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I invite you to purchase from the French online store Aroma-Zone:. At the moment, the range includes natural, organic products: essential and vegetable oils, extracts, cosmetic ingredients and everything you need to make your dream cosmetics at home.

I add from the site upon request (except for goods weighing more than 500 g for 1 unit). Prices are calculated at the sale rate of SB 97.0 rubles. for 1 euro. The euro exchange rate may change, the final price in rubles will be set at the Euro sales rate in the SB on the date of the order redemption. If the price in euros increases, the right to cancel the order will be given. I am not responsible for the amount of fluctuations in the ruble exchange rate! There is no guarantee of buyback for the supplier's shares. There may be a slight deterioration in the appearance of the goods during shipment. Provided that the contents are preserved, such defects are not considered a marriage.

Attention! Due to the fact that the dispatch is international, there may be delays in the delivery of goods up to 4 weeks. In order to control the quality / packaging of goods, video surveillance is carried out when parsing orders. For the convenience of searching the site, you can use the Google translator. The site contains: -about 200 essential oils, 100% pure and natural, of which 37 are certified organic - more than 50 fatty oils and macerates-rich selection of hydrolates, CO2-extracts and absolutes -jars, bottles and containers for cosmetics most of various shapes and sizes - diffusers, aroma stones and other accessories for aromatherapy - a wide selection of components for creating natural cosmetics - ready-made kits for beginner cream and soap makers - a wide selection of ready-made organic class cosmetics that have not been tested on animals - tools and equipment for creating cosmetic home remedies and much more. Show

Description: Anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Soothes redness, relieves irritation and allergic reactions. Production method: steam distillation Botanical name: Matricaria chamomilla Quality: 100% pure, no preservatives, microfiltered to 0.2 microns for maximum purity, microbiologically compliant with standards. Culture: Organic, certified by Ecocert FR-BIO-01 Country of origin: France (Provence) Appearance: transparent liquid Color: colorless Odor: sweet, honey, fine herbal pH 4.5 - 7.0 Storage conditions: Hydrolates do not contain preservatives, therefore it is recommended to keep them in the refrigerator. Use within 6 months after opening. Psycho-emotional effect Blue chamomile hydrolate has a quick sedative effect, its use (spraying or internal intake) before an exam, performance or other major event will help calm down, concentrate, and avoid nervousness. Cosmetic application * Pharmacy chamomile hydrolat is excellent for use in hair care: hair conditioners and shampoos, and in skin products: tonics, lotions, creams. * With antibacterial and antiseptic properties, chamomile water is an excellent cleanser for sensitive, inflamed and problem skin. * Soothes the skin, relieves inflammation. * Astringent and emollient * Is an excellent after shave remedy. * Can be used as a wonderful healing spray after sunburn. Soothes pain after sunburn. * Fights acne problem * Softens the skin * The powerful anti-inflammatory effect of this hydrolate makes it an excellent remedy in the fight against rosacea and rosacea, as well as other skin inflammations. * With regular use, it tidies up the sore skin of the hands. * In cleansing face masks, it is most effective when used with green or white clay. Medicinal use Strong anti-inflammatory effect, can be applied both externally and internally. For severe burns, it can be used either alone or mixed with lavender water. For severe burns, medical attention is needed and a bandage is likely to be applied, but applying chamomile water with each bandage will reduce inflammation and speed healing. Chamomile water is useful for any kind of redness of the skin: irritation, burns, sunburn, itching, and even eczema and psoriasis. Recommended as compresses on inflamed swollen veins, hemorrhoids, spider veins, varicose veins. Use pure or mixed with witch hazel water or incense gum hydrolate (1: 1). With candidiasis, thrush, vaginal infections and other diseases of the genitourinary system, chamomile water can be used for douching, while it is good to combine it with other hydrolates of dushchitsa, thyme, savory, as well as essential oils and herbs recommended for these problems. Chamomile water improves digestion, relieves spasms of the intestinal tract, helps with stomach ulcers. Directions for use: - Can be used as all or part of the aqueous phase in any cosmetic product. - Ideal for creating natural and organic cosmetics. - Recommended for moisturizing, nourishing and soothing treatments (skin / hair care). - Toners, refreshing facial sprays 10% -100%. - As an aqueous component of creams, lotions, serums 5% -100% - As part of cleansing lotions 10% -100% - As part of face and body masks 10% -100% - As an aqueous component of conditioners, masks, hair balms - 5% -100% - Sprays for hair and scalp up to 100% - Cosmetic ice up to 100% - As an additive in washing creams, shampoos, gels - up to 100%. - Bath and SPA treatments up to 100% Application for children Although Roman chamomile is best suited for children, for some skin problems such as atopic dermatitis, diathesis, etc. blue daisy is better. In addition, blue chamomile has stronger sedative properties, just a few drops of hydrolate in the bath will help the child calm down. If you are hyperactive, you can add a small amount of a mixture of chamomile and neroli water to juice or drinking water. Can be used as a moisturizer for baby wipes. It cools, soothes, and heals baby's skin, eliminates skin irritations, rashes. Synergy Witch hazel relieves itching after insect bites, including wasps Witch hazel, incense gum (1: 1) varicose veins, hemorrhoids and other vein problems (compresses) Geranium skin redness, rosacea, acne Oregano, savory, thyme, monarda urinary infection systems, thrush, candida (douching, internal use) Cedarwood care for light hair Cypress varicose veins (compresses), hemorrhoids (sitz baths) Lavender severe burns, mix 50 to 50. Melissa diaper dermatitis in babies Peppermint antiparasitic action Roman chamomile conjunctivitis ( eye wash)

Description: Method of obtaining Selective supercritical CO2 extraction. For more information, click here . Part of the plant extract flowers Botanical name of calendula Botanical family Asteraceae Country of origin Germany culture cosmetic BIO Organic certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert standard available at presentation Packaged in a small glass jar. organoleptic properties - Appearance: pasty viscous liquid as temperature - color: dark brown - Smell: hay with a characteristic component of calendula flowers composition Faradiol esters: 17-25% Carotenoids: 0.7 to 1.3% storage conditions Store dry, away from heat and light sources.

Description: The most effective remedy in the fight against cellulite and edema, grapefruit oil also cares for oily skin, heals inflammation and stops hair loss. Its pleasant aroma energizes and refreshes the atmosphere. INCI: Grapefruit Peel OIl Botanical name: Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) Family: Rutaceae (Rutaceae) Other names: Pamplemousse, small sheddock Storage conditions: dry, protected from light and heat Release form: dark glass bottles 10, 30 and 100 ml with dropper, as well as aluminum bottles of 250 ml Organoleptic properties Appearance: yellow transparent oily liquid Odor: characteristic grapefruit, sour and sweet Density: 0. 40 - 0. 70 Flash point: 45C (flammable, NOT RECOMMENDED to use in the manufacture of candles) Basic biochemical components OHE0405 gas chromatography results: Monoterpenes: limonene (91.3%), myrcene (1.6%), alpha-pinene (0.7%) Aldehydes: octanal (0.3%) OHE0612 gas chromatography results: Monoterpenes: limonene (90.2%), myrcene (1.3%), alpha-pinene (0.6%) Aldehydes: octanal (0.0%) Some natural compounds (limonene, benzyl benzoate, linalool, citral) contained in this ether oil may pose a risk of allergies in susceptible individuals. We strongly recommend that the elbow bend test be performed at least 48 hours prior to use. The maximum allowable concentration in the composition is 4%. CAUTION: increases the photosensitivity of the skin, therefore it is not recommended to expose to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation after applying grapefruit oil. PROPERTIES stimulates appetite and digestion; drainage of the liver and kidneys; detoxification; astringent, diuretic and blood-purifying agent against hair loss; controls excess production of sebum; antiseptic; tones the nervous system; tired and stiffness (stiffness) Massage feet and problem areas with an oil mixture: dissolve grapefruit oil in vegetable oil (eg hazelnut). hair loss nervous system: fatigue, stress and anxiety atmospheric dissipation Morning invigorating bath: dissolve a mixture of grapefruit, lemon and bergamot oils in water. SYNERGY Harmonious combinations: all citrus fruits, lavender For more information and for any therapeutic use of essential oils, consult your doctor. WARNING: These properties, indications and uses are derived from books or sites, links on aromatherapy. This information is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical information in any way. We are not responsible for the results of using essential oils, with the exception of claims for the quality of the goods. For any medicinal use of essential oils, see your doctor.

Description: Kapoor Kachli is a powder, or rather even a powder from wild ginger root. The powder is as finely ground as possible, it conveys the rich aroma of wild ginger. After using the powder in hair cosmetics, a slight aroma of herbs and spices remains in the hair. antioxidant rejuvenates hair; stimulates metabolic processes in the scalp and bulbs; tones and refreshes skin and hair; activates hair growth; helps nourish and strengthens hair; leaves a light scent on the hair; suitable for all hair.

Description: INCI: Ocimum sanctum leaf powder Part of the plant used: Leaves Country of origin: India Growing method: Organic, Ecocert certified Method of obtaining: Leaves are harvested by hand, dried in the open air and crushed into powder Quality: cosmetic, 100% pure and natural Appearance: Fine powder Color: green to dark green Odor: pungent, dried herbs, slightly mint, characteristic Taste: pungent, sweet Solubility: insoluble in water, in oil. Active ingredients: - Flavonoids - Phenolic acids - Proanthocyanidins - vitamins A and C - Trace elements: calcium, phosphorus Synergy: - to soothe itching: Manjishta powders, brahmi, hydrolates of yarrow, Roman chamomile, mint, CO2 extract of calendula, essential oils of lavender and roman chamomile - for cleansing combination skin: Burdock powder, propolis extract, CO2 Barbe de Jupiter, witch hazel hydrolate, verbena. - to detoxify and revitalize hair: Green Clay, Rhassoul, Ylang Ylang Hydrolat, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil. - anti-dandruff, soothe the scalp: Brahmi powders, peony, Laurel, Palmarosa essential oils, patchouli and rosemary hydrolates. Storage conditions: in the absence of air, moisture and light. Tulsi is a native of India, belongs to the family Labiatae. Has effective antiseptic properties. Known for its important detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, it can also strengthen the immune system. In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used for digestive disorders and pain. Its soothing, relaxing properties make it useful for relieving anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue. Helps keep heart and mind open, improves memory and concentration. Outwardly, it protects against mosquito bites and soothes itching and hives. It also helps fight dandruff. Mattifies the skin of the face. Properties: - deeply cleanses the skin - mattifies the skin - Antiseptic - protects against mosquito bites - soothes itching, hives, other insect bites and snake bites. - Detoxification - cleanses the hair - relieves toxins and toxins - invigorates - soothes the scalp - helps fight dandruff - opens the heart and mind, clarifies brain activity and improves concentration and memory. - promotes energy circulation - Relaxing - sedative - soothes. Indications: - Combination skin - Damaged skin - Contaminated skin. - Mosquitoes, insects, snake bites - Itching, hives - for all hair types - dull hair - deprived of vitality - dandruff - oily hair - Anxiety, stress, depression - Memory problems, - Difficulty concentrating - Mental fatigue (may accompanied by an internal feeling of cold chills, cold sweat) Application: - cleansing the skin - cleansing lotions - matting face creams - "Detox" face masks - bath products - scrubs and peels - anti-itch soothing oil - Detox shampoo - hair lotions against dandruff - oily hair care. Water infusion (macerate): - mineral water - 90% - Tulsi powder - 10% Mix and refrigerate for 24 hours, then filter. Hot method: bring water to a boil and add Tulsi powder, boil, stirring for 10-15 minutes, cool, filter. Oil infusion (macerate): - base oil (for example sesame) - 100% - Tulsi powder - 10% Mix and let it brew for 24 hours, sometimes stirring the solution, filter.

Ulgran and GranAlliance - stone sinks and stylish Orgbour% faucets!

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Choosing Ulgran and GranAlliance - you choose quality! Every housewife dreams of a beautiful, deep, roomy sink! Easy to care for, no water streaks visible! Yes, it's real! Such stone sinks can be bought from 2851 rubles with 0% organizational fee! Ulgran sinks are environmentally friendly. They will perfectly fit into almost any kitchen interior. Easy to clean. They have a temperature maximum of +180 degrees. They are not afraid of "chemistry" and absorb the sound of pouring water.

There is a large size in the purchase. Orders with a volume of 0.07 to 0.15 m3 and weighing up to 20 kg can be received at a maxi pickup point or by mail delivery (TC). It is recommended to check the goods immediately upon receipt, at the point of issue.

Calculator for calculating the volume of a box Link to a video review -. nc_cat = 104 Warranty for sinks 2 years, faucets 3 years, dispensers 6 months. One of the main requirements on the part of the manufacturer is compliance with the rules of operation and maintenance. Therefore, the warranty does not apply to defects caused by the ingress of corrosive substances, mechanical damage, as well as problems caused by improper installation, changes in design, etc. To confirm the provision of the warranty, the warranty card and the presence of a purchase receipt are filled in. Rules of care and use: - do not throw heavy objects into the sink, - do not put hot pans and pots on the sink, - to avoid cuts on the sink surface, do not use it as a work surface for cutting food, - do not clean the sink with detergents containing abrasive materials. Do not use metal sponges for maintenance - do not allow chlorine-containing detergents and cleaning agents, solvents, concentrated acids, salts, alkalis to come into contact with the sink. If such a substance comes into contact with the sink surface or fittings, immediately rinse it off with water, - to facilitate cleaning the sink, immediately rinse off any remaining juices, tea, coffee, etc., - wipe the sink surface dry to prevent the formation of limescale, - if limescale has formed, remove it with a special tool to remove scale deposits. ... Show

Description: Why Ulgran Dispensers? The dispenser is designed to be installed on a ULGRAN artificial stone kitchen sink or a worktop with a maximum thickness of 40 mm. The ULGRAN dispenser allows you to dispense the required amount of dishwashing liquid with a light press, while it is important that the dispenser is filled with detergent from above. The countertop space around the sink is freed from the detergent bottles, making the kitchen comfortable and beautiful. The dispensers are dyed in the 12 ULGRAN brand colors at our own production facilities, therefore, an almost exact match in the color of ULGRAN sinks and faucets is guaranteed. Link to installation video - Impeccable style of composition: the color of the dispensers matches the corporate colors of ULGRAN sinks and taps. Modern lineup. Complete set: branded box with foam rubber lodgment, warranty card and operating instructions. Ease of use: the dispenser can be easily filled with detergent from above. The volume of the flask is 330 ml. Factory warranty: 6 months from the date of sale.

Description: Universal colander with telescopic pull-out rails made of stainless steel, a popular accessory in the ULGRAN stone sink product line, designed for defrosting food and washing vegetables and fruits. The versatility of the colander lies in the fact that, due to its design features, it can be used from its minimum length values ​​from 260 mm to maximum 440 mm. Accordingly, it fits the absolute majority of ULGRAN sink models. The factory warranty period is 6 months. Link to video review of Colander

Description: Final price, without org. bora and transportation costs! flexible hose 450 mm valve-box with ceramic plates fastening Reliability - the service life of ULGRAN faucets is more than 10 years Factory warranty from the manufacturer 3 years Impeccable style of composition and modern model range Latest materials and technologies: ceramic cartridge Wanhai and body made of high quality brass Complete set: branded box with foam lodgment, flexible hose, set of fasteners, technical passport and warranty card.

Description: Final price, without org. bora and transportation costs! flexible eyeliner 450 mm ceramic cartridge Wanhai pull-out spray with two spray modes fastening Reliability - the service life of ULGRAN faucets is more than 10 years. complete set: a branded box with a foam rubber lodgment, flexible hose, a set of fasteners, a technical passport and a warranty card.

Description: Final price, without org. bora and transportation costs! Model: ULGRAN U-110 Single-section reversible sink Total size: 775 x 500 mm Bowl size: 410 x 190 mm Installation opening: 750 x 475 mm Warranty: 2 years Logistic information: cardboard box (WxDxH) 940x570x290; 0.155; gross 24.6kg Minimum base for the product: 500 mm Service life of ULGRAN sinks - more than 10 years, 2 years - manufacturer's warranty. The unique upper protective layer - Gelcoat - ensures safety and ease of use. Wide range: 37 models available in 12 colors. Each sink can be matched with a faucet that matches the color perfectly. For 8 years of production of ULGRAN sinks, their quality has been appreciated by more than 1,000,000 customers. Complete installation kit (cutter, drain fittings with corrugated pipe)

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