Homemade snowmobile bag

There are many types of personal vehicles: cars, minibuses, etc., but all of them do not give the freedom that you feel when riding a motorcycle. The wind playing in your hair, the oncoming sun, cool dark glasses, road dust. In general, one romance. I just want to take and leave somewhere on a trip. Stop what to take? Indeed, in motorcycles there is no trunk for travel items, and if there is, then a bottle of water can hardly fit there. Here's the catch. What to do in such a "tight" situation? Perhaps the only correct way out is motor-wardrobe trunks. But how to find them, how to pick them up? Or maybe do it? This is not an easy task. But let's start all over again.

Variety of Motorcycle Gloves

The motorcycle bag can be of any shape. All existing types of such devices simply cannot be counted. And there is a simple explanation for this. Each motorcyclist makes an individual case for himself. Still, certain groups can be distinguished.

Leather motorcycle cases are very popular. Why is that? There are many reasons for this. Firstly, leather is the material of any biker, it looks stylish. Such a product is strong and durable, which is what is needed in the end result. At worst, leather motorcycle saddlebags are always in vogue. They are also easy to find and purchase.

Plastic motorcycle saddlebags are not far behind either. They are most often seen on scooters and scooters. Plastic is lightweight, flexible, multifunctional. Of course, there are problems with strength, shock resistance. But this fades into the background due to the cheapness. Plastic motorcycle saddlebags cost a bit. Maybe that's why many "budget" bikers prefer them.

And the last type is textile motorcycle trunks (ordinary glove compartments on a fabric basis). How can they please? Ease of manufacture and relatively low price. A motorcycle is a tricky business, so you can always break something. In this case, the fabric base does not win much, because any cut - and you can say goodbye to the contents. Textile saddlebags for a motorcycle have a right to life and are quite popular among their fans.

Side cases

Canisters are a fairly common source material for wardrobe trunks.


The following video tells you how to make plastic side cases from 28L canisters.

Judging by the video, they are made quite simply, but the functionality and appearance are at the same level. Recommended for viewing.


Homemade snowmobile bag

Motoblock Salute

Motoblock Salute is a multifunctional integral agricultural technology. There are walk-behind tractors, there are very good walk-behind tractors, and there is also the legendary "Salute". If you are reading this article, then you are faced with the question of choosing a self-propelled agricultural machinery, a universal assistant. Indeed, giving preference to a specific sample from many different brands is not easy.

Salyut walk-behind tractor diagram

Brand Story

For a quarter of a century, Salyut walk-behind tractors have been delighting their owners. Their release was organized at the MMPP "Salut", whose history began in 1912 with the assembly of aircraft engines at a plant founded by the French.

Today, once a small factory, it has turned into a joint-stock enterprise "Scientific and Production Center of Gas Turbine Engineering" Salyut ", the main profile of which is the production of turbojet aircraft engines and gas turbine units. The assembly of motoblocks is an auxiliary production.

Motoblocks "Salute" are rightfully considered to be specialized equipment designed to perform household work of high complexity.

Over the entire period, the design of walk-behind tractors has been repeatedly improved, as a result of which machines in terms of efficiency and quality of work have risen from the step of household appliances to an impeccable professional level.

For ten years (2002-2012), the assembly of Salyut 5 models was carried out at the Salyut Federal Research and Production Center. After internal contradictions and the structural separation of enterprises, the production of motoblocks at Agat stopped, supplies of units and assemblies for its assembly were completed, including a specific Omsk gearbox. And at "Agat" the production of motoblocks began under its own brand.

Currently, Salyut walk-behind tractors are assembled at factories in China under the technical supervision of experts from NPTsG JSC.

Therefore, in order not to purchase, instead of a certified walk-behind tractor from the manufacturer, a Salyut Agat clone, you should carefully read the product passport when purchasing. Naturally, NPTsG JSC does not bear warranty obligations in relation to such fakes.

Model Line

The main task in the development of Salyut was the creation of a reliable durable machine capable of performing many tasks of the agricultural, economic, construction profile in farms and private households.

There are many types of personal transportation: cars, minibuses, etc., but all of them do not give the freedom that you feel when riding a motorcycle. The wind playing in your hair, the oncoming sun, cool dark glasses, road dust. In general, one romance.

The American company for the production of power, construction and garden equipment "Champion" (hereinafter - Champion) has already established itself in the world market as a worthy competitor and conscientious manufacturer. The production of garden equipment, including Champion walk-behind tractors, is established in China using patented American technology, and in recent years these products have become widely known in the CIS and Europe. How to decide on the choice of garden equipment of this brand? We will tell you about the strengths and weaknesses of various models of the Champion walk-behind tractor in this article.

Motoblocks Champion: general characteristics

The device of Champion walk-behind tractors is quite simple and functional, which allows it to perform many operations on the garden plot (loosen and plow the ground, huddle the beds, transport heavy loads, etc.). The main components of the walk-behind tractor: body, motor, gearbox, gearbox, wheels. Most of the modifications are equipped with a manual starter, a chain drive, and the motor is controlled by a convenient lever that is adjustable in several directions. The clutch on walk-behind tractors of this company is of two types - a clutch and a belt, on which the use of a worm or chain gear depends. It is possible to install protective screens.

In general, Champion walk-behind tractor models are usually divided into 2 types: light - have a simplified design and limited functionality, and heavy - more complex, "thoughtful" and functional units. The general advantages of motoblocks of this company include their ergonomics, ease of maintenance and ease of management. They are miniature, which makes it easy to move the device and will not cause difficulties during storage. Any gardener, even an inexperienced gardener, can figure it out quite easily and quickly. And the abundance of consumables and parts for the walk-behind tractor of this brand will not cause you any inconvenience in the event of a possible breakdown.

We invite you to watch the video showing the assembly process of the Champion walk-behind tractor, model ВС1193:

Attachments for motoblocks Champion

The design provides for an "upgrade" of the walk-behind tractor, which significantly increases its usefulness and functionality. The main types of attachments that are used for Champion walk-behind tractors:

  • lugs are the most essential accessory. It is installed instead of conventional wheels on the motor gearbox shaft. Significantly increases the permeability of the walk-behind tractor on wet soil, additionally loosens the soil during processing;
  • hillers are a device for sprinkling the beds with earth. There are different types, but the most convenient and common is disk. Thanks to the holes in the rack, the depth of hilling can be controlled;
  • cutters - are used to destroy weeds, loosening the soil;
  • rotary mowers - a device with which you can get rid of weeds and small a significant area of ​​shrubs;
  • water pumps - suitable for individual modifications;
  • snow blowers;
  • plow - for plowing the land. Mainly designed for cultivating land to a depth of 30 centimeters;
  • potato digger - for controlled extraction of root crops from the ground;
  • trailers - for transporting goods. There are various sizes and dimensions.

I would like to dwell in more detail on some models of Champion walk-behind tractors, since each of them has its pros and cons, nuances in operation and differs in technical characteristics.

Motoblock BC Champion

Lightweight model, ideal for servicing small areas (up to 20 acres). Possibility to adjust the position of the handle and the width of the area when working the land. Has 2 forward gears and one reverse. The gearbox is chain, immersed in a reservoir with oil, which significantly extends its service life. In addition to the compactness and the possibility of using a walk-behind tractor for transporting goods, the advantages of the model also include steering wheel adjustment, pneumatic wheels, a power take-off shaft for various attachments and sufficient power to process small areas, even heavily overgrown with roots and grass. Specifications:

  • length - 1390 mm;
  • width - 800 mm;
  • height - 1070 mm;
  • depth processing - 150-300 mm;
  • processing width - 800 mm;
  • weight - 75 kg;
  • fuel tank volume - 3.6 l;
  • fuel consumption - from 1.8 to 3.6 l / h (depending on the intensity of work);
  • engine - gasoline, 4-stroke;
  • volume - 212 cm3;
  • power - 7 liters. from.

The owners' feedback on this model is generally positive, since it is the embodiment of the best value for money, has an easy move and a comfortable design, the engine starts up smoothly at any temperature. Of the shortcomings, the unreliability of the plastic parts of the casing and the adjusting bolts of the attachment is often noted. In general, the apparatus is not bad, the main thing is to calculate its capabilities and not "kill" with exorbitant loads on the virgin soil.

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