The most anticipated Russian films of spring 2021

Have you created a website? Great, but this is just the first step towards success. Its promotion is a full-scale job that will require a serious approach from you. One of the main and necessary measures is the audit of your resource. For what purpose and how to carry it out?

Sit back, I'll tell you everything. But if you want to get all the answers at once and to all your questions, then I recommend the course from Semantics "Do-it-yourself technical audit of a website"

Why audit a site?

SEO audit of a site is a check of a site for its compliance with the requirements and rules of search engines such as Yandex and Google. To put it simply, site audit will allow us to understand what errors prevent our site from being promoted in search engines.

There are a huge number of sites on the web that are very similar in their subject matter, and, of course, every owner of any of them wants his resource to be higher than everyone else in the search results. It is for this that you need to carry out such a thing as a site audit.

An audit should be carried out for any site: recently created and unknown, as well as for the leader occupying the first position in the search results in order to react to changes in time. When site audit is simply a must:

  • At the time of revision.
  • Before preparing for promotion.
  • During unwinding.

Site audit is very important and necessary for any site owner who aims to increase conversion and traffic to his resource.

What does a website technical audit include?

Any mistake in the technical side of the site is a huge disadvantage. It is very important to monitor this so that the promotion in the search engines is fast and of high quality. Every mistake, even a small one, will certainly lead to serious consequences, even, for example, to the exclusion of a site from the search engine index.

Search engine filters are described in detail in the Semantica studio in the course "Do-it-yourself technical audit of a website" Technical audit of a website gives you the opportunity to identify and eliminate its weak points. It is based on analyzes of the software features of the site and includes the following elements:

"Couple from the Future" - from March

The events of the film directed by Alexei Nuzhny ("Fire") unfold in 2040. The main characters - Eugene and Alexandra - have been married hand in hand for 20 years, but now they have decided to divorce. True, since the dissolution of marriage has become an unacceptably expensive luxury, the couple will have to go back in time to stop themselves in their youth on the day when Zhenya, who is in love, proposed to Sasha.

Trailer of the movie "Couple from the Future"

"White Snow" - from March

A new film by Nikolai Khomeriki, who directed "The Ninth" and "Icebreaker". This time, he took up the biographical history of the Russian skier Elena Vyalbe, who managed to accomplish the impossible at the 1997 World Ski Championships. Olga Lerman played the main role in "White Snow".

White Snow Movie Trailer

Russian South - from March

Student Artem performed by Semyon Treskunov falls in love with the beauty Ksyusha (Stasya Miloslavskaya from Streltsov). Having lost his head from love, Artem goes to the south for his girlfriend. But on the spot it turns out that Ksenia is being looked after by two more young people - a sailor and a policeman. Now a real war will begin for the girl's heart!

Russian South Movie Trailer

"Take a walk, Vasya! Date in Bali" - from March

Continuation of the 2016 comedy with Lyubov Aksenova in the title role. Directed by Roman Karimov. The film is set in Bali. Vasya decides to draw Pasha around his finger again - and invites him to the fabulous island. However, without thinking twice, Pasha's wife also goes there. Max, a villager who has slightly started himself, is also flying to Bali ... But only in his luggage so as not to get burned. He wants to return Nastya and take revenge on Pasha.

Trailer of the movie "Walk, Vasya! Date in Bali"

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