Potato growing technology

Potato growing technology - to get a good potato harvest, it is important not only to choose the right variety. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the region and choose the correct landing method. A competent approach to care is also important. With the right organization of work, a rich harvest will not be long in coming.

Potato growing technology

Potatoes belong to the nightshade family, so planting them after tomatoes, eggplants and bell peppers is undesirable. The best predecessors are cabbage, beets, legumes, greens, cucumbers and siderates.

For potatoes, sandy, loamy or chernozem soil is preferable. Clays are too heavy, potatoes will not grow on them well. It is necessary to prepare the soil since the fall: plow, fertilize. You can sow siderates such as mustard or rye. In the spring, the soil must be plowed together with green manure.

Preparing potatoes for planting

Seed potatoes must be picked in the fall. The most suitable tuber size is 4–5 cm (approx. 70–100 g). It is also better to green potatoes in the fall. So it will not be eaten by rodents and it will survive better. To do this, it is enough to hold it in the sun for several days.

The seed must be germinated one month before planting. For this, the tubers are scattered into low boxes in 1-2 layers and placed in the light in a warm place. Sprouts of 1–2 cm in size should appear. If the weather is still cold, and the sprouts have already grown, then the boxes should be put back in a dark place.

You can treat the tubers with a growth stimulant before planting. For example, Epin or Zircon. If you purchased planting material in a suspicious place, then it is better to process the tubers from infections. To do this, it is recommended to place them for half an hour in warm water (about 45 degrees) or in a 0.1% solution of boric acid.

Potato growing methods

There are many methods of planting potatoes. There are common and quite rare ones. Almost everyone has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is better to try the new method in a small area. Over time, you will find the most suitable one.

In a barrel

You need an old barrel with a bad bottom or none at all. In a good barrel, you will need to lay a layer of drainage 20-30 cm. After pouring 30 cm of fertile soil. If the soil is heavy, you can add 1/3 of the sand. Lay the potato tubers on the soil and cover them with a 20 cm layer of potting soil. When the potatoes rise, they will need to be covered with soil before the barrel is full.

  • the place is used sparingly;
  • protects against pests;
  • no weeds;
  • early harvest ripens.

They gave me a Mini House (DIY) for my birthday - RUMBOX, House by the sea. Well. Let's start?

The joy of the gift is great. I'm a fan of cabins and modeling. Here's the box:

I seriously thought that a couple of hours and I would have that very house by the sea. Yeah, right now. When the box was opened, culture shock came out first. Well, not very cultured, because except for unprintable words, nothing came out of my mouth. Of course, with a touch of admiration. The authors of this miracle had only one desire: how to make a person forget about everything in the world, collecting small details. By the way, their wish came true!)

Gathered together with a friend, discussing the process of "building the century." Here the sofa was also made for a couple. She took hold of the soft part, I for the frame. Good glue is attached. The set contains everything you need, but if you take it, keep in mind that the scissors are still decorative. Use yours. And it's better to take the famous blue tape. And, I confess, in addition to the attached glue, in some moments I used a thermal gun. Well, these are just my Wishlist (the glue dries longer, and then the drip is done).

The process lasted three days. When your eyes go to your forehead from such small work, you want to go to sleep. Which is what we did.

Most of all I liked to collect a chaise longue (no). He didn’t want to get ready at all, he didn’t like me. The legs stubbornly parted to the sides, as if an invisible seal with a huge weight was lying on it. But still, she blinded me ...

The assembly was coming to an end, I started wiring. An interesting lesson, but they strained the parting words of a friend who is finishing the interior of the house: "It will be funny if it burns out from your actions." Well, I thought she said exactly that. I think this is faith in my strength, this is support!

In fact, she said that it would be funny if my actions made him BURN OUT. That is, there will be light in the house. The pun is adorable, though. It would have turned out straightforwardly effectively)

Here, we are happy with the result, even more than.

- Do you know what my IQ is?

- It was written on the box from 3 to 5 years, so I put it together in two weeks.

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