An evening of curious heads

Blue-white-blue in the majority did not keep the victory over Rostov

Sow played breastfeeding for Rostov

The author of Soviet Sport, Artem Zibrak, praised the teams for their attacking style of play, and also noticed that Zenit again conceded a goal from the opponent's chest.

“I am glad that both teams are trying to play attack. The guests met their rivals with high pressure of as many as six people in another half of the field (three midfielders - three forwards). They did not allow Zenit to calmly develop attacks, imposing a tough fight. During the first half, the Rostovites received four warnings, only one of which was from the defender Poyarkov.

In the first half hour, Zenit, due to individual skill, still had a noticeable territorial advantage and high-quality control of the ball (58% possession, 83% passing accuracy), regularly delivering the ball into the penalty area of ​​the nervous Sergei Pesyakov, but in comparison with the first part of the season, stylistically nothing has changed in the game of St. Petersburg - all the same predictable canopies (four of the six key passes before the break were on the account of the full-backs Douglas Santos and Vyacheslav Karavaev, two more - from Artem Dziuba) and long throws from Yaroslav Rakitsky. There was not much danger from this.

As a result, Petersburgers dominated most of the half, however, in the last 15 minutes, Rostov, who practically did not bring the matter to blows, began to outplay the opponent, who was not accustomed to such dynamics in the center of the field, and to reduce the lag in the number of blows (7-1 in the hosts' favor by the 30th minute and only 8-5 - by the break). A sharpness appeared at the Kerzhakov's gate, and before the whistle for a break, it materialized into a curious goal.

Makhatadze made a good diagonal to the far post, where Kerzhakov and Santos did not figure it out, who were forced to fight Alexey Kozlov and Sow, who ran into someone else's penalty area, and allowed the ball to roll over the ribbon from the striker's chest (!). The “blue-white-blue” had a suspicion that the Gambian was playing with a hand, but the video replays did not give a clear answer, and VAR sided with the attack. For the second match in a row in the RPL, the Petersburgers conceded from the chest - if you remember, in the last match of last year against Spartak they unsuccessfully threw the ball to his goalkeeper Dejan Lovren, ”reminds Zibrak.

A curious own goal and a spectacular Kuzyaev ball

The correspondent of "Championship" Anatoly Romanov emphasized that at first the numerical advantage did not help Zenit much, but everything changed after the curious own goal of "Rostov".

“Already at the beginning of the second half, Kerzhakov was forced to leave the field. The Zenit goalkeeper injured his leg and was replaced by Andrey Lunev, who played in the cup match against Arsenal Tula. Last year Kerzhakov got a chance after being damaged by Lunev, and now it's the other way around.

Meanwhile, Zenith added speed and aggression. Azmun missed the super moment after Artem Dziuba's discount. Then referee Alexei Matyunin could appoint a penalty and send off Matthias Normann for the second yellow card, who grabbed Dejan Lovren's shirt in the penalty area. The movement of the Norwegian, apparently, was considered not strong enough. However, in the 56th minute, “Rostov” still remained with ten men when Maxim Osipenko knocked down Azmun who was running away to the gate. Blank red card.

Playing in the minority, the Rostovites seemed to knock down Zenit's pressure with a triple substitution, but then they scored their own goal, which was no less funny than Sow's goal before the break. Its author is Nikolai Poyarkov. The left-back didn't even see the ball while fighting Azmun!

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