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If you have a garden and a library, then you have everything you need. Cicero was right. And for many people, reading in a blooming spring garden is a special pleasure - preferably your own.

Rutaria - plants on roots that have moved from the garden to the rooms

Rutaria are compositions based on roots, stumps, branches of large trees, usually in the form of very decorative, picturesque driftwood. Initially, rutaria was the name for a garden plot, decorated with ornamental plants and woody roots (even its name comes from the English "root" - "root").

This is a landscape design technique most often used in landscape styles of landscape design to decorate terraces and recreation areas. But short-lived and purely decorative, garden rutaria are actively taking over floristry today, changing the format - from landscape to indoor. In the indoor format, rutaria is a composition of plants planted on a wood base, additionally decorated and turned into a living sculpture.

One of the main advantages of any rutaria is uniqueness. It is absolutely impossible to repeat the compositions twice, to create completely identical rutaria. This uniqueness is explained very simply: rutaria is prepared only on the basis of natural fragments of a tree, and in nature you will not find two identical roots. As well as identical plants with which the roots are decorated.

Rare, unique and memorable, rutaria are living sculptures and real works of art created on the symbiosis of landscape design, sculpture and floristry. And they should look like a dedication, an ode to nature and its beauty. Unusual and interesting, they seem to superimpose the art of decoration on the unique and unattainable perfection of nature.

Rutaria is one of those landscaping options in which philosophy, the spiritual component is no less important than functionality. They do not play a purely practical role, but serve only for aesthetic pleasure and create a certain mood, prompting reflection, embodying our life positions. Filled with symbolism, rutaria returns us to the roots, to nature, symbolizes the awareness and knowledge of our origins, the importance of preserving natural resources, love for nature in all its greatness.

Traditionally, rutaria are used to decorate greenhouses, conservatories, living rooms and halls, large, spacious rooms in which such a garden on the roots plays the role of a catchy decor, similar in influence to the interior of a sculpture. Most often, rutaria is chosen for oriental interior styles and in modern design with a focus on eco-materials.

Driftwood for growing a houseplant. © Lyndsey Matthews

Rutary in the country

First of all, in order to understand what and how, it would be necessary to find out what a rutary is, because almost 70-80% of summer residents have never thought about this. Rutary is an original landscape composition of roots, trunks, branches, bark, snags, as well as auxiliary decorative elements. The borrowed name rutaria comes from the English "root", which means root. So, if in our way, then rutaria is a clearing of roots or a garden of roots, which are nicely folded into a whimsical composition.

Features of rutaria in the country

When choosing a wedding date, newlyweds rarely agree to the winter months. Some are frightened by the cold and bad weather. Others worry that they will not be able to entertain guests. Fearing to face a number of problems in organizing the celebration, the bride and groom forget that a winter wedding has a number of advantages.

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Save money

Most couples set a wedding date for the spring, summer or fall months. Finding a free date for a wedding in the warm season is almost impossible. But those newlyweds who were attracted by the winter wedding will not face a similar problem.

Due to the fact that there are not so many solemn marriages in winter, the newlyweds have a good reason to save money. During the colder months, many shops offer discounts on wedding dresses, accessories, car and hall decorations. Very often, such discounts become a really good way to save money.

In winter, it is easier to find a photographer who will arrange a wedding photo session for the bride and groom. And you can also save on this. During this period, many photographers are out of work, so they make discounts for those couples who have chosen one of the winter months for their wedding.

Bride's Outfit

Many girls dream of their wedding day, a beautiful white dress. If the celebration was scheduled for one of the winter days, it is worth remembering that such a wedding will have a number of features. The bride in a white dress has the risk of merging with nature, snowdrifts, snow fields. A white dress will not look good on wedding photos. But you can add bright details that will help dilute the image. For example, a bright belt or embroidery on a dress.

Winter is a great time for newlyweds who want to have a special wedding that is unlike any other. Brides who want to surprise their guests and stand out very often choose wedding dresses in bright colors. For example, red, blue, blue outfits are very popular. If the girl is not ready for such experiments, you can choose a dress in a milky or coffee shade. All of these colors will look very beautiful.

Russian winters are frosty. Therefore, the bride needs to choose a sheepskin coat, bolero or cape. Otherwise, there is a risk of catching a cold and spending the first days of married life surrounded by medications.

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