She tied the soap in bags and hung them in the garden.

Modern preparations for processing plants in the garden and vegetable garden are not always as safe as we would like. In addition, at the right time, the necessary drug may simply not be at hand. The ripening crop with chemical means also cannot be especially processed.

In such a situation, homemade, time-tested remedies that are safe and effective due to their naturalness will come to the rescue. A simple laundry or cosmetic soap can be used as an improvised material. It is available due to its low cost and is sold literally in any store.

Soap in the garden

In order to protect your garden from small and large pests, from mammals to insects, you will need a few handy tools.



The odor that the soap will exude will irritate the pests enough to keep them out of your area. When it rains, the smell will only intensify. So much the better!

Remember that the soap should be changed regularly so that the achieved effect does not diminish. Pay attention to aromatic solid soap - it is from it that the effect is maximized. Soaps with a neutral scent will not have the desired effect.

The main advantage of this pest control method is its exceptional naturalness. The soap does not leave harmful substances on vegetables, fruits and flora. It is absolutely safe for the health of the animals that you will scare away, as well as for the environment.

This simple yet powerful method has been around since organic farming came into fashion again. Use this method, and you will see how beautiful and safe your land can be.

In the 9th grade, for the first time I went on a hike with a tourist club from our school to the hot springs. Our route took 3 days, of which one day we had to go to the springs, one day we had to swim there and one day on the way back. The group consisted mainly of schoolchildren in grades 5-9 plus two adult guides. On the first day we were taken by bus to some forest and we spent the whole day walking with backpacks through the forest thicket. Making our way through dense cedar dwarf trees, in the evening we reached our destination tired, sweaty and hungry, when suddenly we hear the sound of an approaching jeep. It turned out that the dad of one of the five-graders arrived in his Surf (Toyota Hilux Surf) to give him forgotten swimming trunks and a hat. When the guide asked: "If you can come here by car, why did we go on foot?" - he replied: - Not everyone can afford to ride a jeep.

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1) Spend more time with your loved ones, especially your parents.

2) Videos are acceptable only as support for the main part of the post, vlog reposts from YouTube are deleted.

3) Always try to be polite, believe me - this quality has never done anyone badly.

In general, if you read the internal rules of the community on a site where there are basic rules that you probably have already read, then read at the same time the rules for carrying baggage on Japanese airlines or the rules for the passage of ships through the Bosphorus and Dardanelles

If this is a hike, then shkandybanovanie in the forest was its element. Everything is correct.

The guide probably got sick of such a stupid question and blurted out


There was a 12-year-old boy in our children's tourist club, his name was Timoshka.

Timoshka had unusually bright blue eyes, a heartfelt look, a charming smile, but at the same time he was still that cunning and imp. He liked one girl from the group, Marinka.

And it turned out that he was afraid of heights.

I was so afraid that at the first rock training we could not drive him to the "terrible rock". He, the rogue, pretended to have a stomach ache, but the instructors and I pretended to believe.


The grape snail has an elastic mobile body and a solid static shell. The diameter of the latter is from 3.5 to 5 cm. This is quite enough for the body to completely fit in the spirally twisted "house". The shell color is heterogeneous, consisting of light and dark stripes. The color ranges from chestnut white to yellowish olive. The surface of the shell is ribbed.

The body of a grape snail, like other mollusks, is very elastic and can change in size from 3 to 10 cm. It is painted in beige or gray with a brown tint. The surface of the body is rough, wrinkled, designed to retain moisture.

There are 4 movable tentacles on the head, which play the role of sensory organs. The front ones perform the tactile function, the rear ones - the visual one.

Where to buy

As a rule, grape snails can be found easily in zoological shops. You can purchase an animal from private breeders.

There is also a budget option - to catch it yourself. Where Helix Pomatia is found, you can leave a treat. By the evening, the activity of the mollusks increases, and at least one individual can be found near the juicy fruit.

In any case, after catching or buying a snail, it must be examined for the integrity of the shell, the color of the skin and the speed of reaction.

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Living in nature

Snails naturally inhabit green meadows, forests with dense grass and sparse trees, or gardens. They prefer areas of limestone or chalk soil that have grown alkaline reactions. Dry periods cold-blooded creatures wait out, hiding under boulders, in wet moss or thick grass. For the winter they fall into suspended animation, climbing inside the shell. The snails close the entrance to it with mucus.

Range and habitats

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