6 procedures that will make your face sleek without a salon and expensive cosmetics

Cryomassage sounds expensive! But you can even do it in the bathroom.

According to statistics, only 13% of women in Russia are satisfied with their appearance. They want to look young, have healthy toned skin and a beautiful body, which translates into endless visits to salons and, of course, big expenses. However, if you are smart and set up a salon at home, you can look great and save time and money. We have collected 6 salon procedures that every woman needs that can be performed at home without a beautician.

Ice lifting facial massage

If you alternate between cold and hot water when washing your face, it perfectly increases the elasticity of the skin. In the salon, this procedure is called cryomassage - a short-term effect on the tissues with low temperatures. The beautician runs it with liquid nitrogen along the massage lines. However, at home, you can get by with improvised means - for example, ice cubes.

Alternatively, you can soak terry cloths in hot and cold water and apply them alternately to your face. Only 7-8 shifts. But remember that cold exposure should last longer than warm exposure. For example, you hold a warm towel for 10 seconds, a cold one for 20 seconds.

What do you need it for? The procedure improves skin elasticity, refreshes the complexion, evens out the relief and reduces oily sheen.

Blackhead cleaning

Brashing, or in other words, brasage, is the safest and easiest type of facial cleansing that can be easily practiced at home. In the salon, the procedure is carried out on a special apparatus. The beautician first cleans the skin, then applies an exfoliating agent and a special gel, and only then massages the face with a bristled brush attachment.

The villi gently cleanse pores from surface impurities and sebum. As a result, the skin texture becomes smoother, and age spots are less noticeable. The face looks fresh and toned.

At home, brushing can be done with a special battery-powered device or a regular brush with soft bristles in circular motions over the face.

6 procedures that will make your face sleek without a salon and expensive cosmetics

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since capsicam already contains a warming substance in its composition, it is not recommended to mix it with ready-made anti-cellulite creams and ointments - it can cause skin burns. We offer you some of the most popular ways to use capsicam for cellulite. Anti-cellulite cream with capsicam The easiest way to add just a little ointment to shower gel, baby cream or olive oil.

Capsicam - no more than a pea; Honey - 3 tbsp. l. Capsicam will have a warming and vasodilating effect on the skin, caffeine will moisturize it and increase elasticity, papaverine will remove excess fluid, honey will soften the effect of capsicam and saturate the skin with useful substances. You need to use this mixture for cellulite in the same way as in the previous recipe.

Others for a long time cannot forget the sensations that this procedure caused, and discourage those who ask for advice on whether to do wraps with capsicam for cellulite. Capsicam for cellulite: recipes You can find various recipes where capsicam ointment for cellulite is used. But they have a lot in common: no one recommends using capsics for cellulite and weight loss in their pure form; take very little capsicam (no more than a 1-centimeter strip or a pea); before and after wrapping, it is advised not to eat or drink for 2 hours;

What do you need to be prepared for? Despite the fact that the beautiful half of humanity is very pleased with the results of wraps with capsicam for cellulite, doctors' reviews about the use of the drug for non-therapeutic purposes are not so optimistic: it is not recommended to use medications without special need! There is not a single word in the instructions for capsicam that it is used in the field of beauty, therefore, it should be used carefully for cosmetic purposes.

Capsicam and white clay White clay can also be wrapped, enhancing the effect by adding capsicam. First, the clay must be diluted with warm water. Add a little capsicam and apply to problem areas.

The one in the orange package is thermonuclear. It burns the body, add less, and the one in the variegated one does not bake so well. I did in the evenings every other day. The skin not only began to look better, but the volumes per centimeter 4 were gone in 10 wraps.

Inspired by the positive feedback on the effect of capsicam on the skin, many try to close their eyes to all the side effects that may arise from this procedure.

To determine the tolerance of the device, conduct an allergy test. To do this, the capsicam is applied to the bend of the elbow using an applicator and the reaction is monitored. If itching or hives (rash) appear, you cannot use the drug to get rid of cellulite. In no case should capsicam be applied to damaged skin.

Cryomassage sounds expensive! But you can even do it in the bathroom. According to statistics, only 13% of women in Russia are satisfied with their appearance. They want to look young, ...

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In one embodiment, it is proposed not to perform any pulling or slapping, so as not to damage the capillaries under the skin. In another version, it is recommended the opposite, pulling the skin to ensure maximum blood flow to the hips, buttocks and abdomen. The procedure for such a massage is recommended to be applied twice a week from a course of 15 sessions. You can repeat it in six months. Effective wraps Very often honey is used as a basis for anti-cellulite wraps.

Overweight people are more prone to cellulite formation. Fourth. smoking is one of the main factors in the development of cellulite, as it causes the formation of a huge number of free radicals in the body. Other bad habits, such as the abuse of alcohol, caffeinated drinks, fatty and sugary foods, can also be attributed to factors that provoke the development of cellulite for the same reason, the formation of free radicals. Staying in direct sunlight in hot summer causes irreversible processes in the skin, as a result of which collagen fibers are more destroyed. Consequently, sunburn can also be attributed to risk factors contributing to the appearance of cellulite. Dehydration and food consumption, which causes poisoning and intoxication of the body, one way or another, affect fluid retention and the deposition of decay products in fat cells. Scientists also note the effect of hormones on fat accumulation and fluid retention in the body.

This expands the space between skin cells, which improves lymph flow. What type of massage to choose for cellulite, which one will be more effective? Most helpful is the so-called manual lymph drainage, which uses stroking in combination with vibration to best stimulate blood flow.

Stress also contributes to the formation of cellulite by blocking the lymphatic system and lymph circulation. Therefore, eliminating the above factors from your life or minimizing their influence as much as possible will help you get beautiful and smooth skin on your thighs and buttocks faster. What helps best in the struggle for slimness It is because of the rich nature of the formation and development of cellulite that it is very difficult to identify the most effective means to eliminate it. Among the methods of fighting cellulite, there are absolutely different ones: physical exercises, cosmetics, high-tech techniques carried out in salons, plastic surgery. The most popular and equally effective, pleasant procedure that helps to get rid of bumps and dimples on the skin of problem areas is anti-cellulite massage. Its effect is especially good if it is performed using honey.

And honey helps the best in this. To perform such a wrap, honey should be heated in a water bath, applied to areas prone to cellulite, and wrapped with cling film. Then either put on warm clothes for maximum warmth, or cover yourself with a blanket. This wrap should be kept for an hour.

The duration of this method of fighting cellulite is forty minutes or an hour. Sea salt or thermosetting gels are used as an exfoliating agent. During the massage, additional means are used - anti-cellulite creams, oils, gels, the purpose of which is to soften the skin, remove the orange peel effect, and induce a local rush of blood in the area of ​​application. Massage movements are performed from the bottom up, towards the lymph nodes. It is advisable to be careful with massage for those who have heart problems, varicose veins, skin diseases. It is very important to massage regularly every day, preferably in the morning and evening. But thanks to such efforts, in two to four weeks you will be able to observe the first results that have appeared on your skin - it will become smoother, more elastic, softer.

What is the most effective remedy for cellulite?

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