Small Russian bath

Small Russian bath - steam room with national flavor!

Book a bath by the number: +7 (495) 147-70-90

A visit to the Russian bath is recommended for everyone who wants to relax, relieve tension, stress, spend time with family or with friends. Our steam rooms are of the highest level, and for their decoration high-quality woods are used, which heats up at high temperatures, giving off an excellent aroma, useful aromatic oils that have a positive effect on supporting the body's immunity, cleansing the respiratory tract.

In our steam rooms there are masseurs who, during the procedure, will prompt the nuances and subtleties of proper nutrition and, of course, advise on how to steam properly and effectively. They will also talk about the most optimal time for a session, about the rules for alternating a bath with rest, about using brooms and choosing suitable accessories. Agree, it's very convenient!

This is not just a steam room - it is a traditional, real classic Russian bath, built and decorated according to all technologies. Such in Podolsk can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It was in the same baths, according to legend, that the Slavs and heroes regularly steamed, and regular bath procedures helped to strengthen their health and spirit.

You can order a Russian bath at any time of the year. We are proud that this is not just good, but also one of the best Russian doubles in the Moscow region, which meets all the requirements and standards. After visiting our small bathhouse for a couple of hours, you will feel the power and at the same time the comfort of the Russian steam spirit.

Bath rental for up to 6 people. The minimum session is 2 hours.

A reservation for renting a bath is registered only upon prepayment in the amount of one hour of the desired rent

(the bath is prepared individually for each guest).

Day of the week Time Cost, rub Monday 10:00 to 00:00 + 1500 rub. per hour Tuesday10: 00 to 00: 00 + 1500 rubles. per hour Wednesday10: 00 to 00: 00 + 1500 rubles. per hour Thursday10: 00 to 00: 00 + 1500 rub. per hour Friday10: 00 to 00: 00 + 2000 rub. per hour Saturday10: 00 to 00: 00 + 2000 rub. per hour Sunday10: 00 to 00: 00 + 1500 rub. per hour

For each additional visitor in excess of the established number of people, an additional fee is charged for each hour 1000 rubles.

The big Russian bathhouse in the city of Podolsk invites guests!

Book a bath by the number: +7 (495) 147-70-90

For many centuries, regular bath procedures were not only associated exclusively with the rules of hygiene, but also carried a relaxing, restorative and healing effect. This is what formed the basis of the traditional Russian bath, which can be rented separately in our complex "Ivanhoe".

The Russian bath is a sacred place where with the help of a broom an evil spirit and ailments were expelled, children were born and it was possible to restore strength and energy. A regular visit to the steam room protects against illnesses and helps to improve health, raise spirits, relieve stress and even get rid of everyday difficulties, resting not only the body, but also the soul.

The bath complex is a classic tradition and modern technology, united for the common goal of giving comfort and relaxation to its clients. Additionally, you can choose not just health, but also aesthetic: cosmetic and massage procedures.

The Russian bath is heated with wood. There are many bathing complexes and saunas in Podolsk, but it is ours that is distinguished by its unique masonry, its own philosophy and unique application of modern methods and technologies. Each brick of a bathhouse, a wooden board for decoration was selected and installed according to a certain philosophy.

The sauna complex in our club-hotel offers spacious, clean steam rooms where you can enjoy traditional procedures, and in addition, order a massage or peeling. This useful, original, but at the same time, classic type of recreation has not lost its popularity over the centuries and is especially relevant today!

The unique atmosphere of our Russian bath, the use of brooms prepared according to traditional recipes at the optimal time, herbal preparations for a unique aroma in the steam room and teas - all this and much more forms a culture of relaxation that everyone can enjoy. Just choose a suitable date and time of your visit, having previously reserved them with the administrator.

Street royal font

When visiting the bathhouse, be sure to order our hot tub, which is located on the street among a birch grove and green spaces.

Bath procedures and a hot tub will not only allow you to enjoy and get acquainted with the ancient tradition, but also give you the opportunity to relax from the bustle of the city.

Being in the font, you will breathe in fresh air, contemplate natural landscapes, calm your mind and clear your head from accumulated thoughts, while receiving a relaxing effect for your body and soul.

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