Merino wool (100%) thick St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)

Buy merino wool (large yarn) plaid, blanket, snood, merino wool hat

March 8 is coming and other spring holidays. Despite the cloudy and cool weather, you want something bright and warm. To make a nice gift for yourself or your friends, you can buy merino wool in St. Petersburg. Here you can choose a yarn for those who knit or buy some other product - a ready-made hat, snood or a blanket as a gift for March 8.

Merino wool - a warm gift for March 8

Useful properties

Wool of merino sheep is very thin, strong with high hygroscopic properties. People have been using it for over 800 years, since the breed was first developed in Spain. Merino wool is considered one of the softest in the world.

Woolen products are very light, at the same time they protect well from the cold, do not let you get sick with colds. In a frosty winter, this is the best natural material clothing you can imagine. It is worn by people of any age, but it is especially useful for those who have joints sensitive to weather changes, aching back or freezing hands. Woolly items gently warm them and massage the skin.

Warm beautiful blanket for March 8

Merino wool has another interesting property - it does not smell when wet. Also, it does not cause allergies or irritation. The unique fiber structure repels dirt and unpleasant odors. Even after long-term wear, the product looks neater than you might think.

Ample opportunities

Merino wool is perfect for knitting winter, autumn and spring items. Wearing clothes made of it will be comfortable in frosty and damp weather. This is especially important for the Russian climate, when there are much fewer warm and sunny days than cold and cloudy ones.

High-quality merino yarn knits well, the thread does not delaminates and does not curl. The pattern is clear, keeps its shape and looks beautiful. Hats and snoods made of merino wool are always in fashion. But most importantly, they are warm, comfortable and not prickly.

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A new blanket or a beautiful houseplant will affect our mood as positively as new shoes or a new hairdo.

If your soul is asking for change and your budget is resisting, there are a couple of simple ways to redesign without a full renovation. Interior designer Evgenia Ivlieva shared her advice.

Refresh textiles

Replace the blackout curtains with layered tulle of similar shades for a smooth transition from one shade to another, or hang up roman shades in bright colors. More light will immediately appear in the house, which means - a good mood. Use the same technique with a smooth transition of shades for the sofa cushions.

Rearrange and clean

Reflect on the space of the apartment in a new way, remove unnecessary things from the rooms. In general, try to make room for life as much as possible. The pandemic has forced many of us to rethink the meaning of the things we surround ourselves with. If you think about it, then we really only need 30% of the things that are in the apartment.

Greenery in the house

There is nothing better than fresh flowers. Cut or stabilized bouquets, houseplants, dried flowers can help you transform the look of your home. If space permits, arrange a phytowall at home. There are detailed instructions on the Internet for arranging this kind of eco-facilities. If it is not possible to care for live plants, decorate the walls with posters or paintings with flowers. Duplicate the floral print on textiles, and the spring mood will knock on your home.

Another way to "settle" a premonition of spring in the house is to plant a mini-vegetable garden in the kitchen. Fresh herbs for salads will always be at hand.


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