Is it possible to make sure that they do not see my page in contact

How to hide your VK page, photo, video, wall, friends, group

The VKontakte website has privacy settings through which you can hide your page. We will show below how to open these settings. What exactly can be configured there to hide the page or close it from certain people or just from all outsiders?

Make this page private

You can make the page private in the privacy settings by following the link. In the list of settings you need to find "Profile type" and put "Closed". After that, only your friends will see the page in full. Everyone else will see only the first name, last name, main photo (without the possibility to enlarge it), mutual friends, the number of friends and records, and also, if filled - status, age, city, place of work.

When you make a profile private, all privacy settings are automatically reset to more private - to "Friends only" or remain the same if they were more limited (for example, "Only me" or "Nobody").

Hide yourself on VKontakte: privacy settings

Your "Privacy" section of the settings. determines who and what can be watched, write on your page, send private messages, comment, invite to groups. You can do everything as you need it.

  • My page - who do you allow and who do you forbid to see this or that information on your personal VKontakte page
  • Posts on the page - everything that touches your wall <
  • Contact me - restrictions on private messages, invitations
  • Other

Anyone (a VKontakte user) can visit your page, but what he sees on it depends on the settings. You can choose who can see the information on your page. For example, to hide the city, marital status, you need to select in the "Who sees the main information of my page" setting who you allow to see this information. Others will not see it.

This is how the privacy settings look. Then we talk about them:

Each setting can be clicked and changed. Let's see in more detail. The first part: "My Page". The first point: "Who sees the main information of my page." For example, if now "All users" is selected there, you can click there and select "Friends and friends of friends" - this means that the information can be viewed by the person whom you added as a friend OR anyone who is a friend of one of your friends .

You can open the privacy settings in a new window by following the link (this instruction will remain, and you can switch back to it).

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