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To receive congratulations on the Day of the Angel on February 25, 2021, guys and girls who were named Alexei, Anton, Eugene and Maria at birth will be happy. For birthday people, you can send a colorful postcard, supplementing it with sincere words, wishing them happiness and prosperity in life.

Alexei's Angel Day

The name "Alexey" came to Russia from the Greek language. The owner of this name grows up as a well-mannered boy who is ready to help anyone. He always takes the position of a leader, no matter what company he finds himself in. Alexey is more silent and does, which is very good for his future career.

There are many creative personalities among Alekseevs, but each of them is individual. Lesha is a good family man and is ready to do things just to preserve harmony in the house. As a wife, he is looking for an agreeable girl who must love cleanliness and be neat.

Alexey is not whimsical, so he does not expect expensive gifts. He will be glad even for a sincere verse. The main thing is that the spoken words come from the heart.

Alexey, on Angel Day I want to wish, To run through life without grief. Let peace reign in everything, And constant comfort lives in the house. Let love warm you, Good luck goes forward with you. May the angel protect you, From all problems and adversity!

Eugene February is waiting for congratulations on the Day of the Angel of February

Eugene has been distinguished by interesting abilities since childhood. He always strives for something new, has many friends and values ​​them throughout his life. It is important for a wife to realize herself in life, but because of her character she often commits wrong actions.

Zhenya is able to listen to someone else's opinion and even think it over, but in the future he will act as he sees fit. He is looking for a nice girl as a wife, but she must be beautiful in his eyes. For Zhenya, inner beauty is also important. He is also a good husband and father who is not averse to signs of attention.

Zhenya, Zhenechka, Zhenek, Catch this greeting, Angel Day is with you today, Celebrates the whole vast country.

We wish you health, laughter, happiness and love. Let everything be at its best, And please don't be sad.

Who should be congratulated on the Day of the Angel on February 25, 2021

The more often we start calling on the angels, the more help we can get from them. They want to be close to people, helping them in everything. If we rejoice, they will also enjoy. However, you cannot get help without asking for it. How do I summon angels? Before answering this question, one should single out the factor that there is a universal law. It acts as a connecting element between humans and angels.

Angels cannot help unless asked

According to the law, angels are not able to interfere in the lives of people if they do not ask for it. An exception is a life-threatening situation. An angel will not make decisions for a person. However, if asked, he is able to offer his advice, help to find a way out of the situation. For example, he will nudge the answer, support, inspire, form a wonderful coincidence. But there is one caveat. We must ask him about it. Accordingly, it is necessary to understand how to call the angels.

Avoid being serious and formal in tone or dress. There is no need for additional ceremonies. Angels are not that complicated in this sense. Their true nature lies in pure and selfless love. They are able to hear prayer that comes from the heart. Even a simple call is enough for them to rush to help. How do I summon angels? Form a mental request. Sometimes that's enough. There are several ways in which you can summon them.

Try writing a letter or visualizing a message

Write a letter to your custodian. This is a pretty good practice. This way, you can pour out the pain and anxiety that has accumulated. There is no need to hide anything. Only in this way will the angels help to find a way out of the situation that has formed.

How to summon angels? Try visualization. Think of it as imagination. Terms do not play a special role. Through visualization, you can form a powerful message. Imagine angels flying around. See how strong they are. Watch as angels enter the room in which you are seated. This kind of visualization will be a real challenge. You just need to imagine clearly, feeling emotions, a breath of the breeze, etc. Visualization must be complete.

Talk to your angel in your mind

Try to mentally summon - and a good angel will fly. Form a message of help in your thoughts. And he will immediately be there. Naturally, you need to be sincere in your calls. Otherwise, the cry will simply not be heard. You can also ask God to send angels to help you.

We must try to talk to angels. You can always express your requests using words. In some situations, people may do this unconsciously. If you often spend time alone, in some quiet place, then you can try talking to the angels. Due to this, calmness and good mood will return. We can say that a kind angel helped to find peace of mind.

Leaving the house, you can repeat the following words: "My angel, go with me, you are in front, I am behind you." This should be done quietly, preferably in a whisper. Only an angel should hear you. Words must be repeated like spells.

How to identify your custodian?

There is a legend about an angel that says that he will always come to the rescue. And it is advisable to know which keeper protects you. There is an assumption that you can determine the name of your angel using the date of birth. To determine the incarnation of your guardian, you need to sum up the numbers that make up the date of birth. It is necessary to reduce them to a single-digit number. For example, if you were born on July 30, 1986, you will need to add the following numbers: 3 + 0 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 34; 3 + 4 = 7. The number 7 is odd. This means that your angel is a woman. Even numbers represent male guardians.

To receive congratulations on the Day of the Angel on February 25, 2021, guys and girls named Alexey, Anton, Eugene and Maria will be happy.

Now, if you think about who still saves

Not such a god and a fucking guy, if he let a person get sick, and forced another to plow for 16 hours in a row because of this.

God never existed! This is a beautiful "myth" to make a person feel helpless.

You have put several tags in one row, including the "religion" tag, which is approved by user voting.

Religion is no longer included in special tags?

God just gives the doctor a chance to self-actualize

Religious children do not distinguish fiction from reality, according to research

A 2014 study found that religious education has a significant impact on children's ability to distinguish fiction from reality. The study consisted of several stages, in which children aged 5-6 years took part. First, the preschoolers were told a realistic story about a very common event, and they all stated that the main character was a real person. However, during the next stage, a clear difference became visible between children raised in a religious family, and their peers who received a secular (non-religious) upbringing.

So, when scientists told them religious stories about divine intervention, including events impossible in real life, the children's opinion about the main character changed dramatically. Preschoolers attending a church or parish school called the protagonist of religious stories a real person, while children with a secular upbringing confidently declared that what they heard was fiction.

Also, different upbringing was reflected in the judgments of children who listened to fantastic stories about the use of magic. Children unfamiliar with religious teachings often distinguished fiction from reality, calling the main character fictional. But their peers from religious families, on the contrary, took science fiction seriously, explaining unreal events by the actions of God.

According to study author, psychologist Kathleen Corriveau, previous work has shown that religious children may be influenced by their “participation” in God's story, but research has shown that they believe in fantastic characters and without mentioning the gentlemen in the story.

Interestingly, Kathleen Corrivau is a religious person herself, and her lab's web page says she is interested in “social and cognitive development during childhood, with a particular focus on how children decide which people are information should be trusted. "

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