Butterfly - tools for the care of hands and feet, and not ess

Butterfly - tools for hand and foot care, and not only Express

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Are you a manicure and pedicure master? Or do you like to take care of your hands and feet yourself? Or do you suffer every time because it doesn't work out like in a salon? Professional manicure and pedicure tools at the price of "home" are now available to everyone! Caring for arms and legs is no longer a problem, but a pleasure! And there are also wonderful combs for pleasant combing, wonderful loofahs for delicate skin and much, much more

Attention! Supplier prices are pegged to the dollar. Prices in the catalog are based on the rate of 70 rubles. The cost may be adjusted upon invoicing. The tool arrives partially sharpened. If desired, the supplier provides sharpening services. The sharpening price is different for all tools! Where possible, the description contains the price for a particular item. We look at the price and add a sharpening service to the cart for this amount.

Description: The miracle of the Butterfly brush is soft power with two amazing wow effects. The new flagship from Butterfly. What are these wow effects? When you are combing and the comb meets a patch of tangled hair, twigs begin to slip out of that hairball, preventing you from hurting yourself and ripping or cutting your hair. The twigs, having encountered a fairly strong resistance, begin to bend, throwing off hair loops and knots from themselves. The body of the comb itself is coated with tactile varnish for easy grip. A comb that does not fight, gently detangles the hair and that's it? The plastic itself is so soft that it easily bends 180 degrees without breaking or breaking. This is the first comb that does not hurt with excessive pressure. This is the first comb from which it is pleasant! You know, head massagers give goosebumps? This comb gives off soft goosebumps. That's exactly not strong, like a massager, but soft, pleasant. Who is this hairbrush for? Of course, this hairbrush is for women who are tired of hair-tearing hairbrushes. If you just want to comb your hair and enjoy this process, and not feel pain and endure, then this comb is for you! It is for grandmothers and grandfathers who have not so much gray hair left and have moles that smoothly bend around soft twigs without injuring. It is also for balding men, who, although they do not have a lot of hair, have not been taken away from them the right to goosebumps and pleasure. Children, if at least once they encounter pain from an object - that's it! She is 100% for children. Even older girls who do not like to comb, dreaming of cutting their chic hair, will appreciate all the softness and respect for themselves of this comb.

Description: Junona 512 set, no sharpening - sharpening 60 rubles. Five items, twelve functions. Versatility on the subject -2. 1) Scissors are universal: both for cutting nails and for cuticles. 2) A three-functional cuticle pencil: a pusher, a cuticle trimmer, a pencil with apricot kernel oil to moisturize the cuticle. 3) QuadroSun grater: for feet with two pimpled surfaces (for skin removal and polishing) and an insert in the handle for the skin around the fingers. The method of skin removal is tearing and crushing. Can be used on both dry and steamed skin. 4) Saw-polish 3087 Supernova: cuts to a greater extent, but also polishes. 5) File polishing 3083 S: polishes the nail to a greater extent, but also cuts it off. Home set with a versatility indicator of one item 2. - Idol of multi-use and unification. Two overlapping functions for cutting the cuticle - this can be done with universal scissors and trimming. Two overlapping files with different degrees of cutting intensity, polishing and softness of motion of your choice. The grater has a fairly large tearing element in the form of a sun, which is 30% larger than that of the grater in the Esmeralda set.

Description: Crown of the Empress - beams of 10-12 pieces alternating every 5 mm. Each such bundle is pointed. The decrease in height from 15 mm from the center to the left and to the right is not the same. Inside - up to 7 mm. Outward - up to 12mm. Between high beams. Intersperses of cilia from 8 to 12 mm between them. Price per unit (10 packs. Each pack consists of 4 parts. A transparent lid with eyelashes and liners glued to the packaging. One-gram glue is located between the packaging and the liner.)

Description: A 58x75 mm mirror consists of mirrors with a reliable four-loop mount, two mirrors with a magnification of 1 and 2 times. T. in each mirror on one side there is a mirror without magnification, and on the other side it is 2 times magnification. Opening angle 170 degrees and a soft magnetic lock that holds the two halves together. The mirror is very convenient, it remains to choose the image you like, which is applied to a polyurethane coating that is similar in tactile sensations to the skin. Price per pack (1 piece), not sold in blocks of 10.

Description: The minilipse grater is only a couple of centimeters smaller than its progenitor. When you hold it in your hands, there is no feeling at all that it is small or not comfortable. The hand fits completely on the handle, which is comfortable and prevents slipping even with a slight grip. In the transition from the handle to the grating surface there is a thumb rest. A slight curvature of the plate is needed in order to cut the skin efficiently. This is a cutting grater designed for dry pedicure and cutting corns, as well as hardened skin and already dried calluses. She does it superbly. Compared to a lipstick, this curvature has become less, which tells us about a thinner skin removal. Some people notice that the skin after cutting with a regular lime grater is not smooth, but with slight ripples, and this ripple is removed with pimple laser graters, achieving absolute smoothness. Minilips softened and improved this indicator not only with a smaller angle of the plate rounding, but also the main cutting element - the lipstick became 30% smaller, moreover, the distance between the lipsticks decreased. In addition, minilipsinks turn slightly to the edge, forgiving us the wrong angle when cutting. All this has optimized the cutting technology for a better cutting result. It cuts off with holes similar to lips (lips from English - lips), which are sharpened like a razor on the inside. That is why the grater is called a lime or minilipse grater - with small lips. In our case: a smaller rounding radius and smaller jaws are not worse, but better. This grater has a drive that is needed so that excess skin is not scattered around the apartment or workplace, but is carefully removed after use. With a minilipse grater, the width of the sharpening around the sponge is wider and, as a result, sharper. This is the main difference because when cutting, the sharpness of the blade is important. And the word mini does not mean at all that something is deteriorated or minimized, on the contrary, minimization provoked engineers to make everything more compact and sharper, and from an engineering point of view, minilips wins this competition. Also, with a minilipse grater, the drive can be removed more tightly than with a lipse grater, but it is more reliable and sturdy. This has both pros and cons. It is more difficult to shoot, but it is more durable and there are no micro slits through which the cut skin will spread around the apartment in the form of dust. The drive is also transparent so you know how much skin could be scattered around the house. The grater is recommended for people who rarely do pedicure and do not allow significant formation of growths, as well as the first stage of a pedicure if you are a pedicure perfectionist or if you have excess skin growing quickly enough.