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Name plate on the car

Personal number for the car

In 2018, the Government is actively discussing the issue of changing the format of vehicle registration plates. In particular, it is planned to remove the region number and increase the number of letters. Also, the project has an idea to equip all state signs with special chips. Whether the personalized number on the car will be officially allowed in the near future - we will find out from this article.

What is a personal number on a car

More and more often on the streets of Russian cities, especially megalopolises, you can find strange registration plates. At first glance, their size and appearance are no different from ordinary ones, but if you look closely, the content is still different. Most often, drivers order such numbers with their own names. That is, instead of the numbers familiar to any traffic police officer, they can be written “Vovan”, “Mikhalych”, “Katyusha”, etc.

Now drivers have become more creative and you can often find not only names on signs, but entire events. For example, "wedding", "food for my son", "graduation". In principle, you can write anything on an iron plate: “Tsar”, “Brake”, “Schumacher”, “Macho”. Usually these words are associated with:

  • driver ,
  • car ,
  • event.

There are certain restrictions in the production of personalized numbers:

  • No more than 9 characters in the Cyrillic alphabet or 13 in the Latin alphabet can be applied to the sign.
  • It is forbidden to emboss a flag on a license plate. This technique is used exclusively by the main persons of the state.
  • You cannot squeeze out the numbers of the region and apply a reflective coating. This is done on the registration plates we are accustomed to, on the registered traffic police strictly prohibited the use of such tricks.

Unscrupulous companies manage to bypass these prohibitions. For example, “Flags” or numbers indicating a region are applied using paint. It is quite difficult to distinguish them from the “squeezed out” ones from a distance.

History of the appearance of name numbers

First, car signs of this kind appeared in America. Successful Hollywood directors, producers and other people associated with the film industry, due to the specifics of their own activities, were not recognizable among the people. By using the name numbers, they wanted to stand out and increase their awareness. They achieved their goal, and now very few people drive with such numbers.

In different countries (in Finland, Argentina, Switzerland, South Africa, Belgium, Indonesia, Germany, England, France), registered numbers are considered full-fledged state signs. This means that using them you can find a car, issue a fine to the owner, demand a tax, etc. But such numbers cost a lot of money. The authorities of the countries believe that every fun should be paid for. Money collected in this way is usually used for good purposes.

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