TOP 3 spinning rods passed through my hands in 10 years

Throughout my life as a spinning rod, a lot of spinning rods have passed through my hands. No, of course, many times less than other prostafers. But, if you compare with the average fishermen, who are fishing, and not being fashionable, then I can be considered Croesus by the abundance of spinning rods that passed through my hands. There were. Well. a lot.

Budget "series"

In this "series" (let's separate for convenience) I had and even now have: Maximus Work Horse, Maximus Winner, Kosadaka Assault, Kosadaka Quantum (casting), Kosadaka Resolver, Kosadaka Viper, Shimano Catana, Goture Warrior (casting), Stinger Caster, Volzhanka Stiletto (two)

The first from the list is my first spinning rod, which I bought exactly as a spinning rod, i.e. purposefully. And the fact is that until 2011 I did not have spinning rods, but there was a fishing rod that was both a donkey and a float and a spinning rod for me - it depends on what kind of equipment I attached. I fished for her for more than a dozen years and quite successfully for myself. ????

In comparison, I would rather prefer Work Horse, Catana and Assault. The most funky of all in the company is Winner. The most understandable are Quantum and Resolver. The only thing I remember about the Caster was that I had it (one fishing trip), but this is tackle of the Work Horse and Catana level, i.e. a perfectly normal working spinning rod for ages. Stiletto - brazenly cut 10 cm from its rockfish tip and you will get an ideal all-rounder out of it - bouncy, sonorous and pleasant to the hand! But the most chic of all, both in appearance and in performance, is the Warrior.

Moreover, he looks gorgeous not with obtrusive Chinese brilliance (bought on AliExpress), but he really is a handsome man! About 10 years ago, you could safely ask for 25 thousand rubles for him and they would buy! Now we are used to budget gear with a chic performance, but then.

However, the leader in this category is not Warrior, but Kosadaka Resolver - this is the one I take on fishing most often and this is a very convenient tackle for fishing. and I am all of them I'm throwing it! Warrior is also a leader (casting), but it so happened that I crashed offensively on the shore and. broke in half Quantum, which was the direct rival of this Chinese.

Medium Budget "Series"

Don't forget who. Maximus Fish Poison (two different), Maximus Ichiro, Maximus Egoist, Maximus High Energy, Maximus Wild Power (three different), Maximus Pointer, Maximus Advisor, Maximus Ranger, Maximus Marauder, Pontoon GAD Caser (spinning and casting), Favorite Cobalt ( two different), Stinger Trouter and Stinger Trouter-XP, Shakespeare Ugly Stik and. like everything.

Such a large number of Maximus spinning rods is explained by the fact that I happened to work in Maximus itself and I had the opportunity to change their tackle just like gloves and cheaper than in stores. By the way, all my Kosadakas are prostitutes. Yes, I worked with them at one time, and on the Fmagazin website there are quite a few product descriptions written by me.

In this category, the best classic for me is undoubtedly the Gad Chaser in the spinning version (in the casting it is the same, only the handle and rings are different). It is followed by Fish Poison, as one of the most chic station wagons. I also cannot fail to mention Favorite Cobalt, about whose shooting qualities one can make up legends! The rest are also good, each in their own style, but there are always the most impressive - I named three of them.

Dear "series"

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