Navalny in the danger zone: in the colony the oppositionist may be forbidden to talk

The colony in the Vladimir region, where the main Russian oppositionist can be sent, is famous for its tough educational approach. What Navalny will have to face in prison, we learned from those who experienced the order in IK-2 "Pokrov".

The game "vanka-vstanka"

“Redder than red” - this is how the Vladimir region is described on the human rights portal “GULAG-info”. Colonies in which disciplinary regulations are strictly observed are called "red" zones. This distinguishes them from the “blacks”, where thieves in law are believed to reign. IK-2 "Pokrov", where, according to the information of the host of "Russia 1" Eduard Petrov, Alexei Navalny will go to serve his term, and at all has the status of exemplary.

IK No. 2 "Pokrov"

  • Number of places: 794. Distance from Navalny's apartment in Maryino: 110 km.
  • The colony was reorganized in 1994. Its special feature is the modern meeting rooms. The new three-storey building provides 34 rooms for long-term visits, 7 of which are intended for families with children: there is additionally installed children's furniture.
  • In addition, there are separate rooms for short-term visits - with 9 booths and internal telephones.
  • The Orthodox Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of Russia was recently restored here.
  • The institution has a club, library, sports grounds.
  • There are prisoners at the local enterprise produce wooden furniture. For example, desks for kindergartens and elementary school.

- As they say in the army, hazing is worse than hazing. Nobody beat me, but drive me crazy the FSIN system can use absolutely legal methods, - notes Dmitry Demushkin, the former head of the nationalist movement "Russians" (banned in the Russian Federation).

Demushkin served at the Pokrov for over 2 years.

Demushkin spent the first eight months in the sector of enhanced control "A" (abbreviated - FEMALE). After the change of leadership in 2017, the prisoners of IK-2 were divided into three groups: "A", "B" and "C". If in "B" you can work and feel relatively calm, then in "A", as local prisoners joke, you are only allowed to breathe.

- In sector "A", where Navalny will go after quarantine, you cannot talk, - the former prisoner continues. - All the time - legs together, head down, hands behind the back. Scratch your nose only with the permission of the administration. You stand for eight hours, sit for eight hours, sleep seven and a half hours. At the same time, only activists (prisoners who cooperate with the administration) are walking around. In the presence of each activist, Navalny will have to get up. Such a vanka-vstanka. It is strictly forbidden to communicate with convicts. The activists will start a journal on him, where they will write down every word. Up to the question "Can I go to the toilet?" and the answer is "Yes". Every morning this magazine is taken to the operative department for checking.

The first question is about Putin

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