Flowers from virgins and applause: Arkady Davidovich was buried in Voronezh

"Unrecognized genius" found eternal rest in the Jewish cemetery

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The funeral of the aphorist Arkady Davidovich took place on February 27. They were as extraordinary as the personality of the "unrecognized genius." Davidovich was buried in the Jewish cemetery late in the evening. And during the day, Davidovich's body was in the farewell hall. The admirers of the master decorated its walls with the best statements of the author.

Arkady Filippovich died on February 25 at the age of 91 in the hospital. He was hospitalized about a week before his death in connection with a coronavirus infection. COVID-19 Davidovich won - he received a negative test. But the weakened body (Davidovich had serious illnesses) could not cope with the load, and the master's heart stopped.

Due to the absence of relatives of Arkady Filippovich, his funeral was taken over by the Khovansky Foundation, which helped the aphorist in publishing his books. The money for the funeral was collected by the whole world. To say goodbye to the master, they chose a place that many Voronezh residents know as the former office of the Kamelot newspaper at 6. Srednemoskovskaya Street. The organization moved out of there long ago, the premises were empty. And its owner, an admirer of Davidovich's work, offered to arrange a farewell hall there and even paint the walls with the author's aphorisms. The room was also decorated with the personal belongings of Arkady Filippovich. Those who came to say goodbye to Davidovich were asked to leave a signature in a notebook with the inscription “I am for the Museum of Aphoristics named after A. Davidovich in Voronezh.

The deceased was brought wreaths and flowers from fans. One of the ribbons read: "From the virgins of the whole planet." Arkady Filippovich would certainly appreciate the humor.

Probably, he would have appreciated how the farewell went on the last journey. As they say, everything is confused.

First, time. The funeral of the "unrecognized genius" was scheduled for 7 pm at the Jewish cemetery. Why was such an unusual time chosen? a little later, the rabbi, who had come to Davidovich's funeral, said. It's about tradition. Jews do not hold a funeral on Saturday at all. But it so happened that the funeral ceremony of farewell to Davidovich fell on this very day. According to Jewish tradition, a new day begins at the moment when the first stars appear in the sky. So Davidovich's funeral took place formally on Sunday, although the clock showed 7 pm Saturday.

Second, the name. As the rabbi said, the name of a person is not the one given to him by his parents, but the one by which people know him. So he read the prayer not for Adolf (this is Davidovich's real name), for Arkady - the pseudonym of the master of aphoristics.

According to Jewish tradition, the rabbi sprinkled holy earth on the body of Arkady Davidovich, and on the coffin immersed in the grave, each of those present (about 30 people gathered to accompany Davidovich on his last journey) threw a handful of earth. Again, according to the Jewish tradition, this had to be done with the help of a shovel, which, after manipulations, had to be stuck into the ground, without passing from hand to hand.

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