Six months of hell and wild pain


November 2018. “Dasha, I found such a cool palmist here. I advise. He predicted everything exactly, "- I received a message from a friend in Whatsapp.

Ten minutes, and I have already signed up for a session with the fortuneteller Sergei (I don't remember his last name). I wrote him the date and place of birth beforehand - astrologers and palmists always require this. In five days I'm in a session. I go up to one of the unsightly buildings on Uralmash, into a small shabby office - this has never bothered me. I sit down on a chair - in front of me is a pleasant man of age, giving the impression of a good-natured person. Next to him is a computer. He takes my hand ...

- A sparse straight line that crosses the entire palm. It is only in unusual people. Didn't you notice any superpowers in yourself? - the magician asks me.

- Yes, it seems not, - I answer, while thinking: "I'm unusual, class!"

I tell him about myself for half an hour. He says he "sees." At the end of the session, the "forecast for the future" begins.

- You have it that your father will die in 2020 from a serious new disease. How old is your father? - the palmist stunned me.

- Old. No, so it’s not him. On this line, either dad dies, or you. Doesn't go well with dad - you! - the session leader says again.

After my fright - apparently, it was written on my face - the palmist says: “What are you doing? Only in 2020. Forget and live in peace! "

This was the end of our conversation, and I, dumbfounded by this news, went home. By the way, I paid only 1000 rubles for the session. I told my friend everything, she also advised “to score and not pay attention to it”. Which I did safely ... for a while.


At the beginning of 2020, COVID-19 came to Russia. At first I laughed at this whole story. But one day, a prediction suddenly surfaced in my memory - she laughed again. In mid-April, an incomprehensible persistent cough began - no fever. Well, and, in principle, I did not pay attention to him - I lived an ordinary life, there was no temperature. A week and a half later, a runny nose joined, and I immediately ran to the doctor at my local polyclinic - Central City Hospital No. 3 on Bebel, 19.

- ARVI. The throat is a little red and the snot is a stream. Buy nasal drops and take lysobact, the doctor advised.

Six months of hell and wild pain

Sample power of attorney for handwritten documents

Sometimes there are situations when you need to get some documents, but you cannot be present at this time and in this place. The way out of this situation is simple - to draw up a power of attorney to receive documents for a third party. In this article, we will look at how to correctly compose such things and how this rule is regulated by law.


A power of attorney is a document that is issued to a third party, allowing him to act on behalf of the issuer. Simply put - you transfer your rights and responsibilities to another person, and he can become your representative. This document is drawn up only in writing (printed on a printer or compiled by hand). In some cases, it must be certified by a notary (then it has great legal force), but he can be replaced by the head physician, the head of the military unit, the head of the correctional institution or the guardianship service. The person who draws up the power of attorney is called the trustee, the one who will represent the interests of the trustee is called the trustee.

What should be included in the document

There is no single form for drawing up a document, but there are general recommendations:

  • Full name of the person who is given powers, list of powers (in our case, obtaining documents in a specific place). Also, the date of birth and place of residence of the authorized person are entered into the power of attorney.
  • Full name of the person who delegates authority (date of birth, place of residence).
  • Heading - “Power of Attorney”.
  • Further, the body of the letter indicates the date of the document and the functions transferred to the person. Try to compose the text so that there is no possibility of double reading.
  • Specify the validity period of the power of attorney (specific expiration date or period from the date of creation). We will provide detailed information on how to correctly write a power of attorney by hand and a sample at the end of the article. If the term is not specified, then it is assumed that the document is valid for one calendar year.
  • The surname and signature of the compiler, as well as the date of compilation, must be placed after the text. It is advisable to confirm the compilation of the paper with a seal - it can be affixed, for example, by the secretariat of the university or the accounting department at your place of work.

Please note: all serious powers of attorney must be certified by a notary. For example, if you are selling an apartment, but you cannot be present at the sale, then you will have to formalize it.

Types of powers of attorney

Before writing a power of attorney to receive documents by hand (a sample is presented at the end of the article), let's consider what they are in general. There are three main types of document:

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