What Tikhanovskaya said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gordon (video)

On the YouTube channel "Visiting Gordon" on the evening of February 23, an interview was published with the former presidential candidate of Belarus in the 2020 elections Svetlana Tikhanovskaya.

Tikhanovskaya talked about how and why she decided to run for president of Belarus and what she is going to do after the new elections, how the protests in Belarus will end and why they cannot be compared with the Ukrainian Maidan, whether Alexander Lukashenko will receive guarantees of personal security, why the security forces show cruelty towards peaceful demonstrators, as well as about relations with their comrades-in-arms Maria Kolesnikova and Veronika Tsepkalo, about how she left Belarus and whether she is going to return, and also why she changed her mind about Crimea and Donbass.

Nasha Niva has collected the main quotes said by the politician during the interview:

About protests

“The protests in Belarus have not died out. The picture has changed, the form of protests has changed, but the protest movement, protest moods have not gone anywhere. It is clear that now, if people go out into the street with flags, with slogans, they will not have time to get away from the riot police ... If people appear somewhere, "cosmonauts" are immediately sent there. And people still go out, people fight, people organize themselves in order to go out, but a little later, again in a huge mass and make it clear that we are still here, "Tikhanovskaya said.

She noted that at the moment the protests in Belarus have acquired a partisan form.

“Now is the time of such guerrilla warfare, when you cannot act openly, because this is a direct road to prison. It is clear that neither people neither do we want that. But the targeted actions [continue]: I hung up the ribbon, pasted a sticker, turned on a song, honked when buses with so-called delegates were traveling ... This annoys them so much ... For example, when they tied a ribbon on a tree, and a whole fire engine arrives there to take it off. Or they cut down a tree because they cannot remove the ribbon ... ”- said the oppositionist.

Gordon objected that Alexander Lukashenko will not leave the guerrilla-underground struggle.

“Again, I am transferred to Ukraine during the Maidan period. If we had a feeling of injustice, if the authorities began to beat people, and even more so children, everyone stood up, seized the buildings of state power. If they scoffed at the Ukrainians as they scoffed at the Belarusians, they would shoot from all the rooftops and from all the windows. Nobody would put up with it. Do you understand that Lukashenka will not resign from partisan methods? " - asked the journalist.

“But it will not strengthen further. He is strengthening in his eyes through this incomprehensible All-Belarusian People's Assembly ... But this is ridiculous. The notion that Lukashenka is strong will never return to Belarusians, ”said Tikhanovskaya.

In her opinion, protests in Belarus will resume with renewed vigor in spring.

“I think so [will resume]. It is necessary to exert pressure from all sides. Inside the country to drive them to white heat with petty manifestations of protest. It is necessary to exert both external pressure and some investigations at the international level to make them understand that no one will remain unpunished, ”the oppositionist believes.

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