Sewing a men's shirt / chemise with your own hands is not as difficult as it seems to many! Video details

Of course, practice and skill are important. Many elements will not work out neatly the first time. But sewing in general requires perseverance and constant repetition of the same actions to consolidate skills.

I have been sewing at a professional level for over 10 years, to order, for myself and loved ones, higher education Costume design, we don’t buy clothes with my man at all. My opinion about shirts / shirts, as well as other hand-sewn clothes: the main thing is the result! And in this concept, I first introduce two categories - it worked / did not work. Even if it didn't work out, there is no reason to lose heart, but rather to work on mistakes and hone skills.

Many are afraid to even take on shirts, because they are afraid to "spoil the fabric" or waste time, look at the store and even worse. This is familiar to me, because when we met Ivan and a few years later, I did not deal with men's clothing at all. At first there were small steps - knitwear, hats, and other trifles. Then he asked for a shirt.

I had the experience of sewing a shirt as a gift to Father in my youth. We bought a cloth with Mom, tried it, and eventually threw it away. Didn't give it :) My Mom sews and even Father in his youth sewed fashionable banana trousers on a hand-made machine. I was just ashamed of what happened. My mother taught me how to sew in childhood and later. True, this is not her profession and full-fledged training takes time that she did not have when loading 5/2. She herself once took a sewing course and even sewed to order in the 90s, when there was no work. But the rest of the time she works in the office. None of her positions were related to sewing.

She herself described her skills as follows: she knew how to sew since childhood, but in the post-Soviet period, when it became possible to compare her products with factory imported ones, it became clear that the level was frankly not high. Therefore, I purchased an overlock for the Veritas car, it was an old industrial Soviet, and took professional courses. After them, much in my head was systematized, the skill acquired the desired cut.

For me, this period came when I worked in the Atelier in my youth. My story is on the channel. There, in the very first days, they criticized my products kindly, explained that it did not look professional. And I started to hone my skills. But then it was only working with women's clothing. And rather a light assortment, I did not even take outerwear at the first stages, there was not enough experience. In parallel, I studied at the Institute.

At the same time I tried to sew shirts, blouses for myself, there was no question of dress-shirts then. The collars on the stand and the cuffs did not work out at first. I tried to replace the classic collar with only one stand, bows, scarves on chiffon, there it was organic. Same with sleeves, simplified as best she could. There are many tricks in women's wardrobe :)

But HE is asking not for a turtleneck, not for a knitted T-shirt or a T-shirt, but for a SHIRT! At first I was worried .. your relationship was then several years old, Ivan was one of the few, if not the only one who truly believed in me. And I took it! We bought an expensive Italian shirt. It was white cotton with colored stripes, the stripes were woven, not padded. These were 5 colors from the rainbow, simple shades: red, blue, green, yellow, orange. We have selected the appropriate bright mother-of-pearl buttons.

I had a mini-workshop in the kitchen at my disposal, then I no longer worked in the Atelier, after that there were still offices, but the story is on the channel and at that moment I was at home. There was really no video, YouTube was just developing, there were no videos teaching sewing there. Literally a few laid out something. Nothing at all for men.

And so I took off a pattern from magazines, according to the description in the text, I sewed this shirt without a single picture! It probably took a couple of full working days, I studied in the evening and sewed women's clothing to order. But I also found time for my projects.

On the very first exit of Ivan in a shirt, a man approached him in the metro asking where she was from, whether there were more such and how to buy it :) Maybe there were some subtleties there, if the master would have watched. But overall, I was always neat and looked okay. Then it went like clockwork! My man received a shirt a month for sure! We got creative as best we could! We added trimmings, various original buttons, cuffs, double collars, etc. And then we took up the trousers, then we switched to the coat, even the winter ones. And all this on a household car! We have "gouged" her over the past couple of years :)

I remember how, before opening my own Workshop, PPShM appeared at my place. It was a breakthrough! The first men's shirt, sewn on this machine, is still in use! Yes, she is 8 years old at the moment and she is alive and in good condition! :) I really liked the quality of the stitching compared to a household machine. Thick cotton is a rather difficult fabric to work with, some needles do not take it, skipping stitches, etc. And some machines are simply not powerful enough ..

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