False employees of the water utility still breed gullible Kobrin residents

For several years now, cunning entrepreneurs have been offering to purchase water filters, sets of dishes, blankets at "preferential prices" and "super promotions". Often they call on the phone to “presentations”, where the invitees are supposedly waiting for gifts.

Fraudulent schemes operate throughout the Republic of Belarus, as well as abroad. The victims are most often people of the older generation. They are gullible and easily amenable to suggestion, so attackers can easily persuade them to purchase a product that they probably do not need at an exorbitant price.

A pensioner from Kobrin contacted the editorial office of Zarya

The man said that in early May, while he was away, people came to the house, introducing themselves as "employees of Vodokanal." The wife bought a water filter from them for 220 rubles. According to the guests, the next week the filter was supposed to cost 400 rubles and an incredibly profitable offer should be used instantly, which the gullible hostess did. Now retirees are looking for the truth from the seller, the consumer protection society and, possibly, turn to law enforcement agencies.

The police do not hide the fact that they are familiar with such a sales scheme

According to the documents, a person voluntarily wants to pay three times more for the goods, and it is difficult to prove that some consultants impersonate government officials.

As told in the department of internal affairs of the regional executive committee, legally, it is difficult to dig into the actions of such sellers, as they say. It is difficult to prove their deliberate seizure of citizens' funds. They do not admit direct deception, they just competently manipulate the wording and the audience's greed for "discounts". Therefore, it will not be superfluous to remind you that it is necessary to be vigilant, to warn the elderly or simply gullible relatives that such proposals should be treated critically and not accepted seriously.

In the regional public association "Protection of Consumer Rights" they said that the filters are installed by fraudsters ordinary, quite workable. But the price of such a purchase and its expediency are already a buyer's problem.

The quality of the water that flows from the taps in our apartments is monitored daily by special laboratories, so there are no substances hazardous to life and health in it. It fully complies with all sanitary standards.

Comment of the representative of KPUE "Brestvodokanal"

- Our company is not engaged in the sale and installation of water filters, either to individuals or legal entities, - commented on the situation Deputy Director for Ideological Work, Personnel and Life of Communist Party Unitary Enterprise "Brestvodokanal" Gennady Tereshko. - In addition, our employees have certificates, overalls. They just don't go home. People periodically call us, check who came to them and why. In most cases, these are unscrupulous sellers.