Landscaping of a plot near a private house with conifers

Everyone who wants to turn their favorite hobby into a means of generating income or who decides to develop a business in a new industry for themselves faces a number of difficulties. Before offering a product to customers, an entrepreneur needs to obtain all the necessary documentation confirming that his products are of high quality. The national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support of Entrepreneurial Initiatives" can help them in this.

Dress up the world

Such support was received by Ekaterina Dzundzeiz of Krasnoyarsk, who is engaged in sewing dresses according to her own design projects. Services for laboratory research of her products in the Krasnoyarsk Center for Standardization, Metrology and Testing, she paid in full from the funds allocated by the national project. After certification, Ekaterina received two documents confirming that her products comply with Russian safety and quality standards.

“As of today, we have sewn 100 dresses, which we plan to sell through stores in Krasnoyarsk and one of the most popular Internet sites,” said Ekaterina. - All our products are manufactured in accordance with GOST and meet the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union. In the future, we plan to increase production volumes and expand the sales market. "

Small and medium-sized businesses at the expense of state funding, in addition to certifying their goods and services, can develop technical specifications, an organization standard, and also confirm compliance with the international quality management system ISO 9001.

Do it yourself

The national project "Small and Medium Enterprises and Support for Entrepreneurial Initiatives" helped develop the business of Anastasia Gilmutdinova, a resident of Nadym. While on maternity leave, the girl decided to try her hand at sewing and began to create clothes for her daughter. She posted photos of finished products on her personal pages on social networks and received a lot of positive comments from unknown users and even requests to sew similar things to order.

When her favorite hobby began to make a profit, Anastasia thought about taking part in the district competition of youth business projects "Svoe Delo" to expand the existing business. The girl applied and received a grant in the amount of 969 thousand rubles for the development of her own mini-workshop for the production of modern children's textiles and clothing.

Mom is a jack of all trades

The perception of a mother with many children has stepped far ahead for the image of a housewife today. More and more women caring for babies at home are becoming successful entrepreneurs and almost the main breadwinners of the family. The national project helps many to develop their own business.

The main advantage of using conifers on the site of a private house is when most of the plants shed their foliage in the cold season, the conifers remain the same as in summer. They will become a beautiful highlight for your garden for years to come.

Landscape ensembles with conifers for summer cottages

Landscaping near a private house with a coniferous plant implies the creation of alpine slides, flower beds. You can shade the perimeter of the cottage as a hedge, run along the paths. Conifers in landscape design go well with stone compositions and flowers.


Style, dignity, wealth are the main features of planting a coniferous composition on the personal plot of a summer cottage, your own home.

Over time, 3 qualities are strengthened, turning into exquisite nobility, wisdom and gravity. And if in the beginning you have to make a large investment of labor and money, then over time it will pay off handsomely. Which is an advantage over other placements.


Conifers and shrubs are resistant to such difficult conditions as lack of moisture and light. The aroma and freshness emanating from them will delight every day.

Conifers are a large group of pine-bearing, resinous trees and shrubs. There are 7 families, among which there are more than 600 species. The overwhelming majority are perennials and evergreens.

Varieties of conifers

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