Namysto traditions in modern designer brands of accessories designers

Creative studio MARiNA, on the eve of International Women's Day on March 8, wants to acquaint respected readers with a unique woman - TV presenter, author of books and publications, founder of the YouTube channel - the Queen of Cabbage, gardener, landscape designer, adherent of organic farming, culinary specialist Antonina Lesik. But first things first, and today I want to talk about another hobby of the Queen of Cabbage - the creation of designer jewelry and her own brand Namysto.

The necklace is one of the oldest female jewelry on the territory of Ukraine. Numerous names - monistas, beads, beads testify to the great role in the culture of our country. For Ukrainian women, this is not just a piece of jewelry, the meaning of the necklace is deeply symbolic. The tradition of wearing a necklace was formed many centuries ago, which means that the variety of this decorative element of clothing is extremely great. Throughout its history, the necklace has varied in color, shape, material, and even the way it is worn.

The first neck decorations were made from seeds of vegetables, grains, shells (bivalve molluscs), fruit fruits of a suitable shape, and only then they were replaced by stone, metal and glass beads. Still later, the necklace began to be made from expensive natural materials such as corals, amber, pearls, glass, smalt, and garnet. Only wealthy bourgeois women could afford it. Modern Ukrainian designers use natural materials to create original brands of accessories. In this article, we want to acquaint our readers with the modern trend in creating copyright and designer accessories from natural materials.

All women love jewelry, but few make them for themselves, their friends How did your hobby - creating handmade designer jewelry start?

I think it started in childhood. I have always loved to do something with my own hands - to sew, knit, embroider. In my childhood, there was not such an abundance of ready-made clothes and accessories, to be honest, it was very difficult to buy something beautiful. But the desire to dress well and be fashionable is inherent in every girl, girl, woman, so in childhood and adolescence I sewed and knitted clothes for myself, and made various accessories. I remember there were fashionable bright multi-colored laces and hair ties, so we bought dyes for Easter eggs and dyed white laces and elastic bands in different colors. Then, however, there could be unexpected surprises in the rain, but it didn't matter anymore. Then there were hairpins, hoops, brooches, I tried different materials and techniques, but then the choice was limited. Then there was study, work, building a career and family, and I returned to this hobby already in adulthood, when I was on maternity leave with a child and my creative nature demanded implementation.

What jewelry does Antonina Lesik prefer, should it be expensive jewelry from well-known brands, or are it exclusive designer products made from natural materials, modern jewelry?

I give preference to designer accessories, I love when the product has an idea, the author's character, style. Although modern jewelry brands can also surprise with original solutions, plus now designers are working with expensive metals and stones, and you can always find something interesting. I often go to exhibitions where I buy products from other designers, especially if these are techniques in which I do not work.

What materials do you work with when making jewelry?

I cannot say that I only have certain materials that I work with. I am constantly experimenting, trying new materials, their combinations, looking for inspiration, etc. I like to create new models all the time. I am not a serial master, I have very few repetitions of jewelry models, I add my own touch to each piece. I love working with natural stones, they feel strength, energy, they seem to be alive. I especially like stones with a minimal cut, so that there is an individual shape and color. Also, textiles give a lot of room for creativity. I often use knitted thread, cords, ribbons, lace, their choice is varied and they can be interestingly combined with other materials. In general, the choice of materials can be limitless, sometimes in some thing, at first glance, far from creativity and decoration, you can see the future product.

For example, I had such a case - we were doing repairs in the house, and we needed to hang the lamps on an open cord. And our craftsman brought in a bunch of multi-colored electrical cords to match the color you want. When I saw and touched them, I liked their texture and plasticity so much that later I created a whole line of jewelry based on this material. Or on vacation I can find some kind of beautiful stone, shell, piece of petrified wood and integrate it into the product. Now I am inspired by nature, and I am preparing a series of jewelry with fresh flowers and herbs.

With your busy schedule, gardening, how long does it take to make a decoration?

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