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In 1964 in Canada, in the village of Kelovna, the farmer Viychik noticed on the top of a 50-year-old Mekintosh apple tree an unusual large branch without side shoots with a large number of apples that ripened later than on other branches. He shared his observation with the breeder K. Lapins. They took cuttings and grafted them onto the stock, producing the world's first columnar apple tree, which they named Vazhak. The new tree shape was also used in further breeding work.

A columnar apple tree is a tree in which the trunk and vertical branches with weak branching are overgrown with short fruit formations and are covered with apples. Therefore, it is usually formed into one trunk - a column.

Columnar apple variety Medoc was created by Russian breeders at the end of the last century

In Russia, V. Kichina, using pollen and cuttings from Vazhak to develop new columnar varieties. Experimentally, as a result of sowing seeds and free pollination of the donor of columnar shape KB 103 V. Kichina and N. Morozova, in 1987, a new hybrid was obtained, which in 1996 was separated into a separate variety with the name Medok.

Variety characteristic

The apple tree got such a name for a reason. A short tree gives beautiful yellowish fruits, very pleasant to the taste - sweet and aromatic. A variety of late summer ripening (late summer - early autumn). The crop is stored for a short time - within a month, but it is excellent for preserving and making dried fruits.

The Medoc apple tree is hung with beautiful yellowish fruits, sweet, with a honey flavor

Medoc is distinguished by early fruiting - already in the 2nd year after planting, you can harvest. Flowering can begin immediately after the spring planting in the garden, however, in order not to weaken the plant, the flowers should be cut off.

One of the advantages of the variety is frost resistance: the tree can withstand temperatures down to -42 ° C, therefore it is recommended for growing in central Russia, Siberia and the Urals. Even in the short northern summer, the fruits have time to ripen and gain honey sweetness.

Plant description

The semi-dwarf variety reaches a height of 2–2.2 m. A columnar tree with a compact crown 20–25 cm wide. Fruits are round, medium and large in size, with an average weight of 100 g, when grown under favorable conditions become larger, up to 250 g. Dense white-yellow skin. Juicy pulp is coarse, white, sweet, with a pronounced honey flavor.

In the country

A flower garden in front of a house or a summer cottage can seduce with a riot of colors and a pleasant smell of plants. This is a fantastic showcase that will delight many guests knocking at your door. Do not give up on this even if you have little space at your disposal.

How to create a small flower garden in front of the house?

The flower garden in front of the house is a beautiful decoration of a small space. When arranging a home environment, the greatest attention is paid to the layout of that part of the garden, which is located behind the building. All kinds of terraces, gazebos, colorful flower beds or recreational equipment usually stand in a place that is almost invisible from the outside. If you're setting up your green surroundings, you should also consider arranging the space in front of your lot. It, although usually small, is ideal for creating a flower garden - a beautiful and colorful showcase for your home.

Attractive, colorful plants attract the eyes of both passers-by and visiting guests. What can you do to make your flower garden arouse admiration in the area?

First of all, think carefully about the composition, measure the available space and make a project - a small space does not harmonize with chaos, and it is easy to lead to it by acting without a plan. A flower garden plan can be created schematically on paper or using online programs. Adapting the plants appropriately and creating the right growing conditions for them is also key to success.

Afraid that you are unlikely to make something beautiful in a small space? Of course, the available space will greatly determine the appearance of the flower bed, but nothing is impossible. If you really have little space and want to plant a lot of colorful plants, you can always add hanging plants to the classic garden (“close” in a characteristic pot or select special shelves for arranging flowers).

Try to find your original idea for a flower garden, it will first of all be determined by the style you like. And there is plenty to choose from. In a small space, not only a minimalist style, but, among other things, Provencal or English is applicable. You can also start decorating your garden by identifying the plants that you like and those that you want to place in the green area in front of your house. An interesting option is also the choice of a general theme for the garden, which can be emphasized with ceramic figurines.

Then think about the conditions in which the flowers will grow. Some species will thrive in shaded areas, while others will thrive in very sunny environments. The seasonality of the flowers and the soil on which they will grow are also important. At the planning stage, consider other factors that will determine the appearance of your flower garden - the slopes near the path, the shade of flowers and plants, watering.

Once you've decided on your style, selected plants and created your own concept, it's time to bring the idea of ​​a flower garden to life. How to plant flowers? What to remember when making a small space more attractive?

How to arrange a small garden in front of the house? Practical advice

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