People keep asking: “Where are the birds? ": What was rebuilt on the site of the legendary poultry market

“It’s hard to believe in patronage and philanthropists in its true definition! The economy of the facility is at the forefront of any reasonable owner, ”experts estimate the chances of reviving the“ bird ”trade in the new shopping center on Belinsky. The correspondent of "BUSINESS Online" walked through the complex in the Aviastroitelny district, but no pigeons, cats and other rabbits were found there yet. About what federal networks came to Sotsgorod and how the market assessed the appearance of a second shopping center against the backdrop of a pandemic - in our material.

two floors of a family shopping center: who is open and who is coming?

A new shopping center for Kazan was built on the site of the well-known "bird market" - on Belinsky street in the Aviastroitelny district. The complex was named so - "Bird Market": big letters flaunt on the roof of a two-story building. The external appearance of the facade makes an application for design: it is made in glass with wooden vertical inserts. From the former spontaneous stalls, where residents of Kazan came to buy and sell animals for decades in a row, nothing remained here. Now it is 4 thousand square meters. meters of retail space with a transparent atrium, parking for 210 cars and a loading and unloading area.

The scale of the new shopping center in a five-minute walk from the Aviastroitelnaya metro station is not large. "Bird Market" is almost 34 times smaller than the largest shopping center in Kazan - KazanMall, and more than four times smaller than the shopping center "Prospekt", which was considered one of the "miniature", with an area of ​​18 thousand "squares". The construction of the building began almost two years ago. The general director of the White House company Ruslan Kovalev, who is the customer of the facility, was going to open the complex last summer.

The bird market in Sotsgorod began to be demolished in November 2018. LLC "White House", which bought land with a market from Kazan KZIO, hoped to improve the territory, which did not suit it due to the discrepancy between modern trade and security requirements. Tenants of places in the poultry market received notices of cancellation of lease agreements.

As the executive director of White House LLC Rais Kamalov told "BUSINESS Online", more than 1 thousand square meters will be allocated for "live" trade in the new shopping center. m for rent at a reduced price. “The new retail space will expand the site's capabilities. It will be safer, more comfortable for visitors and for animals, the conditions of which now sometimes leave much to be desired, ”he noted.

The correspondent of "BUSINESS Online" visited the shopping center itself before the official festive opening. The first stores began to meet customers here from the end of December 2020. The first and anchor tenant to open was the grocery retailer Pyaterochka, which occupies almost half of the total area on the first floor. The store is presented in a new concept - a design with navigation, an assortment of finished products, a separate area with coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice. Here you can also warm up food, have a snack at the equipped bar and charge your phones.

“Finally, something civilized in our area! For 70 years that we have been living in Sotsgorod, the first shopping center has been opened! ”, The grandmothers with full food packages rejoiced in an interview with our correspondent. From the nearest supermarkets for them only "Bakhetle" on Maksimova, small-format shops near the house in the form of "Magnet", round-the-clock grocery and bakeries.

Megafon and a discounter of electronics and household appliances "Citylink" have settled at the entrance to the shopping center. The latter works for issuance by online order and occupies almost 400 sq. m. True, our interlocutors of the "third age" did not really appreciate such a service. “You need a TV set, you want to touch it, but here you just need to poke something with your fingers, I don't understand anything,” says pensioner Lyubov Ivanovna. “Mostly elderly people live here, it’s better for them to provide food and normal clothes”. With the assortment of clothes in the new shopping center, it is true, it is still scarce, they think. But it depends on who, what and how! For example, there is a kiosk with knitwear on the ground floor. The second floor is completely occupied by the “Planet of Clothes and Shoes” store: you cannot see this in large shopping centers, things are not branded, but prices for some items are much lower. By the way, the website of the Bird Market says that the second floor is suitable for placing a cafe, a banquet hall or a sports and training complex, as well as office spaces or showroom zones.

So maybe everything will change. The center is still 60% full, some of the premises are still empty - it is expected that tenants will completely fill the shopping center closer to summer. According to our publication, a store of household chemicals and household goods "Magnet Cosmetic" with an area of ​​up to 200 square meters may soon open here. , a hypermarket for office and study "Officemag", "RusAlko", a pharmacy, a hairdresser "Chio Chio" under the franchise of the Kazan businessman Ilnaz Nabiullin, as well as the center for issuing Internet orders Ozon.

As for the prices for renting vacant premises posted on the shopping center website, rent a small room on the ground floor with panoramic glazing with an area of ​​19 sq. m. will cost 80 thousand rubles. per month. Adjacent room in 26 sq. m. - 100 thousand rubles. But the prices for the largest areas for today are as follows: you can rent 500 "squares" on the first floor for a thousand rubles per square meter. m. This is slightly lower than the average price in the shopping center in Kazan for such premises. For example, as explained by "BUSINESS Online" in the UD Group company (manages, in particular, the complexes "Gorki Park" and "KazanMall"), by the end of 2020, on average, rent costs 1.1 thousand rubles. per square meter.

live trading will be on the street

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