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All plant breeders know that the quality of the substrate plays an important role in obtaining healthy and strong seedlings of all crops grown by seedlings. The seedlings are kept in it until the moment of transplantation to a permanent place.

Bushes of certain crops can develop in greenhouse conditions for up to 3.5 months. Therefore, the soil should not only be well structured, but also saturated with many organic substances (biohumus), mineral salts (full NPK-complex), macro- and microelements.

Ready-made seedling substrates

Currently, it is not difficult to buy soil for seedlings with neutral acidity (pH 5.0 - 7.0). Suitable as universal substrates for indoor flowers, preferring soil with a neutral and slightly alkaline reaction, and specialized mixtures made taking into account the characteristics of the mineral nutrition of vegetable and flower crops at the very beginning of the growing season.

Such mixtures are usually based on low or high moor peat. They are completely ready for use, thoroughly moisturized in sealed containers and perfectly structured. Their composition may contain the following components: peat, sod land, sopropyl, river sand, sphagnum moss, hydrogel, agroperlite, zeolite, macro- and microelements in the required proportions.

Responsible producers must sanitize soil mixtures by treating them with modern effective fungicides, insecticides and herbicides to destroy pathogenic microflora, pest larvae and weed seeds.

Depending on the number of seedling tanks that will need to be filled with soil before sowing, you will need to purchase the required amount of soil. Almost all manufacturers of agricultural products, both domestic and foreign, have in their assortment a line of soil mixtures for growing seedlings and plants. On the market there are both small packages with a substrate (1, 2, 5, 10 l) and professional packaging (15, 50, 70 and even 200 l).

Home seedling substrates

Farmers and gardeners who need to grow more than 1000 seedlings of various crops, in order to save money, prepare soil mixtures for growing seedlings of vegetables and flowers in heated greenhouses on their own. Earthen mixtures in such farms are prepared and stored in closed structures or utility rooms (not on the street). Work with the soil, as a rule, is carried out in late autumn - early winter, so that by the time of planting, useful microflora has developed in the substrate.

Universal Seedling Substrate Recipe:

That is, for each bucket of humus or compost, turf and peat, you need half a bucket of sand. Before mixing, all the components of the mixture must be ground by passing through a metal coarse mesh, for example, through the bed of an armored bed, to remove the remnants of roots, caked clods and other coarse fractions.

If you require a well-structured land for growing plants with small seeds, such as petunias, then the prepared substrate will need to be sieved again using a mesh or fine mesh sieve. Otherwise, the number of small grains that did not break through the dense soil will increase significantly, and the germination rate of the planting material, accordingly, will decrease.

According to reviews of zealous owners, the total price of all necessary components for the substrate is 5-6 times lower than the price of ready-made professional mixtures. Moreover, some of them can be obtained free of charge, for example, by composting manure and organic waste on their own or by collecting peat in the nearest swamp and forest.

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