Mama from the sky

Muscovite Elena Beketova became a foster mother to four northerner children. She flew after them to Taimyr with money collected by caring people

Taimyr is a tundra. Very beautiful, but harsh. Few people live on this vast territory, but children become orphans here too.

There are two orphanages in Taimyr, one “rich” in Norilsk, the other “poor” in Dudinka. Children from these institutions are taken into families in the same way as elsewhere - infrequently. Moreover, the children of the indigenous peoples - Dolgan and Nganasan.

If there are children of European appearance in the orphanage, they will be taken sooner than the descendants of the indigenous northerners. Racism? Well, how can I say - after all, foster parents often want to take a child, at least something like them, and the northerners themselves are not eager to become adoptive parents.

Local residents do not see the tragedy in the fact that children grow up in an orphanage - almost all of them themselves grew up in boarding schools, cut off from their native chums and villages, and have lost family traditions.

Future psychiatrist, firefighter and orphanage director

But there are exceptions to every rule. In our history, such an exception was the Muscovite Elena Beketova. PhD in Psychology, child psychologist - and a foster mother of five children. Four of them are northerners. Two are Dolgans and two are Nganasans.

Ksyusha is 14 years old, she wants to become a psychiatrist and discover the cause of schizophrenia. Denis and Anton are 11 years old, Denis wants to go to the fire department, to save people. And 13-year-old Sergei plans to return to the North in the future and work as the director of an orphanage in Taimyr.

The last two, the boys Seryozha and Anton, arrived in Moscow quite recently - Elena flew after them to Taimyr with money collected by caring people. After all, a single air ticket from Moscow to Norilsk costs more than 17 thousand rubles. Also, the collected money will go to the arrangement of children in a new place - Elena sold her two-room apartment in Moscow this fall and bought a house near Naro-Fominsk. It was impossible to adopt two more children into a small apartment, but into a house it was possible. The children need everything, from briefcases to clothes, in a poor orphanage they cannot give a "dowry".

“I could have had my own children. But I decided: to adopt and adopt is kinder”

Elena is a purposeful romantic, as she says about herself, she raved about the North from school:

- I read everything I could about the North - from Rytkheu (Yuri Sergeevich Rytkheu, 1930-2008 - Chukchi writer, translator, wrote in Chukchi and Russian - ed.) to little-known authors. I wanted to be a teacher in a small school in the middle of the tundra. But it so happened that she became the adoptive parent of the children of these peoples.

I could have my own children. But I decided: to adopt is kinder. When I give birth to a child, there will be one more happy person. But in this way I will not do one less unfortunate person! I hear from many people: they say, we also wanted to take a child sometime, but ... And then this is the most mundane, boring, everyday "but".

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