In the Bryansk region, the son killed his father with a bat and buried the corpse in the forest

The modern world is becoming more and more urban. That is why new design trends tend to surround us with a lot of natural and natural jewelry. Living plants do this role best. However, simple pots on windows and stands are no longer fashionable. A garden in a bottle is not only an exciting experience, but also a chance to bring to life a unique composition of an unusual shape and design with your own hands. It can be a real mountain stream, a piece of a mysterious forest, an unusual Mexican area, or a miniature arid desert. With advice from Novate. u It will be very easy to bring any idea to life.

Bottled garden style

The main rule for creating a miniature garden is its similarity to the natural landscape. The main idea could be a forest, a tiny lake, a desert, or a piece of mountainous terrain with sparse vegetation. In order to convey the sensations of the selected area as accurately as possible, you should carefully and responsibly approach the choice of plants, stones, embankments, colors and other elements. Another option for creating a mini-landscape in a bottle is a botanical florarium. This is when not different plants are planted in a container, but only one variety. Then, for example, a garden in a bottle with orchids will be called an orchidarium.

Varieties of florarium forms

Choosing a suitable container for planting plants is one of the most important decisions. A fairly popular option is to use a bottle of an unusual shape or beautiful texture. However, it is not at all necessary to take a bottle to decorate a green corner of the house. It may well be a vase, a decanter, transparent dishes, an unused aquarium of any shape, a specially ordered geometric glass figure, a tray, a chemical flask or a used light bulb. To put it simply, almost any glass container can become the basis for a garden. The main thing is that its size and style are combined with the surrounding interior. It is worth imbuing with the atmosphere and letting your imagination run wild.

Choosing the right plants for your garden in a bottle

First of all, the selected plants should blend well with each other and not interfere with growth. They will grow together for a long time and should interact well. The most popular choice for a florarium is plants that have attractive leaves of unusual colors. Striking combinations of plants with whitish, yellowish, red or dark green leaves are especially good for interiors. Speckled or striped leaves also look impressive.

The main rule for choosing plants for a small container is that the root system must be small, and the leaves must grow gradually and slowly, otherwise they simply will have nowhere to develop. In addition, although the glass is transparent, a little light usually penetrates into the vessel, so the plants must tolerate shade well.

Useful information: Many indoor plants do not cope well with the dry air in apartments with batteries. However, in the case of a mini-composition in a transparent vessel, this problem will be solved. In this case, the bottle or other utensils can be closed. Plants will feel like they are in a rainforest and will fulfill all their needs on their own thanks to the constant circulation of hydrocarbon and oxygen, which they emit and absorb.

List of required components for creation and maintenance

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