A virgin in a snow shroud: how Isaac Newton lived - "the last of the magicians"

The long-awaited restyling of Lada Niva (formerly Chevrolet Niva) was crowned with success. AvtoVAZ showed the updated Lada Niva Travel and has already started its production at the plant of the Lada Zapad Togliatti enterprise. Most likely, from the beginning of 2021, the model will go on sale. What's new - we'll show you now!

Russian-Japanese Frankenstein

Looking at the new Niva Travel, one involuntarily thinks that the designers of the domestic automaker drew inspiration from the new Toyota. Only the blind will not notice the external similarity of the Russian SUV and the Toyota RAV4. The shape of the headlights, the radiator grille, the protective lining - all this was spied on from the legendary "Japanese".

And you know, in the current version, the Niva looks much more interesting than its predecessor. It's a pity that the LADA Vision 4x4 concept from 2018 never went into production. However, it is possible that a new generation of the SUV promised by AvtoVAZ by 2023 will be built on the basis of the showcar.

What has changed in Lada Niva Travel?

Domestic designers led by Steve Mattin have completely redesigned the SUV. Untouched elements can be conditionally considered the upper part of the body (pillars, glass, roof rails) with side mirrors, which for some reason they decided not to adjust.

As for the rest, Niva Travel has undergone significant changes. At the front, the domestic model sports new LED optics and fog lights. A hexagonal radiator grille with large cells, an enlarged protective pad on the front bumper and the bumper itself added brutality to the SUV. At the same time, the area for the number slid down slightly, and the hood acquired volumetric stampings and a relief shape.

At the rear, we are greeted by modified taillights, brake lights and a centrally located spare wheel with a protective casing to match the body color. If you look at the new Lada Niva from the side, it is impossible not to notice the "squared" wheel arches and changed moldings on the doors. The Offroad version additionally received a protective body kit made of black plastic, a snorkel and off-road tires, similar to the modification for the previous LADA Niva.

Thanks to all these changes in appearance, the "blurry rounded design" of the former Lada Niva began to correspond to modern trends of "aggression and brutality" with sharp forms of body elements.

Nothing changes in the "VAZ kingdom"

Otherwise, we have the same familiar "Shniva" with a gasoline 1.7-liter "atmosphere" and a five-speed manual gearbox. In technical terms, the SUV retained all its advantages of a full permanent drive. But how much the price will change is still unknown.

The current prices for pre-styling Niva start at 738 thousand rubles. It is unlikely that AvtoVAZ will equip the new Trevelka with additional options, as this will lead to an inevitable increase in cost and, as a result, full-fledged competition with Creta in its price range. And there the domestic model will definitely lose, because it is thanks to the budget price tag that the SUV is in the top 25 of the most popular models in Russia.

Of course, in the comments to this article there will be an opinion of our readers about the slim design, lack of innovation, "torment" with the old engine and other problems that prevent AvtoVAZ from developing further. In fact, the domestic automaker had decent concepts, but for some unknown reason, something completely different is being embodied in reality. It is enough to recall the chic concept of the Chevrolet Niva from 2014, and everything will fall into place.

A mixture of a bulldog with a rhinoceros: what's new in LADA Niva Travel

Liquid wallpaper is one of the most common seamless coatings. In order to apply them to plywood, the surface must be carefully prepared. This article describes how to repair the surface and prepare plywood for liquid wallpaper and what materials are required for this.

Liquid wallpaper has high aesthetic and performance properties. They are widely used in the decoration of premises for various purposes. The basis for the application of the material can be concrete, plaster, drywall, plywood and other surfaces.

Is it possible to apply liquid wallpaper to plywood without preparation

To increase adhesion and protect the base, thoroughly prepare it before applying liquid wallpaper to the surface. Plywood consists of several layers glued together.

Material Features

Plywood is a composite sheet material. The raw material for its production is wooden veneer, which is a thin cut of wood.

When gluing, the fibers of the individual sheets are placed perpendicular to each other. This technology ensures high strength of plywood and its resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations.

Grades and grades of plywood

Material is classified according to several main criteria:

  • the type of wood;
  • the type of glue and the impregnations used;
  • the quality of the face layer and the presence of special coatings.

Currently, the following plywood grades are most widely used in construction:

  • FSF - glued with phenol-formaldehyde resins, resistant to moisture;
  • FC - veneer sheets are glued with urea compounds. It is used for the manufacture of furniture and decoration of dry rooms;
  • FB - veneer sheets are processed with bakelite resin. Has high mechanical strength and increased hydrophobicity;
  • FBA - glued with casein or albumin glue. The main advantage is absolute environmental safety. The disadvantage is low resistance to moisture.

AvtoVAZ showed the updated Lada Niva Travel and has already started its production.

What do we remember about Isaac Newton? An apple fell on him, he discovered the three laws of classical mechanics and invented modern calculus. It seems that everything. But in the 18th and 19th centuries he was considered a magician and a sage who had no equal, and was called "an adornment of the human race." How did the posthumous child of a wealthy farmer become the world's top scientist?

Genius is born in unfavorable conditions

Sir Isaac Newton, gentleman and scientist, has had an amazing life in which science, passion for truth, resentment, ambition and, of course, apples are mixed.

In 1642, on the night of Christmas, December 25, in the village of Woolsthorpe in Lincolnshire, a posthumous child was born into the family of a small landowner, Yeoman Newton. The child's father, a wealthy farmer, Isaac Newton, who could not even write his own name, died four months before the birth of the baby, and according to the customs of that time, the child was named after his father. Later, Sir Isaac Newton will consider that the date of his birth is blessed and heralds the success that will certainly await him in the future. And so it will happen.

Who could, looking at a premature and sickly baby, think that a person was born who would change the worldview of all mankind?

It is unlikely that his mother, Anna Eiskow from a seedy aristocratic family, who was experiencing the grief of widowhood, thought a lot about the boy's future: three years later she again married a man much older than herself (he was 63); parting with his son became one of the conditions of the marriage contract. Little Isaac Newton stayed with his grandmother in Woolsthorpe, and his mother moved to the house of her new husband, the Reverend Smith, which was three kilometers from Woolsthorpe.

Very soon Anna Smith had three more children, and there was no time left for the firstborn. With his grandparents, he grew up in prosperity, but the early years without a mother changed the boy in the strongest way: he will remain distrustful and suspicious for the rest of his life, will seek solitude, sometimes aggressively defending his life and occupations, and will never show affection for a living being.

A lonely child grew up silent and withdrawn. But not a bum: Isaac loved to read and tinker. Since childhood, he invented and designed - arranged a sundial in Woolsthorpe, made various wooden mechanisms ...

When Isaac was 11, his stepfather died and his mother returned to Woolsthorpe - now she had four children again; but it was necessary to take care of the household, so that the older boy was again left to himself - wandering, reading and studying alone was his usual pastime.

“I don’t know how the world perceives me, but to myself I only seem to be a boy playing on the seashore, who amuses himself with the fact that from time to time he finds a pebble more colorful than others, or a beautiful shell, in while the great ocean of truth spreads before me unexplored. "

At the age of 12, Isaac Newton was admitted to King's School in the nearby town of Grantham. The school had a history: founded in 1528, it was already well-known - theologian and philosopher Henry More studied and taught there; it was his student who was the pharmacist Clark, in whose house young Newton was settled.

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