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A set of welding cables for manual arc welding includes two cables (wires), one of which has an electrode holder at the end, and the other has a terminal for connecting to the ground. As a rule, the standard set supplied with an inexpensive welding machine is not of the best quality and fails after several months of use. If you buy such a kit separately, then budget models also cannot boast of quality, but quite normal ones are commensurate at the price of the welding machine itself. Quite often there are models where the emphasis is on one of three components, i.e. either the electrode holder is of high quality, and the cables (wires) are so-so, or the wires are excellent, and everything else is not very good. Therefore, in order not to play roulette and not overpay money, I suggest assembling it yourself from proven components. If you are interested, you are welcome.

The electrode holder is one of the most important components, which is absolutely not worth saving on. Comfortable and convenient work, as well as the final result, depends on the quality of its manufacture and design. I will not go into details, but I will only note that there are three common types of electrode holders: fork, spring and screw. The first, as a rule, are home-made and are made by welders on their own. They are reliable, not very user-friendly, and often not isolated. The second most common, but in the lowest and middle price category of them the quality is poor. High-quality spring electrode holders are easy to use and have no particular complaints. Screw electrode holders reliably fix the electrode at the required angle and are of good quality even in the middle price category. Great for beginners at first, because in case of inept detachment of the "stuck" electrode, they do not spoil the contact pad of the holder.

I didn't go through trial and error, so I immediately bought the proven ESAB Handy 200 screw-type electrode holder:

I bought ESAB Handy 200 electrode holder here

Chinese proven analogue on Aliexpress

I am an amateur welder, therefore, for my needs and the capabilities of a welding machine, a current of 200A is enough for the eyes. Considering the good workmanship, this electrode holder will last for a long time. If you are a professional and have to cook a lot with thicker electrodes, there are more powerful models in the range, designed for higher current and thicker electrodes. But even this model will allow you to cook without any problems with a current of 250A without damage, the supported diameter of the electrodes is from 2mm to 4mm.

Of the proven manufacturers, the following can be noted: Cord (Russia), ESAB (Sweden), FoxWeld (Italy / China), FUBAG (Germany), ABICOR BINZEL (Germany) and others. Huge selection of holders here and here

ESAB Handy 200 is of good quality and low cost, therefore it is in great demand. Delivery set:

The central rod is made of brass (an alloy of copper and zinc, with a small addition of tin and other metals), no copper-plated iron and other deshman, which is often used in cheap holders. All this allows the passage of significant currents without noticeable heating and damage. A rubberized handle with a special knurling is used for holding, thanks to which the electrode holder lies confidently in the hand and withstands a careless attitude. Compared to inexpensive spring holders, which have a carbolite or plastic handle, the difference is obvious. Moreover, the latter become brittle in the cold or from constant heating and can break when dropped from a small height.

The fastener allows you to clamp wires and cables with a cross-section up to 50mm2:

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