Medical books for educators in Novokuznetsk

Our organization is a licensed medical institution. The company is engaged in the preparation and sale of medical documents. You can buy medical books for educators in Novokuznetsk on our website. We guarantee a high level of quality. All papers comply with state standards and regulations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Manufacturing speed - 1 working day. The price level is below the market. Real doctors are involved in the production, who personally fill out all the medical forms. Payment in a convenient way: cash, cash on delivery or through a payment system.

Which specialists should I pass?

Educational staff (which includes: kindergartens, schools, training centers, lyceums, vocational schools and universities) will have to get a medical book. This is due to direct work / contact with people. Its fundamental presence is a guarantee that a person does not have diseases with which he can infect others.

Key specialists

Mandatory tests

Low cost! The price is only 1,499 rubles, which is several times lower than on competitors' websites. In addition, everyone can take part in the weekly promotion and save some money. For more information, contact the company manager.

How to place an order with us?

Now practically nothing is required from the client. There is no longer any need to go to the office, to stand in line for a long time, and this is only in order to complete an application. The entire procedure is carried out on the Internet. This is due to the time savings for both buyers and employees of our organization. Order a call back on the company's website. The manager calls back within 10 minutes and accepts the order. After that, the specialists proceed to immediate production. Everything will take exactly 1 working day. Next, you are contacted a courier service employee who will be waiting at the previously agreed place and time (if the courier delivery option is selected). Check the papers, then make the payment.

Registration in a standard way

The process of obtaining a medical record for employees of educational institutions is an extremely costly process. The temporary resource will have to spend from 1 to 3 weeks. This is due to the lack of funding for medical workers, which prompts them to take bribes. And in case of refusal - the process of obtaining is delayed as much as possible. Everything takes place in several stages:

  • First you need to take 3 × 4 photos and buy a clean medical book.
  • We make an appointment with the local therapist, who then writes out a referral for testing and passing doctors.
  • We come to the hospital, find out the time of doctors' appointments and make an appointment at the reception for examinations.
  • After all the procedures, we come back to our local doctor, who personally enters the data and gives it to you. <

In most cases, you may have to pass a hygiene certification, which also costs money. As a result, the whole procedure is delayed, each doctor is given a bribe, in general, the pleasure is dubious. Therefore, many people decide to use the services of our company to save their money and time.

Professional approach. Unlike competitors, we work without prepayment. We do not expose hidden payments and do not increase the value during the transaction. If any inaccuracies are found, we will redo it at our expense.

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