Part of the renovated Dolphin park in Voronezh is scheduled to open by May 1

Part of the renovated Dolphin Park in Voronezh is scheduled to open by May 1

By May 1, 2021, it is planned to open the first part of the Dolphin Park, which is being reconstructed in Voronezh under the concession agreement. The investor has already spent 21.4 million rubles on the renovation of the public space, and by mid-April the total amount of funds invested will reach 73.5 million rubles. The concessionaire Eduard Tolokonnikov told the mayor of Voronezh Vadim Kstenin about this on Friday, February 26.

The entrepreneur said that the central alley is currently being arranged in the park, where all the preparatory work has already been carried out. The Zdorovya Trail, a 900 m long track for jogging and cycling, will be ready for the start of the park season.

- The Health Track will go around all functional areas of the park, go through the forest and further along the entire coast. The entire strip between this highway and the reservoir will become a large beach area: we will plant lawn grass under the trees, and fill the open spaces with sand, ”said Eduard Tolokonnikov.

The concessionaire mentioned that the beach "mushrooms" and the dressing room will be moved to the "wild" beach of the park, located closer to the North Bridge. By the beginning of May, Dolphin will have lighting around the entire perimeter and the embankment will start working. In the coastal zone of the park, it is planned to place a workout area and a skate park, and an open amphitheater with a stage will appear next to these objects. In addition, the Autodrom attraction with bumper cars will be installed there. In the southern part of the coastal zone, it is planned to place a football field with artificial turf, which can be used as an ice rink in winter. The lighthouse on the embankment can become one of the park's viewing platforms and a mooring place for boats and catamarans.

- We consider the western part of the park, where there are no pine trees, to be the coastal zone. We decided to make it wooden throughout and cover it with a specially treated deck board. Between the embankment and the health trail, we equip places for beach recreation: partly on a lawn under trees growing near the water, and partly with additional sand filling. We also plan to install a small outdoor pool with purified water in the water area of ​​the reservoir, so that at least children can swim safely in the warm season, the entrepreneur explained.

Further plans for updating the public space include opening a relaxation area, a dating park, a sports area and an educational area for children ("Park of Traffic Rules"). The concessionaire named September 1 as the deadline for these works. In 2022, Dolphin will have gyms, a platform for the development of e-sports, food courts and a number of other facilities. Work in the park, according to Eduard Tolokonnikov, is planned so as not to disturb local residents.

In addition, the concessionaire monitors the conservation of green spaces. Some of the old trees had to be removed, but instead dozens of new and 200 bushes will appear in the Dolphin.

- Even the carousels were installed by us in the "spots" left over from the old Soviet carousels - specifically in order not to disturb the pine trees growing in the amusement area, - Eduard Tolokonnikov told the mayor.

Vadim Kstenin emphasized that such a large project for the development of a green zone through private investment had never been implemented in Voronezh before.

- We have a great responsibility, everyone - both the municipality and the townspeople, and you, as an investor, are interested in its success, since this experience can be extended to other territories in the future. You can count on the assistance of all structural divisions of the administration and my support during the implementation of the concession agreement, - said the head of the city following the meeting with the concessionaire.

The 25-year concession agreement for the reconstruction of the Dolphin Park was signed in April 2020. According to the agreement, the public space must be renewed within two years. At the same time, the volume of investments was estimated at 140 million rubles.

The first pre-project vision of a part of the functional zones of the park was presented at the end of June 2020. The concessionaire began work on the project in contact with the residents of the surrounding houses. Vadim Kstenin highly appreciated the proposed ideas, in particular, the use of environmentally friendly natural materials for play equipment and the creation of a separate territory for studying the Rules of the Road.

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