Painting from leather: master class on making with photos and videos

Master class "Wicker pots with volumetric fold"

For work you will need:

How to twist the tubes and the main types of weaving can be found here.

We take four tubes for the racks and put them in two, as in photo 1.

We fold the working tube in half (remember that we weave with wet working tubes), apply it to the bottom pair of racks and weave with a string. Photo 2.

Before weaving the second row, we disconnect the racks with an awl - photo 3.

Now we braid each stand separately, also with a string - photo 4. We braid two rows this way.

Only three rows were woven. Now add one additional rack to each rack - photo 5.

We continue to braid the paired racks with a "string". We weave two more rows. Then we disconnect the racks (photo 6). Next, we will braid each rack separately.

And weave according to the size of the bottom of our shape, so that about one row of weaving protrudes beyond the bottom outward. Photo 7.

We attach the form to our bottom. Photo 8.

Raise the racks and fix them with clothespins, as shown in photo 9.

How to make a flowerpot from newspaper tubes with your own hands

Wall panel

This decorative panel made of leather flowers looks very stylish and attractive. This product will complement and refresh any interior and easily replace the picture on the wall.

  • A 30 by 50 centimeters leather section for the base.
  • Multi-colored leather trims.
  • Strong adhesive.
  • Scissors.
  • Thick paper to create a pattern.
  • Decorative elements - beads, beads, rhinestones and so on.
  • Cardboard.

The first step is to prepare the foundation. For this, we took a piece of skin 30 by 50 centimeters. If desired, the base can be made in the form of a circle, square, oval, and so on. In order for the finished product to keep its shape well, it is recommended to glue cardboard to the base.

Next, we make flowers for the panel. We will collect them from multi-colored leather petals. So that all the petals are the same in shape and size, we will prepare a pattern from a sheet of thick paper by cutting an oval out of it.

Then, using a pattern and scissors, cut out the petals for flowers from the skin. Since the flowers on the base will be arranged in an arbitrary order, there can be any number of flowers.

So, the petals are cut out. We arm ourselves with glue and glue our blanks, forming a flower.

Cut the leaves for our buds in the same way.

After the flowers and leaves are ready, you can start the main part of the work: placing them on the base. You can glue flowers to the base in any arbitrary order, making up a beautiful floral arrangement. You can supplement the finished panel with any decorative elements. Show your imagination and pieces of leather will turn into an amazing element for interior decoration.

Master class: leather painting "Lilies in a vase"

- Spray paint, acrylic and golden enamel.

How to create a flower pot from newspaper tubes with your own hands? What materials, besides the newspaper, will you need? Step-by-step instructions for weaving a model without a bottom for flowers. Making a flowerpot in the form of a bicycle.

DIY crafts for Easter 2021 are a great opportunity for children to show their imagination and creativity. We offer several master classes that will appeal not only to young masters, but also to their parents.

Beautiful Easter crafts for school competition

For Easter, you can make a variety of crafts with your children, which can be attributed to a school competition or used to decorate your home. We offer several ideas at once for creating beautiful Easter compositions.

Daffodil vase

Such a craft is easy and simple, and the result is very interesting.

  • Lubricate the ball with any cream, so that later it will be easier to separate the vase. We glue the ball with newspaper in several layers. For the first layer, you can use ordinary water, and for the next, PVA glue.

  • As soon as the glue is dry, coat the ball with ordinary construction putty. It is better to entrust this stage of work to adults.

  • After the putty layer has dried, draw a broken shell on the ball and cut it out.

  • Outside and inside we cover the workpiece with white acrylic paint, and then for reliability we apply a layer of acrylic varnish.

  • For the petals, cut out 6 rectangles measuring 3.5 x 1 cm. We paint over the edge of the middle of the future flower with orange paint.

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