Plastic nets and plastic grilles

Plastic nets, gratings and fences at low prices in Moscow

Mesh products made of plastic are in demand, and in many cases are indispensable in the construction and agricultural industries, in the private sector.

Plastic nets, wherever they are used, are easy to install, unpretentious in operation, are not affected by negative environmental factors, and are durable. The increase in popularity of the products is also facilitated by the low price compared to the price of metal nets.

Given the stable demand, the Stroy Vybor store offers a large selection of mesh synthetic materials, which covers a wide range of applications.

Plastic nets are made from polymer monofilaments by extrusion at high temperatures. Thanks to such a knotless production technology, the material is sufficiently strong in the places where the threads are intertwined, while being flexible, resistant to deformation and mechanical stress. Depending on the purpose, there are three types of plastic nets available in the Stroy Vybor store:

  • lawn geogrids;
  • nets for the construction of fences on the site;
  • nets for plastering, finishing works.

Materials can be of different types - they are supplied in rolls, which are simply rolled out and fixed on a prepared base, or in the form of modular sections, which are interconnected on site using fasteners. Plastic nets, intended for lawns, fences or plaster, differ in the shape and size of the cells, density, thread thickness, and other operational properties of the material.

Plastic mesh: for lawns and more

Lawn geogrid is used in landscape works of any complexity. With its help you can:

  • to create a neat lawn with green grass in front of the house;
  • to build a solid eco-friendly parking;
  • to create a beautiful landscape relief on a summer cottage or a backyard site, reinforcing small natural or artificial slopes with plastic mesh;
  • equip children's, sports grounds, places for recreation, entertainment;
  • equip a "green roof" on the roof of the house.

The plastic lawn mesh has a modular design with cells in the form of honeycombs, rhombuses or squares, with different rib heights. Using the material, you can:

  • protect the root system of plants from mechanical damage;
  • prevent soil erosion, strengthen the soil;
  • ensure good circulation of moisture and air in the soil , including on the "green roof";
  • preserve the overall attractiveness of the green covering.

Plastic nets and plastic grilles

Many people think that the SNT chairman has nothing to do in winter and that we miss in the off-season.

But this is not at all the case, at least in our partnership one does not get bored. After all, no one canceled monthly and quarterly operations. And other neighbors who winter or build in the winter at the dacha throw up the hassle.

Today I want to share one such story with you.

It was a couple of weeks ago.

Backstory first

If you have been with me for a long time, then you probably remember from the article about "HOLIDAY wars" that in the summer a wonderful neighbor settled in our SNT.

So, this neighbor started the construction of a summer kitchen. Well, like the kitchens. two-storey monolithic building with a bathroom and other amenities. He wanted to contract my husband and me for the construction of this structure (I thought that if we build a house for ourselves, then we are like builders, we earn this ????). We, of course, refused.

And he hired people with whom he allegedly worked together before - a family of a wife, husband and two sons, aged 16-19.

It is clear that the construction that had begun did not make our gardeners happy at all - almost immediately I received complaints about a broken road, endless concrete mixers and heavy trucks, noise, etc.

But the new neighbor seemed to me to be a very intelligent person and at first I did not defend him, but supported and treated him with understanding. I asked the neighbors to show patience, because we all were once built.

As time went on, its construction progressed very slowly.

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