impact on the leg of great force.


The causes of ankle injury can be traumatic, pathological and physiological factors. Traumatic factors include various blows to the limb or injuries due to improper emphasis on the leg, for example, slipping or stumbling, you can twist the ankle. During indirect injuries, in addition, tendon dislocation or rupture may occur.

Pathological factors that increase the risk of ankle fractures are as follows:

  • taking oral contraceptives for a very long period;
  • lack of calcium in the body;
  • adrenal pathology;
  • removal parathyroid gland;
  • excess of vitamin D;
  • presence of atrophic gastritis;
  • bone diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis;
  • insufficient ossification;
  • bone oncology;
  • chronic osteomyelitis;
  • tuberculous bone disease.

Physiological reasons are the period of intensive bone growth, pregnancy and old age of a person.


There are many types of damage to the ankle bone. They depend on the location of the injury, on its severity and related injuries. A person's leg has a lateral ankle on the outside and an inner ankle called the medial ankle. Accordingly, depending on which one is damaged, a fracture of the lateral malleolus or a fracture of the medial malleolus may occur. Occasionally, it may happen that a two-malleolar fracture occurs. It is very difficult to treat a fracture of this type, and it takes a long time to heal. In addition, in 15% of such injuries, the patient remains disabled.

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