Diary of a wintering in a tent in Crimea

Triangular bone fracture: symptoms, treatment, rehabilitation

The triangular bone is very vulnerable to injury due to its structure. According to statistics, every second fracture in the wrist is a fracture of the triangular bone. As a rule, a violation of the integrity of this bone has negative consequences in the form of a violation of the functioning of the wrist. Most often, a fracture of the triangular bone occurs as a result of a fall, during which the hand is overextended and deflected towards the elbow. The risk group includes people involved in sports, working in hazardous industries, as well as the elderly, especially women. It is possible to return the motor function of the hand after a few months, however, provided that the treatment is successful and the doctor's prescriptions are followed.

Triangular bone fracture symptoms

Symptoms of a triangular bone fracture are severe pain after injury, impaired functioning of the wrist joint, swelling and subcutaneous hemorrhage in the wrist area.

  • severe swelling on the back of the hand;
  • severe pain when trying to straighten fingers or deflect the hand to the elbow.

The pain can increase not only with the extension of the fingers and deviation of the hand, but also with any, even minor, movements.

Diagnosis of triangular bone fracture

It is rather difficult to diagnose a fracture of the triangular bone of the hand. This is confirmed by statistics, according to which about 80% of such fractures are not visible on X-ray images made in standard projections. The error in diagnosis is also due to the fact that avulsion fractures from the back of the bone are taken for fractures of other bones - lunate and even scaphoid.

However, on preliminary examination of the wrist, a fracture of the triangular bone of the wrist can be suspected based on the characteristic features of this fracture. Therefore, to confirm the diagnosis, it is necessary to perform radiography in special projections. A marginal fracture of the triangular bone is often accompanied by fractures of other bones of the wrist, so it is worthwhile to carefully study the pictures.

Treatment and rehabilitation after triangular bone fracture

A triangular bone fracture is easy to treat because it is almost never complicated by displacement. A plaster cast is applied to the victim for 6-8 weeks. After removing the plaster, rehabilitation measures are prescribed - physiotherapy exercises, calcium electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, massage.

Displaced triangular bone fracture

Today the climb was easy and joyful. I got out of the tent and started preparing breakfast. I boiled a teapot in a spreader, boiled instant porridge with boiling water, and I really wanted green tea. Just in Yalta I bought a set of tea in packs - green tea and black tea for testing.

They are cheap at a price and by the number of packages they came out fine. Well, what can I say - the tea made me happy. After green tea, I brewed black tea from a pack. Still, green tea was tastier.


And then I decided to cut my toenails. For a long time I was looking for my manicure set with scissors, a bite, a nail file and something else in the set. I have had this set since the early 2000s and is still alive today. The only thing is, I changed the scissors. He sat comfortably in a chair with his feet straight on the chair and slowly tamed his nails. There was no need to tame on the fingers, they had not yet grown.

Prepared lunch. Well, I didn't cook that much, since I had chicken soup yesterday - so I decided to warm it up. By the smell, I noticed that the soup turned into pasta porridge, began to deteriorate.

Chicken soups, broths always spoil quickly when warm. So until the end, and not having finished, I transferred the warmed pasta to the cat.

But the next dish was waiting for me - lingonberry jelly. Very tasty, healthy and invigorating drink.

Cat Bourgeois came running for a minute)

And then, as if by order, from afar, greeting and meowing, the bourgeois cat came running. And so I piled on him two large bones from chicken legs.

Like a hungry animal, he immediately started eating. I had a bite of bones, only the noise was there, and when I was filming the video, I also joked - that you eat like a crocodile. As a result, he ate two large bones in a few minutes. And then meowing invitingly to the cats, he ran back to his March business.

While searching for my kit, I found the remains of the multivitamins that I took in St. Petersburg on my bike trip in June. Of the 60 tablets, about 10 are left, now it will be the very thing to start taking them.

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