In Lugansk, a ban was introduced on walking animals in parks, squares and urban green areas

The administration of Lugansk has made a number of changes to the rules for the improvement of the city's territory, which, in particular, prohibit walking and grazing animals in places not designated for this. This was announced at a briefing in the capital's administration by the deputy head of the department for ecology and environmental protection Alexei Pozovyev.

He said that “the draft improvement rules went through several stages of approval by the city administration departments, which are guided by them in their work, and law enforcement agencies.”

“All comments received in the process, we tried to take into account as much as possible in the new edition. Now the improvement rules provide for a number of prohibitions. In particular, the townspeople are forbidden to graze livestock and walk animals in places not designated for this: parks, squares, urban green zones, "- noted Pozheviev.

The deputy head of the department added that, in addition, “citizens are prohibited from setting up vegetable gardens without permission, damaging or destroying trees, bushes and flower beds, leaving garbage in unallocated places, including repair household waste and production waste in the form of paper and cardboard, to store building materials, structures and equipment outside construction sites.

“You cannot arbitrarily place advertising structures, temporary structures and objects of mobile small retail trade, place advertisements on a traffic sign, its support or any other device designed to regulate traffic. In addition, a ban was introduced on the application of inscriptions and graphic images on the facades of buildings and structures, the installation of boxes, boxes and buckets as trash cans, the discharge of household waste water and the release of sewage on the terrain, in water bodies, on sidewalks, roadways, storm sewers and drainage ditches, "he said.

Povyshev informed that the changes also affected the requirements for enterprises, legal entities and individual entrepreneurs.

“In addition, the new improvement rules have introduced requirements for cooperative houses for the maintenance of adjacent territories, the arrangement and maintenance of their own container sites. Also provides for responsibility for the maintenance of boxes in a faulty technical condition. In addition, the rules determine the procedure for maintaining green spaces and requirements for the maintenance of construction sites, ”added the deputy head of the department.

He emphasized that the improvement rules are mandatory for the entire territory of Lugansk, and their violation threatens with administrative responsibility.

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