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Rest at the "Vyazynka" estate. Landscaping with your own hands.

DIY garden decorations

Glad to meet you again, my readers!

In this section "Landscaping with your own hands" it is very useful to talk about how you and I will decorate our garden.

There are unlimited possibilities here. The easiest way, if there is a material opportunity, is to buy garden decorations in any garden center. There are a great many of them now. But I have a slightly different approach to this question. I do not condemn those who buy gnomes, storks, frogs and so on, as they say, “there are no comrades for the taste and color,” but I, categorically, will never put such decorations in my garden.

I like everything from natural, natural materials. And it's especially nice if the owners of the site made these decorations for the garden with their own hands. Only that they were not painted stones, not products made from car tires or plastic bottles. And necessarily from natural materials. If the stones, then natural, if the tree, then unpainted (naturally, it is necessary to soak something from decay, but so that the texture of the tree does not hide), if something is wicker, then from willow, vineyard or other natural materials, but not from colored wire ... If the fence is near the flower garden, then it is not plastic.

I want to show you what I decorate my garden with. Basically, of course, I create compositions from the plants themselves, but sometimes I want to add something a little. I do not want to prove that it is necessary to do it this way, everyone in their garden comes up with something of their own. But if my simple ideas are to someone's liking, I will be very happy.

On the left is the former carousel, which later turned into a basket-flower girl

Bearing flower basket

I will have several articles one after another about garden decorations. And so today I start with a rotating basket. In the beginning, when my grandchildren were young, my nephew made a rotating carousel like a scooter out of some leftovers from a construction site for them. Rotates on a bearing. One leg on the merry-go-round, the other leg pushed off, unwound, and then became two and twisted to a stop. In the first photo on the left, this "carousel" is visible.

Rest at the "Vyazynka" estate. Landscaping with your own hands.

Small garden design

Friends, there will be a few more articles about Ludmila's garden from Germany, but I decided to alternate so that you would be more diverse. So we will walk with you from garden to garden. See and compare. Do not forget to write about your impressions below in the "reviews".

So, back to Vera Libkina's personal plot (read the previous article here), where Vera skillfully demonstrated in previous articles that the design of a small garden is not a problem for a person who loves his garden. This is the Moscow region. After the first two articles, Vera sent a letter and a few more photos, so we continue to admire her garden.

"Good evening, Zoya Alexandrovna!

Lord, for me such a nice gift from you - two articles on such a beautiful site - came in and saw! How grateful I am to you! I even liked my own site! Thank you very much for sharing my small garden design and helpful tips on replanting cedar. How do you have time for everything?

I am sending photos for the third article.

In the photo, indeed, the same cedric and my grandson Sasha. He is in the 3rd grade, but help from him, as well as from his daughter, you know,. So you have to rely only on yourself.

I've once again walked through your garden - oh, well, I'm up to you - yes-le-ko. It’s a shame that you’re selling! I gradually, in parts, "study" your estate on the site, read, penetrate, draw conclusions for myself and reel, as they say.

The "white" theme in your garden is super! I look and want to transfer everything to my garden, but there is not enough space! I see there is even some sumac. Awesome tree, how beautiful! Our neighbors have it growing (one for the whole partnership!), Very effective and already 2-2.5 meters. I want it too.

I also wanted to ask you about garden bonsai. I see you are cutting a lot of conifers. Even spruce. Interesting! How old is your famous clipped pine? 15-18 years old? Good. And how often did you work with pruners?

Verin's grandson Sasha, the assistant is growing up

Rest at the "Vyazynka" estate. Landscaping with your own hands.

Garden Style

The Gardens of My Friends section tells about different gardens. Different style of the garden, different in size, age, design - gardens from different countries, from different cities. Different people amicably share their ideas, experiences, plans and their implementation with novice gardeners.

This is a good tradition that has taken root and is developing on my site. After reviewing these articles, you can choose the style of the garden that you like the most, decide on the choice for yourself.

The largest section, almost 50 articles as of spring 2017.

And these articles will always be relevant, because the beauty of the garden does not age, and all budding gardeners start out in about the same way. And they make the same mistakes. And site publications help, and will always help, to avoid many mistakes.

The fourth and final article about the garden in the forest zone. See the beginning here "Garden in the forest". / P>

Natural stone is the main material for garden decoration.

Selection of plants for flower gardens

I hope you liked the style of Svetlana's garden? Natural style of the garden, landscape.

Rest at the "Vyazynka" estate. Landscaping with your own hands.

Landscaping Scented “marquee”

DIY landscape design.

Previous article on a beautiful massive garden table Here are beautiful furniture with your own hands.

Although this series of articles on garden furniture is DIY, I have included this article here as well. Here is a green tent, which you can create in one season, and then remove in half an hour in the fall. This is another very cozy sitting area in the garden.

Clothes dryer design

This tent can be located anywhere, as long as there is support. For example, if you are throwing away an unnecessary or old tree, do not rush to cut it at the root (cut off the bark at the bottom with a ring, and the unnecessary tree will not grow). Please yourself and your loved ones with such a tent for at least a year or two.

A great find if you need to decorate some unsightly area for the summer (compost bin, old barn, toilet). Such a screen grows very quickly.

For example, I have a tumble dryer here. At the end I planted a petiolate hydrangea (climbing), but it grows slowly, and in order to decorate this support quickly, I temporarily poked echinocystis seeds (popularly called "mad cucumber" or "prickly fruit").

It has grown so much that there is not much room left for linen, but it was a pity to cut it off, it turned out to be a gorgeous green and fragrant canopy.

I later put a small table and two plastic chairs under it, and we often drank tea there in the mornings in the summer, since it is almost next to the porch. Rest in the village, thanks to such little things, becomes even more comfortable.

This tent can be created quickly, in one season, but, however, it will only serve in the summer.

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