Levittown: wireframe; Khrushchev; in american

This article tells about the city of the American Dream - Levittown. A city that was built from frame houses using American technology. The cheapest frame houses.

The construction of frame houses in the United States began immediately after the development of the Wild West, as it moved away from the forest-rich coasts. There, on the American prairies, where wood was imported and therefore expensive, houses from the second half of the 19th century began to be built from planks. This was also facilitated by the discovery of new technologies: sawing logs into boards at sawmills and making cheap nails from iron wire on a special machine.

In the second half of the 19th century, cities such as Chicago and Detroit were built using frame technology. But the truly mass production of frame houses began already in the 20th century, and this is in no small measure the merit of Bill Levitt, about whom this article tells.

The social problem that Bill Levitt's timber frame houses were solving

When the Second World War ended, soldiers returned to the United States - millions of young people who were scorched by the fire of battles and gained experience of friendly communication with the communists of the USSR and China. In the war, they tempered their character and acquired bad habits, received psychological trauma and restless sleep. Young veterans found it difficult to get along with their parents in close city ​​apartments - due to the difference in views and experiences.

This is how post-war America received several million newly employed and still unemployed potential communists who know how to hold arms, have front-line friends and find themselves homeless. Many of them got married and had to rent housing. The situation was becoming dangerous and needed to be resolved.

Bill Levitt - Creator of the American Dream Cities

Oddly enough, Bill Levitt, an American Jew of Russian origin, successfully solved the problem with potential "communists" in US cities. His grandfather was from Russia, and his father Abraham Levitt dreamed of growing flowers in beautiful gardens as a child. But, alas, his childhood dream came true many years later - in his youth, Abraham entered the law faculty of New York University and in 1902 became a certified specialist in real estate law.

Soon the young lawyer got married, in 1907 the eldest son William Jaird Levitt (Bill Levitt) was born, and five years later - Alfred Stuart Levitt. Contrary to usual, the object of paternal pride was the shy youngest son endowed with artistic talents, and the energetic and self-confident Bill was his mother's favorite.

Sometimes Abraham received property from clients as royalties. Once he got plots with 40 unfinished houses. It was more profitable to finish building houses, and only then sell them. Abraham Levitt decided to teach his sons to do business.

Bill by that time was only 22 years old, Alfred - only 17, but they coped with the task - the youngsters managed to negotiate postpay with the workers and bring the construction to the end, and then quickly sell the houses at a profit. <

Inspired by his success, Abraham forms Levitt & Sons, where he himself provides overall leadership, President Bill is responsible for finance, advertising and sales, and Vice President Alfred is responsible for design.

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