Top 10 extinct animals due to human fault

Civilizational progress has two sides of the coin: it is the greatest human achievement, and the amazing shortsightedness of people. The population of the planet, without thinking about the consequences, is used to treating nature as a consumer. In the not too distant future, this could turn into a disaster. Earthly wealth is being wasted at an incredible rate. Animals that have become extinct due to human fault remained only in the illustrations of old textbooks of zoology.

Steller's Sea Cow

The sea cow opens our list of extinct animals caused by humans. The legendary expedition led by V. Bering made a lot of important discoveries. At the same time, in the early 40s of the 18th century, seafarers first saw and described these unusual animals. For its leisurely movements and large size, the new species was named the sea cow. Amazing creatures reached a length of almost 8 m and were not at all afraid of humans. Fear, bordering on apathy, ultimately destroyed their population.

Today, distant relatives of cows, dugongs, can give a distant idea of ​​the extinct species. These marine herbivores also have a massive body, although in length they are almost 2 times shorter than their progenitors. Dugongs prefer warm seas, so they live in the tropics.

Javan Tiger

Javanese tigers were considered the smallest wild cats of their kind in existence. The weight of adult males did not exceed 140 kg, and the maximum body length reached 2.5 m.Since the middle of the 20th century, the number of individuals began to decline rapidly, and by the end of the 70s - early 80s, tigers of this subspecies completely ceased to exist. Climate change or pestilence is not to blame. The reason for the misfortune is trivial: thoughtless hunting coupled with the artificial destruction of the natural habitat.

Periodically, local residents claim that they notice tigers near villages, but zoologists do not trust this information. According to them, the islanders confuse extinct animals with leopards. Unfortunately, the lessons of the past have taught little: today a similar situation is repeated with the striped inhabitants of the island of Sumatra. According to the most conservative estimates, there are no more than three hundred Sumatran tigers left. The Javanese tiger is ranked 8th in our ranking of animals that have become extinct due to human fault.

Tasmanian Wolf

The last thylacin or in other words the Tasmanian wolf was shot in 1930. An unusual marsupial animal lived in New Guinea and Australia. Europeans met small predators in the 18th century. and almost immediately began to hunt them.

Tasmanian wolves were believed to pose a serious threat to local sheep breeding. The threat was fought so intensely that very soon the remaining dozens of thylacins preferred to move to remote mountain corners. The wolves were finished off by the outbreak of the dog plague. But even here the hunt for single surviving individuals was not stopped. Now the Tasmanian wolf is considered an extinct animal due to the fault of man.

Mauritian Dodo

There are several species of flightless birds on the planet. One of them, until the middle of the 17th century, remained dodos from the island of Mauritius (researchers also call them dodo birds). The Europeans received the first information about the dodo at the very end of the 16th century. from Dutch travelers. Hungry sailors gladly hunted distant representatives of the pigeon family and ate all the livestock in 50 years.

Scientists turned to the study of dodo only when not a single individual survived, all animals were considered extinct due to human fault. At first, there was a rumor in the scientific community that the Mauritian dodo was the product of legends and fantasies. Later, real bird skeletons of extinct animals were discovered, using which ornithologists tried to recreate the approximate appearance of birds. It turned out that the representatives of the extinct species reached a meter in height, had an undeveloped tail and a powerful beak. The dodo's suspected food was fruit.

Top 10 extinct animals due to human fault

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