Mysterious Garden; or a hint on how to be in someone else's shoes

And even that which cannot be, One day can also be

I haven't watched a body-swap movie for a long time and stumbled upon reviews of the drama "Mystery Garden". I put it in bookmarks. And now, after watching, I decided to share my impressions.

Firstly, a lot of praise has been written about the sensational South Korean actor, charismatic handsome man - Hyun Bin. How so? Didn't I see him anywhere? Why? Didn't you watch anything with his participation? And I want to see.

That's why I started watching this drama.

Parents love their children very much, this parental love is inherent in nature. It so happened that the main character grew up in an incomplete family, she was raised by her father.

Once, in a fire, rescuing someone else's child in an elevator, her father dies. Death was not instantaneous, until his last minute the fireman prayed for the fate of his daughter, who was left alone and without a livelihood. And his plea was heard ..

As time passed, the girl grew up, began to earn extra money on the movie stages as stunt girls, dreaming of putting on her own unique tricks. It was there for the first time that her fate brought her to the rich heir, handsome Joo Won. Circumstances were such that their joint trip in the car for Joo Won was so unforgettable (our heroine was driving and drove the car more abruptly than Schumacher himself) that he could not forget her. And the interest that he had in this girl, and her name was Kil Ra Im, grew in her with each of their random encounters.

Heir to a large trading corporation, he graduated in the best Korean traditions, stylish, smart, daring. A great party for the richest girls in Korea. Living in a prestigious area in the most beautiful and modern mansion. He knew how to enjoy the delights of life from the height of his social status.

A girl of low social status. With a kind heart, who knew how to value friendship, honest and fair. Unaware of her mother's love, vulnerable, although she can always stand up for herself. Fashion, style, women's outfits and all sorts of cute things are alien to her. Her style is casual sportswear. The main thing is to be convenient and inexpensive.

After several random encounters with this girl, Joo Won realizes that something strange is starting to happen to him. He starts to like this girl. Internal contradictions begin to tear him apart. How could he fall in love with a girl he considers pathetic. They are from different worlds. He is a prince, she is a mermaid. They will never be together. Internal imbalance depressed him very much. Calm came only when the girl was somewhere nearby. The first thing Joo Won decided to do was dress up the girl and raise her to his level. But the girl was impenetrable. What tricks and beliefs our hero did not use, it all did not work. Many of his words were harsh, if not even harsh. But if you think about it, then everything he said is true. He just said what he was thinking. After all, he was enraged by his own love for the simplest ordinary stuntwoman. What a pity it was. It seemed there would be no end to his tossing. Keel Ra Im did not take him seriously. And falling in love kept growing. He tried to grasp this situation and, realizing, accepted without any regrets.

After watching a drama like this, you begin to understand why you shouldn't buy yourself such cheap clothes. You don't notice it on yourself, but from the outside it's really horror.

Thanks to our everyday tips, you can not only reduce the price of the estate itself, but also avoid falling for the tricks of unscrupulous sellers

When buying a private estate, many people carefully inspect only the house itself, and do not pay any attention to other buildings on the site. But these auxiliary buildings, such as a bathhouse, a toilet, a flock, a cellar, etc., are absolutely indispensable. And their repair or construction will cost you a pretty tidy sum.

But the cost of a private house with a land plot on the secondary market is just the sum of the entire complex of these buildings. For example, in Siberia, plots are especially valued not with a large number of acres of land, but by the presence on them of all kinds of fruit and berry plantings, especially rare for a cold climate (apple trees, plums). These seedlings are very expensive and even more difficult to grow. Therefore, a liter can of homemade strawberries in the rural market costs as much as 300 rubles, and local apples are sold in three-liter buckets - 250 rubles each.

In life you never know - “where you will find, and where you will lose”. Therefore, many people, having lived all their lives in a big metropolis, sometimes return to their original small homeland. The place where they were born and raised, and then left, or where their parents originally lived. And many are simply tired of the constant noise, dust and oppressive bustle of big cities. We wanted to break free and go away, where the purest air, morning dew on flooded meadows and a real gift of nature - the majestic beauty of taiga forests.

Now let's move on to practical tips

After buying a private estate, try to equip your living conditions as soon as possible before the cold weather arrives and, if possible, bring them closer to your usual, that is, urban. Then the difficult period of getting used to it will pass much easier and faster.

The list of comfortable living conditions in the village is not so long. Usually, all the village amenities are located on the street - you can wash yourself in the bathhouse, "relieve yourself" in the toilet (such as a toilet), and for water in the village well.

Improvement of living conditions always "rests" on the financial capabilities of a person. If you have sufficient funds, you can improve your "hut" in such a way that it will not differ much from an ordinary comfortable city apartment. Plumbing into the house, installing a boiler, a shower cabin and a boiler for heating the house, making a warm toilet and a floor, changing wooden windows to modern double-glazed windows, installing ventilation - in short, there are a lot of possibilities.

But this is ideal, but in real life an ordinary person only has enough money to buy a house and to move. In the best case, there will be a little money left for the first time, in order to settle down a little and put the estate in order.

Just this is the most budgetary option for moving, we will consider with you.

Let's start with the bathhouse, as this is the second most important building on a village estate - after a residential building. A bathhouse can be present on your site, but be in an “inoperative” state, so it is better to immediately check (before the onset of cold weather) whether the stove is working there, whether the rotted floor will fall through, whether the lower crowns have rotted and, in general, whether it keeps heat. Because the ceiling slabs, together with the ceiling and insulation, may already rot. You will not see this from inside the premises, and not all saunas have an attic.

The prospect of washing the whole family in a basin in the kitchen of your house does not look very tempting, and building a new bath made of chopped pine with a diameter of about 25 cm (with a felling in a bowl), measuring 3 * 4 meters, will cost you about 250 thousand rubles (Full construction).

How can you check to what extent your bathhouse will be suitable for washing - especially in the harsh Siberian winter?

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