How does the daughter of actress Marina Golub, who died 8 years ago, live today?

They have always been very similar, Marina and Anastasia Golub, mother and daughter. Both are bright, funny, independent. Anastasia has always felt the love and care of her mother. But eight years ago, the life of Marina Golub tragically ended. For many, the death of a talented actress and TV presenter was a blow, and the hardest of all, of course, was the daughter, for whom her mother was a guiding star in almost everything: in her profession, in her family, in life.

A family that didn't work out

Marina Golub met Anastasia's father Evgeny Troinin by chance. The young actress at that time served in the Theater of Miniatures of Arkady Raikin and once caught a car on the road. At the wheel of the stopped car, Yevgeny Troinin was sitting, who persuaded the girl to give him her phone number. He was four years older than the actress, knew how to look after beautifully and was considered a very wealthy person at that time. Marina Golub didn’t feel particularly passionate about him, but she accepted courtship.

When Eugene proposed to the actress, she intended to refuse, but Grigory Efimovich, Marina Golub's stepfather, managed to convince her daughter to agree. He believed that there should be a serious person next to the actress, and Eugene seemed very good to him candidacy. He objected to his daughter's objections that she did not love Eugene: Marina's mother did not immediately fall in love with him either.

For the actress, the relationship between mom and stepfather, whom she called dad since childhood, was an example, and as a result she still got married. True, she could not fall in love with Eugene. They were too different, the bright emotional Marina Golub was the complete opposite of the solid and reasonable Evgeny Troynin.

Moreover, the husband was not at all interested in the affairs of the actress, moreover, he began to insist that she should leave the theater and take care of the house. The realization of the perfect mistake came to Marina after she realized that she was expecting a baby.

The actress honestly tried to come to terms and love, but at some point she realized that this marriage has no future. She packed her things and left, asking her husband not to try to return her. However, she never spoke badly about her first husband. She herself succumbed to persuasion and married a man whom she did not love. And later she could not fall in love. The actress who was born Anastasia gave her last name.

Evgeny Troinin never disappeared from his daughter's life and always supported his first family in difficult times.

Closest people

Soon Marina Golub's career took off, she served in the Moscow Sholom Theater, later moved to the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, starred a lot, tried to find her happiness, but her daughter always occupied the main place in her life. Anastasia still remembers how long the wait seemed when her mother went on tour, and how enchanting the meeting became. When Marina Golub burst into the apartment, showered her daughter with gifts, rejoiced at how her baby had grown up, how she hugged her mom and dad.

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