Counterintelligence and Intelligence

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The GRU hackers who attacked the US government forgot to turn off the webcam

American counterintelligence was able to identify four Russian hackers within 24 hours who tried to hack the servers of the US government services. This was done thanks to webcams that the Russians forgot to turn off.

"Whenever an attack on our servers began, we could see men with concentrated faces on our screens, who talked among themselves, abundantly sprinkling their speech with Russian curses," the head of the US FBI said at a press conference Christopher Ray.

Using one of the popular face recognition services, counterintelligence officers found the pages of four of the suspects in the Odnoklassniki network. The place of work was not indicated in the profiles, but they were all in the group "Serving the Fatherland in military unit 26165". It is this part that is called the "nest of the GRU hackers." Then, having paid 300 rubles to the administrator of the Hacking Pages in Odnoklassniki group, the FBI agents received the phone numbers of the hackers. They called them all, and, posing as employees of the Ministry of Defense's award department, asked to urgently send an e-mail track record and major achievements in the service, ostensibly to be presented for state awards. An hour later, the FBI obtained information that helped uncover 43 known hacker attacks and more than a hundred unknown until that day.

One of these days, the FBI plans to send invitations to suspects to a conference on computer security in Washington, where they will be arrested.

Genius of counterintelligence General Grigorenko's most successful operations

Grigory Grigorenko prevented an assassination attempt on Stalin, and then for many years led the CIA agents by the nose, supplying them with disinformation.

Counterintelligence and Intelligence

Every gourmet knows that dessert is a truly divine end to a meal if it is prepared with fresh ingredients and with love. But even if you do not consider yourself to be one of the great connoisseurs of gourmet dishes, you probably love to treat yourself to something tasty at least sometimes. Today we offer

Dessert with a story

Imagine, this gorgeous cake in a bowl decorated the best tables of the English nobility at the end of the 16th century. There is evidence that one of the first flaky desserts was made with thick cream, sugar, rose water and ginger. I wonder if they ate it with golden spoons? Half a century later, another trifle recipe was published, this time it consisted of a biscuit soaked in alcohol and protein cream. And then they began to prepare the dessert with the addition of jelly.

As a rule, such a large trifle is laid out in separate cups by analogy with tiramisu. But lately it has begun to be served in portions: in glasses, bowls and even tall glasses. Simple and sophisticated!

How to make a Miracle Mousse dessert Three Chocolates recipe step by step

Add cold water to the gelatin and keep it for 15 minutes until it swells. The first part is dark chocolate: heat 70 ml of milk, add chocolate and stir until dissolved. Stir 200 ml of kaymak with a mixer until thick and foamy. We divide our swollen gelatin into 3 parts. Heat one part for 5 seconds until dissolved.

Then add our chocolate mass and mix quickly. We put the mass in the kaymak, also stir quickly with a mixer and pour into glasses. Put the finished mousse in the refrigerator for 10 minutes. Part 2: Add warm milk to milk chocolate, mix, add our 2 part of gelatin, preheated in the microwave.

Then add to the caimak, mix with a mixer and put the mass in our ready-made mousse. Part 3: Prepare with white chocolate in the same way as the rest of the parts. We send it to the refrigerator for an hour. After that, we decorate our mousse with fruits. Bon appetit girls.


Desserts in cups: pineapple with cottage cheese and condensed milk


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