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Novokuznetsk is not offended by the monuments.

If we distribute them thematically, then the primacy rightfully belongs to the monuments and memorials associated with the Great Patriotic War. In addition to them, the city inherited monuments bearing the ideological component of that period as a legacy from the times of socialist construction. Not all of them can be somehow tied to the history of the city, but it is already impossible to imagine the urban environment without them, into which they have very successfully entered.

Nevertheless, in the bacchanal 90s, alien to the “new trend,” monuments were simply destroyed. The sculptures of Ordzhonikidze, Przhevalsky, and several Lenins have disappeared from the city streets. But, fortunately, “Lenin and Gorky”, “Kirov”, “Suvorov” and others survived, which continue to delight the townspeople with their artistic quality of execution.

If the appearance of the monumental images of Lenin and his associates in any settlement of the country is easy to explain, then the appearance of Field Marshal Suvorov in our country looks somewhat strange. No, I'm not against his presence in our city, I even like him, but what does he have to do with him?

As for the individuals whose work added more than one glorious page to the chronicle of Novokuznetsk, everything is not bad here. Beautiful busts-monuments to Bardin, Drozdetsky, Ermakov decorate squares and streets of the city with dignity.

The situation with monuments to representatives of literature and art is much sadder. There are two monuments to Gorky, Mayakovsky and Tolstoy with Bulgakov. Of these four, except for the tribune of Mayakovsky, who wrote an ode to Kuznetskstroy, only the writer and the last secretary of Leo Tolstoy, Valentin Bulgakov, is deeply connected with the then Kuznetsk. Memories of Valentin Bulgakov and his brother Veniamin about Kuznetsk at the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century, without a doubt, can be attributed to the literary treasure of our city, along with the "Kuznetsk Chronicle" by Ivan Konyukhov. Therefore, the monument "Teacher and student" (Tolstoy and Bulgakov), erected at the former Kuznetsk school on Narodnaya Street, is quite appropriate.

Maxim Gorky, speaking about the genius of Dostoevsky, argued that in terms of the power of artistic depiction, he is equal only to Shakespeare. From convicts to genius - the path traveled by Dostoevsky. And somehow it so happened that Kuznetsk, lost in the Siberian expanses, turned out to be on the line of this path. Here, on February 6, 1857, in the Odigitrievskaya church, priest Yevgeny Tyumentsev performed a wedding ceremony between the writer and his beloved Maria Dmitrievna Isaeva. Our city can only be proud of this significant event in the life of Dostoevsky. Fortunately, the F. Dostoevsky, with an excellent exposition and knowledgeable staff.

In general, there are only eight Dostoevsky museums in the world. And wherever they are, full-fledged monuments (not busts!) to the writer have been erected Everywhere except Novokuznetsk!

Why? The question is open ... Although the very idea of ​​erecting a monument to Dostoevsky in Kuznetsk is far from new. Back in 1918, the second congress of workers 'and peasants' deputies of the Kuznetsk district decided to open in the house at 40, Dostoevsky, a museum and a library-reading room of the writer. At the same time, 3000 rubles were allocated for the monument, the decision on the creation of which remained only on paper for many decades. At first, the cause was the Civil War, and then it was simply not up to that.

Years later, the Dostoevsky Museum was nevertheless created, but only in March 2001 the order of the Novokuznetsk city administration № 328 “On holding an open competition for the best draft design of the monument to F. Dostoevsky ”. To evaluate the projects, under the chairmanship of the head of the city, an authoritative creative commission was created. It would seem that the ice has broken! However, everything was limited to this, the commission did not start work. And the reason is not the lack of ideas, but the lack of a financial component. Of course, investing money in something that will not bring profit is difficult to find. It was easier to build a shopping complex on Sovetskaya Square, thereby practically depriving Kuznetsk of an excellent platform for creating a memorial and historical zone, where the monument to the great writer would organically fit. But even in this situation, all is not lost.

In my opinion, it is difficult to think of something better than Yuri Mikhailovich's project, which is a historical “still-frame” from the writer's life.

Thus, we will support the Presidential Decree No. 424 of August 24, 2016, “On the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of F. Dostoevsky ”, where it is recommended to all executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation to take part in the preparation and holding of events dedicated to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of F. Dostoevsky. Well, what is not a reason to erect a monument?

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