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Cherry plum - planting and leaving

What is cherry plum and how to grow it

If you briefly describe what cherry plum is in everyday language, you can say this: it's a plum, only better. No, there are, of course, downsides, including lower frost resistance, but overall it is really better.


Cherry plum belongs to the genus of plum. It is customary to distinguish such groups of cherry plums as typical cherry plums (found in the wild in the Caucasus, the Balkans and Central Asia), eastern cherry plums (habitats: Iran, Afghanistan), large-fruited cherry plums (large-fruited varieties, including those obtained by hybridization) ...

Until recently, cherry plum was grown only in warm regions. The breeders, having crossed the cherry plum with the Chinese plum, obtained a hybrid, which, in addition to being distinguished by high commercial qualities, has a higher winter hardiness than wild types of cherry plums. The new hybrid was named Russian plum, but is better known as the hybrid cherry plum.

Compared to plums, this hybrid has a number of advantages, which include the following:

  • high annual yield,
  • the beginning of fruiting 2-3 years earlier than the plum,
  • whiter, higher resistance to diseases and pests,
  • high drought tolerance,
  • great taste.

Currently, more than 30 varieties of hybrid cherry plum have been registered, among which there are varieties with different ripening periods, with different colors and sizes of fruit.

Important to know

When planning to plant cherry plum, keep the following in mind:

Roan horse

Since ancient times, people have used horses in various sectors of the economy, primarily as a popular means of transportation. Today people have replaced them with "iron horses", but that is why horses have not lost their value for mankind. Even the first breeders identified the so-called roan suit of horses.

What does the title mean?

Roan horse is an animal with a large number of gray hairs against the background of its own color. It is important to know that a representative of any breed with wild ancestors may have roan representatives in the genus. The head, forelegs and hind legs always maintain their own coat tone. Grayish hairs are found all over the body, but clusters of hair can be seen in the groin or at the base of the tail.


  • roaning persists throughout the life of the animal;
  • grayish hairs located throughout the body;
  • dark colors prevail in the color of roan horses ;
  • roan horses do not turn gray, but become darker with age;
  • some species change color according to the season;
  • the color of the tail and mane does not change during life.

An interesting feature is that if the cover is damaged, then wool of the color, which was considered the main one, will grow in the same place.

The main difference between the roan suit is that it does not change color in any way throughout its life.

In Ancient Russia, a gift in the form of a roan horse was considered a sign of respect and reverence. Animals with a noble color cost several times more than representatives of the same breed with ordinary wool.

Color gene

DIY Rabbit Feeders

Despite the fact that there is a wide range of finished products in stores today, many farmers prefer to make their own rabbit feeders. This is quite simple and economical, since most often used household items, remnants of building materials, etc., are used most often. The main thing is to follow the drawings exactly.

In the article, we will consider in detail what types of feeders exist, how to choose the right model for the type of feed, as well as what materials at hand are suitable for creating original designs.

General requirements

Before you start building a homemade feeder, you need to consider a few basic requirements:

  • It is important that it is convenient for the animals to eat from it, and for the farmer to serve when distributing feed and cleaning the cages.
  • The dimensions of the structure should correspond to the daily amount of food required by the animal. If the container is too large, the rabbit will begin to crawl into it with its paws, contaminating both food and the cage.
  • When choosing materials, it is better to focus on those that the animals cannot quickly gnaw and render unusable.
  • Provision must be made for a secure attachment to the floor or wall of the cage. Otherwise, it will be easy for the animal to turn the container over and scatter all the contents.
  • The finished structure must not have any sharp corners or notches that could injure the animal.

From the following video you can learn how to make a sheet metal rabbit feeder with your own hands:

Basic construction types

There are several common types of rabbit feeders, differing in design and purpose:

For the manufacture of a structure of a certain type, the breeder may need:

  • wooden blocks, boards, plywood (for wooden containers);
  • pipes, profiles, sheet metal (for metal products);
  • various household items: eggplants, canisters, and so on (for the simplest options from available tools).

Rabbit Bunker Feeders

In order for an animal to grow quickly, to feel good, it needs to provide ideal living conditions. Since rabbits eat very often, it is important to be able to choose the right type of feeder for them. Rabbit hopper feeders are in high demand among breeders. Their features and manufacturing method will be discussed below in the article.

Benefits of Rabbit Hopper Feeders

There are many different types of rabbit feeders. But most of them have obvious disadvantages. For example, trough feeders require frequent replenishment, and in bowls the feed is trampled and quickly contaminated. Bunker feeders for rabbits are considered the best option for agricultural animals. But what are their advantages over other species?

Rabbit hopper feeders are easy to use

  • The feed does not need to be added frequently, as a lot of feed is initially poured into the trough.
  • Most of the food is under the lid, so it doesn't get dirty or dusty.
  • The rabbits receive a small amount of feed, which makes it easier to eat and saves the breeder.
  • The designs of bunker feeders are simple, unpretentious, and understandable to use.
  • Bunker construction materials are generally safe.
  • Rabbits can eat at any time, which has a positive effect on their health.
  • The food available to the animal is usually clean, since the features of the feeder do not allow trampling on it.
  • Nipple drinkers for rabbits are easily installed on such a structure.
  • Rabbit hopper feeders are easy to clean and easy to remove and install in any type of cage or rabbitry.
  • If you cannot buy a bunker feeder, you can easily make it yourself.

What are the disadvantages of hopper feeders?

Of course, any type of feeder has its drawbacks. There is a lot of information on the internet about the merits of bunker feeders, but little has been written about their disadvantages. So, what unpleasant surprises do you need to be prepared for?

Disadvantages of bunker feeders

  • Due to the automatic feeding of the bunker feeders, the rabbit is, in fact, always at the disposal of the rabbit. It is not recommended for breeds prone to obesity. These rabbits will eat until the feed runs out and this negatively affects both the breeder's pocket and the rabbit carcass.
  • Not all commercial rabbit bunker feeders work well. So, for example, plastic constructions are not worth buying. They break quickly, the upper plastic lid can fall through if the rabbit jumps on it, and the food trough itself will easily crack under the pressure of the animal.
  • If you make a bunker feeder yourself, you will need to purchase certain materials, and this is a waste of money. Although such designs are often invented from scrap materials.

What should be the feeder?

Feeder should be comfortable

A rabbit feeder must meet many criteria.

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