Sweet home on the computer

Adorable Home is a cute Android / iOS app from the developers of HyperBeard. This 2D hand-drawn app was released in January 2020. It combines the genres of RPG, visual novel, housekeeping simulator, cat grooming. To make your small cottage as comfortable as possible, to create comfortable conditions for your family and pets, we suggest downloading Sweet Home on your computer.

In this interactive game, the user will have to imitate real actions / processes of real life. Such as: renovating, furnishing the house, doing food surveys, grooming, looking after pets, improving the garden, the area around the building.

The project belongs to f2p, the text language is Russian. The gameplay contains ads, digital purchases. Actual v1.11.3 (January 2021), designed for OS Android 4.4+ (later versions). For 10+ users.

Gameplay and game features

According to the storyline, which begins with the very first cutscene, a young married or friendly couple moves into a new cottage. The player chooses the names and gender of the heroes on his own. They can be spouses, lovers, or just friends. After the move, the hall is filled with suitcases and boxes. The game begins with putting things in order. Its goal is to create comfortable living conditions for all households.

In the simulator, the player is engaged in everyday affairs: he puts things in order in the house, on the personal plot, prepares food, buys equipment, furnishings, improves the interior and design of premises and territories near the cottage. Install the Sweet Home project for Windows, it will make the gameplay more comfortable.

The composition of a game pair can be changed, breaking off relations, and creating new ones (option “Characters).

To unlock the premises and the area near the building, you need to earn currency. In addition to furnishings and equipment, rooms are decorated with indoor plants, the color and texture of walls, flooring, ceilings are changed, an aquarium, fireplace, etc. are installed.

  • At the bottom right of the playing field there is an icon with a picture of a house, click it. A menu with eight windows opens. Through the icons you can get into the rooms: Living room, Bedroom, Bathroom; Garden, game Store, tabs "Mine", "Moments" (photo album), make settings: here you can change the volume of background music, special effects, etc. The field at the top of the menu shows the time of day, weather. After purchase, you need to open the "Mine" tab, install the item / technique. You can change the weather by purchasing the desired one.

The game shop has tabs where you can purchase Items for: relaxation, bedroom, bathroom, garden; Products and Boxes; Cat crates.

  • The game currency in this simulator is pink hearts obtained for completing actions and quests. These values ​​are spent on the purchase of new furniture, interior items, and improvements. For example, when you send one of the characters to work, you, on behalf of the second character, collect lunch for him in a bento, a package for one-portion food. You can open different bento (6 types) made from different materials. By default, the wood option is available. Touch the box, putting the first and second courses, dessert in it. Consider the flavor of your food, as the reward depends on that. The text says so: "The tastier the combination, the more love you will receive!" The first lunch consists of: onigiri, stuffed rice balls (Japanese cuisine), meatballs and a piece of blueberry pie. The assembly of the lunch can be varied by purchasing new dishes. And they are very diverse, so there are desserts: donuts, cupcakes, blueberry / lime pie, matcha tea roll (green), etc.

After one of the heroes leaves for work, the gamer can familiarize himself with the Game Rules, which state that while one of the heroes is at work, the other must:

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