Lung cancer used to be rare in women

In February, doctors and patients celebrated World Cancer Day. How are things going with the treatment of insidious pathology in Kamchatka? The editors of the edition decided to ask questions about this to the chief physician of the Kamchatka Regional Oncological Dispensary Natalya Ziganshina. As a result of the negotiations for the journalist, the Kam 24 news agency arranged a kind of press conference on the contrary: in addition to the chief physician, the deputy chief physician for the medical part, Olga Zharkova, Ph.D. Irina Bukhonina, deputy chief physician for clinical expert work, and Yulia Mikheeva, administrator of the polyclinic.

In the photo from left to right: Yulia Mikheeva, Irina Bukhonina, Dmitry Evtushenko, Natalia Ziganshina, Olga Zharkova.

- A medical institution of such a profile as an oncological dispensary is the only one on the peninsula, and there is an opinion that it is not easy to get treatment there. What is the procedure for making an appointment with your specialists and how long do you need to wait for it?

Yulia Mikheeva:

- The difficulty lies only in the fact that we, as a specialized healthcare institution, accept patients on a referral from the attending physician. For a long time, there have been no problems in terms of admission, having a referral with suspicion of a malignant neoplasm, you can even make an appointment by phone at the reception. The maximum waiting time for the initial call is three days. For those patients who are registered with us at the dispensary - up to 14 days. But even here, if a dispensary patient is worried about something, we accept him as quickly as possible. In general, we monitor the situation with queues and making appointments every day.

Natalya Ziganshina:

- In fact, we have a considerable percentage of self-requests. When a person calls the registry, the registrar will certainly ask what his problem is. And if he is worried about, for example, a mole, or a neoplasm in the mammary gland, we make an appointment immediately, without a referral. Skin neoplasms are the visible localization of cancer, which our specialist can determine quite simply. And if the situation is difficult, the registrar takes feedback, and the specialists call the person who applied and advise him.

- What about the queues for the medical commission establishing disability?

Irina Bukhonina:

- There is a special service - medical and social expertise (MSE), which determines the disability group, geographically it is located in another place, on Rybakov Avenue, 27/1. Therefore, there is no queue at the oncological dispensary for processing documents to establish a disability group, we tell each patient in detail what documents need to be collected and help with this. During the initial registration with the ITU, if there is an oncological disease, it is necessary to provide documents on the examination of patients by narrow specialists from the primary care, that is, from the polyclinic in which the patient is observed. And the oncologist only gives the patient a complete detailed statement. It should be noted that cancer is not always the basis for registration of a disability group. The decision is made by the ITU, which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor, not the Ministry of Health. They have their own criteria for determining the degree of disability and, according to these criteria, determine the disability group.

- When will we have modern surgical robots that perform high-tech operations?

Dmitry Evtushenko:

- At present, unfortunately, there are no prospects for the appearance of such equipment in Kamchatka. There are several reasons. First of all, it is a difficult-to-use methodology and very expensive financially: one robot costs about $ 2 million. The roads are not only the robots themselves, but also consumables for them, and other support for their work. There are a lot of nuances preventing the development of this technology in sparsely populated areas, such as Kamchatka. One of them is a stable high-speed communication between the operating room and the surgeon, which will ensure the reliability of the operation using a robot.

Lung cancer used to be rare in women

Postural drainage is an effective method of evacuating mucous contents from the bronchial cavity affected by an infectious and inflammatory process. The procedure is indicated for children of all age groups. The therapeutic properties of postural massage are enhanced in the case of prior administration of mucolytic drugs.

The advantage of using this method for evacuating mucus from the bronchi is that it can be used not only in hospitals, but also at home. In order to independently perform postural massage for a child with bronchitis or pneumonia, it is enough to follow the generally accepted algorithm of actions.

Essence of postural drainage

Postural drainage is a therapeutic procedure, the essence of which is to ensure the gentle removal of phlegm from the lumen of the bronchi. By its nature, the origin of mucus that accumulates in the organs of the respiratory system is the result of the pathogenic activity of pathogenic microorganisms.

Causative agents of viral and bacterial infections that provoke the inflammatory process, irritate the bronchial mucosa, and cause the release of a specific effusion. For children under 12 months. coughing up accumulated phlegm is a very difficult task, since they do not have a well-developed cough reflex. In this case, the use of postural massage can speed up the process of cleansing the lungs from mucous contents.

A child aged 3 to 8 years is able to independently cough up phlegm accumulated in the bronchi. This type of mucus evacuation is possible only if the contents of the lumen of the bronchial tree are sufficiently liquid. In clinical cases, when the inflammatory process in the bronchi becomes chronic, the sputum acquires a viscous and too thick consistency.

In this situation, full evacuation of mucus from the respiratory system is impossible without the use of mucolytic drugs and the correct implementation of postural drainage techniques. Under the influence of massage movements, the effect of mucus flowing from the smaller ones to the large and main bronchi is achieved with its further flow into the trachea.

Indications for postural drainage for children

Postural drainage is considered completely safe and approved for use in infants.

This therapeutic procedure is included in the course of complex therapy for patients with the following types of diseases:

  • bronchitis;
  • pneumonia ;
  • ARVI with the spread of infectious pathogens into the lumen of the bronchial tree;
  • bronchopneumonia;
  • stagnation of pathogenic exudate in the bronchi (for example, if the child has had bronchitis, pneumonia, and a complication of these diseases is the preservation of a residual amount of too thick and viscous sputum).

Previously, lung cancer in women was rare. Now this does not surprise anyone ... In February, doctors and patients celebrated World Cancer Day. How are things going with treatment?

In today's review, the wizard will show you how to make a conductor for decorative rolling of a profile pipe (the size of a professional pipe is 10x10 mm).

Anyone can make such a thing with a grinder, welding and lathe.

If the lathe is not available, it's okay. You can turn to a turner. You just need to make a groove in the gear for the bearing and grind the steel penny to the desired diameter.

For the manufacture of the conductor you will need:

  • timing rollers (gears);
  • sheet metal 10 mm thick;
  • bearing;
  • bolts with nuts.

We also advise you to read how to make a riveter from scrap materials.

Making drive and driven rollers

The author uses timing gears as a basis. In the first roller (drive) we insert a round penny with a hole in the center, and fix it by welding.

The penny itself is cut from sheet metal and turned on a lathe to the required diameter.

Press the bearing into the second roller (driven) and fix it with a retaining ring.

We make the frame of the conductor

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