Choosing the first motorcycle for a girl

When are they needed?

The idea of ​​having chains on a wheel is to improve the grip of the wheel. Relevant when driving on mud or ice. In the case when you do not have other rubber (studded or mud), you can modify the wheel with muzzles for driving on the road, the grip on which you have without chains will tend to zero. Although, to be honest, the reviews about the chains, let's face it, are different.

Tightening motorcycle chain

Tightening the chain on a motorcycle can be time-consuming. Its adjustment is very often not easy. Make sure that each link in the chain is inserted into the sprocket.

First you need to match all the links with the so-called asterisks. The tension on the chain will be tight enough. However, this can be adjusted thanks to special mechanisms on the motorcycle. Almost every motorcyclist knows how to chain a motorcycle. There are many instructions for this purpose. If you find it difficult to understand them, then you can purchase a chain with a spring lock and install it easily on your motor vehicles.

What are Mordovians?

Plastic muzzles on motorcycles are rare, but they exist nonetheless! Plastic mounts are weaker in their characteristics, but they do not injure the wheel tire. More often, such muzzles are found among motorists. Traditionally, motorcyclists use metal chains, where stainless steel and titanium are considered the most reliable. They are reinforced and modified, when spiked, when bolted, when with additional fasteners.

The overwhelming majority of motorcyclists make their own muzzles with a pattern of rhombus, triangles, honeycombs or ladders. If you are one of them, be sure to use a reinforced cable.

Why? Chains wear out quickly when riding on hard surfaces. This should be taken into account when you plan to ride them on ice, frozen ground or drive onto asphalt. The chain links are fixed with a reinforced cable so that they do not fall off when frayed and broken. Opening the chain is fraught with falling into the moving parts of the motorcycle, as a result of costly breakdowns.

Chains with a ladder pattern go well to the rear wheel, it is believed that such a pattern helps the wheel to row on loose snow or mud. It happens that when driving through mud, muzzles are made from improvised means, wrapping the wheel diagonally or cross-to-cross with thick ropes.

Diamond and honeycomb patterns are more difficult to perform, but more functional when driving with tight turns. The ladder has less surface for grip, but there is a "sill" for a jerk, when the remaining two patterns have an advantage in inclined planes at the edges of the tire. Where the ladder can break off in a turn, the diamond and honeycomb will show themselves from a much more interesting angle.

Thus, depending on the nature of the ride, you can change the pattern of the muzzles. Although it may be quite a worthy plan to install a ladder on the rear wheel (as for transmitting power), and on the front wheel with a diamond or honeycomb, like wheels, which requires a lot of maneuvering.

By the way, there are just brilliant people who thought of finding a use for old drive chains, installing them instead of muzzles on the wheel! By the way, if you read very ancient textbooks on motorcycles, then there is also such a method, only the authors still suggest strengthening the chain with short spikes made of bolts / screws.

Motorcycle wheel chains - are they needed

When and who needs to register equipment with the traffic police?

The owner must register the motorcycle. An alternative is a trustee to whom the owner provides a set of documents.

The legislation establishes a period of 10 days for which documents for a vehicle must be submitted for registration.

It is calculated for moto:

  • purchased within the Russian Federation - from the moment of purchase, fixed by the store's receipt or sales contract;
  • imported into the Russian Federation from outside - from the moment of customs clearance and registration customs documents.

Does not require registration of motor vehicles belonging to the category of sports equipment. These are 2- and 4-stroke motocross bikes, as well as pit bikes. A feature of this category is the absence of rear-view mirrors and turning lights, therefore, according to the rules, such equipment cannot move on public roads.

Enduro motorcycles and sportbikes can be registered if the owner plans to travel to the city. Scooters with an engine capacity of more than 50 cubic meters must also be registered. cm, capable of speeds over 50 km / h.

Rules for registering a vehicle in the traffic police

A motorbike, along with cars, refers to vehicles subject to registration with the traffic police. Previously, there was a restriction on scooters that did not have to be registered. Now the law defines the obligation for all vehicles, the engine volume of which starts from 50 cubic cm, and the speed is over 50 km / h registration of the traffic police. Therefore, registration of a motorcycle is an obligation for all owners.

The deadline for submission of documents is 10 days from the date of purchase of a motorcycle in Russia. If the transport is purchased abroad, then the period is reduced to 5 days, but only from the moment of crossing the border (customs clearance).

Inventory of a motorcycle is a procedure that includes several operations.

Preparation of a package of documents:

  • Preparing the motorcycle.
  • Visit to the traffic police department to submit documents.
  • Providing a motorbike for inspection.
  • Obtaining a certificate and number.

Motorcycle chain, of the variety. The use of motorcycle anti-theft chains and how to choose the right one. Video how to pull a chain on a motorcycle. Table of designation and application of motorcycle chains.

Contrary to popular belief that riding a motorcycle is not a woman's business, more and more women prefer to learn to ride a bike. Girls become very careful drivers who prefer to drive according to the rules with minimal health risks.

Naturally, in addition to basic driving skills, girls need to select the best motorcycles on the market so as not to embarrass beautiful ladies with constant repairs or a very expensive price tag. We have selected for you the top ten motorcycles for girls, both beginners and experienced riding. We decided to add only running models to the selection, excluding the exotic. Also note that this review is not a rating and all included bikes are a priority.

Among the most convenient bike classes for girls are the following:

  • tourrs ;
  • choppers;
  • enduro ;
  • sports ;
  • street ...

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Motorcycles are more dangerous than cars in the sense that pilots often neglect quality equipment. However, it is worth noting that even the most expensive helmets and knee pads will not protect you in a serious collision - if the driver of the car is protected by airbags and the body of the car, then the motorcyclist is defenseless in this sense.
  • Riding a bike is not very comfortable during the cold season. Torrential rain, snow, hail and frost are not terrible for a motorist, but a bike driver can cause trouble.
  • The bike cannot accommodate more than two people.
  • A modest trunk is not designed to carry bulky goods.
  • Motorcycle equipment is very expensive.

Main technical characteristics

Ladies, start the engines: choosing a "female" motorcycle

A bit about the best motorcycles for women.

If you are a girl and love motorcycles, there is no reason not to spend as much time as possible behind the wheel of a two-wheeled iron horse. According to statistics, women make up about 12% of all motorcycle drivers, and this figure is growing. For some, riding a bike is an alternative way of getting around, saving gas and driving adrenaline through the body, while for others it is a lifestyle and true passion that gives peace of mind, freedom and self-confidence.

Women have plenty of reasons to switch to motorcycles, and we have already written about this. Moreover, motorcyclists from the United States even initiated their annual International Female Ride Day, which, however, is still gaining popularity: thousands and thousands of girls gather in a company, get on their motorcycles or scooters and travel around cities in many countries. So this sport has ceased to be the prerogative of men: more and more women are deciding to buy a motorcycle, which affects all aspects of their daily life. In early 2014, Harley-Davidson conducted a survey and found that motorcycle owners are better at home, at work and in relationships. And this is not to mention what miracles this sport does with the lady's self-esteem and popularity!

Women understand that riding a motorcycle makes their life better, but contrary to stereotypes, they also know how to behave on the road and not put themselves in danger. Research shows that motorcyclists are less likely to have accidents than men who drive motorcycles. However, despite the growing number of female motorcyclists on the road, many still find it difficult to choose their first bike that would ride well and at the same time not bankrupt its owner. There are many small displacement models on the market today, so you can buy a new bike for only a little more than a used one.

So here are some great bikes for beginner riders:

If this bike were an icon, then before writing about it, you should ask for a blessing. Because the Yamaha YZF R1 is truly a legendary car. Such stories are born to amaze the imagination, take away peace, break records and change destinies.

Well, as a substitute for a blessing, let's touch the gas tank with our palm, hook some dirt off the wheel, and rub it on the palm.

He's beautiful! Everything - from a sharp "pike" muzzle to a perky upturned tail - R1 as if declares: "I will break all records like Tuzik a hot water bottle!"

And it tears! World championships, national championships: France, Spain, Germany, England ...

Motorcycle review The bike is not for dummies

This is a racing bike that is sharpened for track, for speed, and only for speed. With its pointed nose and light tail section, the Erka resembles a space object, however, the bike can be identified even from afar and against the sun - Yamaha has remained true to itself. However, unlike the previous model: "tough", brutal - the bike of 2012 turned out to be more "licked".

The first thing that catches your eye is the seat. It is placed quite high, on other sportbikes it is lower. In reality, this gives additional control possibilities - with your own body. Its tilt changes the trajectory and helps to more accurately pass the turn. True, this feature of the bike can play a cruel joke with a layman ... But "Erka" is not a car for "dummies" ...

Absolutely not for dummies! The bike reacts to the throttle stick not even like a dog that was finally released from the chain, but like a projectile that was fired from a catapult - a hundred from first gear is normal. The maximum speed of the Yamaha R1 (Yamaha P1) is 300 km / h!

It is clear that with such agility the braking system must be very competent. For it to the designers "special thanks" - on the track it acts extremely effectively, providing safe braking at any speed: on a sharp turn after a straight section, this is a great bonus for the rider.

In general, corners are a "strong point" of this bike, and the aluminum diagonal frame plays an important role in this. It is light and tough at the same time. In cornering, when the suspension is no longer able to cope, it is the frame that takes the main load. This one does it while giving the bike absolutely incredible handling.

Choosing a trailer for transporting a motorcycle up to rubles

The range of motor vehicles on the market is huge. Trailers for transporting motorcycles are selected by:

  • Carrying capacity and weight.
  • Internal dimensions for onboard or closed models.
  • Dimensions.
  • Suspension (stronger is better).
  • Shinam (more - less shaking / winter - summer).
  • Complete sets (purchased if necessary):
  • Lodgement - a stand that prevents lateral movement.
  • Trap.
  • Front fork bracket - front wheel stop / stop.
  • Straps for fixing.
  • Support legs that protect against overturning during loading and unloading.
  • Anti-rollbacks.
  • Awning / removable roof.


A single-axle flatbed trailer with a gross weight of up to 0.75 t, is coordinated with motor vehicles of different sizes and has the following features:

  • AL-KO Kober leaf springs from Germany;
  • Hinged front / rear walls;
  • Galvanized body, strong and reliable; <
  • Cost from 42,000 rubles.

Trailer MZSA 817701. 01-05


Specialized for the transportation of motor vehicles (motorcycles / ATVs). Adapted for off-road driving. Fits most models. Features:

  • Carrying capacity - 0.49 t;
  • Gross weight - 0.75 t;
  • Dimensions - 4.07 x 2 x 0.87 m;
  • Body dimensions: 2.74 x 1.51 x 0.29 m;
  • Clearance - 172 mm;
  • Moisture-resistant plywood on bottom of the trailer;
  • Dumping platform;
  • One axle;
  • Rigid galvanized sides;
  • Price - from 48,500 rubles.

Trailer MZSA 817703.01-05

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