The most unusual guest houses in the Krasnodar Territory

It happens that on vacation you want something like that For those who dream of bringing unusual photos and new impressions from vacation, we have compiled an overview of places that have their own zest Be sure to take note!

Wellness Center "Living Spring"

Distance to the sea: 15 km

The wellness center is located in a stunning location right in the mountains. The nearest settlement - the village of Pshada - is 4 km away, but the Khrustalny waterfall is just a stone's throw away.

Great option for those who want to clear their mind and body. There are no noisy bars and souvenir shops, you will not be offered excursions as soon as you leave the territory. But the workers of the center (professional masseurs!) Will offer visceral, cupping, honey or oil massage. And you can also attend yoga practices, enjoy vegetarian dishes made from vegetables from the local garden, swim in the waterfall and listen to the silence.

You can choose a treatment program or just relax surrounded by untouched nature. The residential part of the center consists of several small cottages, including the original barrel house for two.

Recreation center "Peasant Compound"

Location: Dzhemete village

Distance to the sea: about 300 meters

This recreation center resembles a small park, made in the style of the Russian south. Even the houses seem to be part of the surroundings, not to mention the small mill, the gate and the fence.

It is convenient that everything a tourist needs is nearby. The beach is about 5 minutes walk, to the tourist hangout - a couple of steps outside the gate. The courtyard is located on Pionersky Prospekt - in the most popular place of the village, while inside the garden, silence and tranquility are preserved.

The base is very conveniently located, on the main street leading directly to Anapa, and very close to the cozy beach.

We have been to Turkey 5 times, but here we liked it better.

How to make a bridge in the country with your own hands with minimal financial investment and get an exclusive piece of garden design? It is not difficult to assemble the structure - think over the composition, draw up a drawing. Buy the materials, read the step-by-step instructions, and get to work.

In this article, we will consider interesting ideas from a photo, tell you how to make a bridge with your own hands from scrap materials, and give design recommendations for a different budget.

Making a decorative bridge with your own hands, including a bridge over a ditch and a pond, across a dry stream Step-by-step instructions Photos of interesting ideas

In country houses, bridges are used to overcome small obstacles. Small decorative structures look harmoniously on the site. The simplest option involves several logs fastened to each other with staples. The transitions are perches attached to the support pillars.

More complex structures involve the use of stone or steel supports, pouring the foundation, the presence of forged and metal elements that enhance the strength and reliability of the product.

Consider a selection of the most attractive home-made garden bridge ideas in terms of functionality, quality and design.

Determining the design

When choosing how your future creation will look, consider the main requirements for the design:

  • the product must be safe - this condition is responsible for the health of those who use the bridge. Choose sturdy materials. Please note that the frame must support the weight of several people at the same time. If necessary, make a foundation on the base. Carry out the processing of materials - open the wood with varnish - this will not only decorate the structure, but also prolong the durability of the boards;

  • decoration - design is an important condition when choosing a product design. The bridge should harmoniously fit into the overall interior of the suburban area, while focusing attention on itself.

We select materials

To build a bridge to the garden with your own hands, you will need the following materials and tools at hand:

  • roulette ;
  • level;
  • shovel ;
  • free-flowing building mixtures;
  • mixing container;
  • welding unit;
  • wooden beams;
  • stakes;
  • metal rod;
  • walkway boards;
  • paints;
  • varnish;
  • brushes;
  • rope, cable, chains.

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