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The reason for the speeches of the chairman of SANU about Kosovo and Metokhiјi

Pishe: Dr. Velibor omiћ *, protereј-stavrophor

At "Nedeљniku" (br. 472 from 28 January 2021) added the text "My pole of the tachak for Kosovo and Metokhiјu" by prof. Dr. Vladimir Kostiha, neurologist, professor of the University and chairman of SANU. Gods of cognition of prilika, after reading the text, lako could have bought and lower the text of Vladimir Kostiga from the food. Preshtampan је, after three years, Kostiev's text kјi је saopshten on X stingy Clothes of medical science SANU 27.Decembra 2017. one year old in a wheelbarrow about Kosov and Metokhiјi, and then it was updated from the collection of scientific diaries. about Kosovo and Metokhiјi ”. [1]

Right јe svakog chovek, pa and the chairman of SANU, yes promishљa and even saopshtava svјve stavov about separating the drushtven pitaњim, pa and about Kosovo and Metokhiјi kao one one of the imperative nourishment of his people Speko dzhikogave Jegove Crkve. To that and takvog right, of reason, you can not dare be deprived of anyone, not even Academician Vladimir Kostiћ. Ali, posting and killing tog the right does not mean in any way depriving others of the right and criticizing or challenging, as well as saopshtene stavov, sebno kada e speeches about Kosovo and Metokhi .i.

The chairman of SANU Vladimir Kostiћ јe before the garden there are three pockets of izlazio at the same time with his own set about Kosovo and Metokhiјi. Prvi put јe that that uchino 2015. year of kada su ”Evening news” prenele important business of his interview Radio Beogradu. The text је, kao and svaki, is overlaid by the editorial slogan - "It is only political nutrition and how worthy it is to let Kosovo and Metohiju go." [2] Naslov is not expelled from Kostijeve from ave da e ”from the ovom trenutku One politician is wisdom on who to begin, sa elementim of dignity, let go of Kosovo” [3] and yes “to some people of morale, even yes to Kosovo, there are no de facto threads de iure at our hand ”. [4]

Others put it in their own text without a word to the collector "Learn SANU from the inner dialogue about Kosovo and Metohiji". [5]

Treћi put јe that uchinio with God ћe is not good for 2021. year of kada јe, pored ostalog, entrust yes “to our people, ukљuchuјuћi Crkvu, no tapiјu over the truth of kada јe Kosovo and Metokhiјa at pitaњu”. [6] From nekog razlog, in “Nedeљniku” јe again, after the reaction to Kostyev stavov, preshtampan њegov text from the collection of SANU. In the lead case of the text, Kostiћ јe naveo da јe "has been repeated and utterly hazy". [7]

And the fortune-teller knew Srpskog Esika bi se teshko moghao fold sa Kostyim yes, it didn’t need to beat some kind of foggy Jehovah’s stavov about Kosovo and Metokhiјi, who stubbornly saopshtavao from 2015 to Danas. Er, Hegovi stavovi su over him. Dreams and precision and they, sve and kada bi, some that hteo, I can’t "once and for all" yes, gray and dark! On one occasion, I can only be lucky with Kostyim, who he is, once and overwhelmedly, with a folded and oak Kosovo-Metochian food.

Nothing in the food, like Kostya Tvrdi, "there is only a few and utterly foggy speeches" from him, you are, at the food of the perception of God’s stavov in a laichkoј and pods, yes, on the filling of Kostya proposes yes se ”suochimo sa realnoshћu” how bi konachno grabbed yes “Kosovo above de facto and de iure from our rukam”.

We are working here, but we will not be one of those who are Kostyev's speeches and how he’s stavov about Kosovo and Metokhiјi yes qualification kao will be published or patriotic, if not one of these who will be called yes to the subnet and about each other from each other. wear your stavov about Kosovo and Metohiji kao the chairman of SANU for another mandate, Itekako for the intellectual and for that important srpsku national, scientific and cultural I will establish. Neither can we do so, nor respect the member of SANU. The history and the future will be generated and without change about their own speeches, and swako ћe, pa and Kostiћ, to finish off the place that you deserve with your own deed. Nothing but all the details of the analyst about Kostyyevo reminded me of the fact that she took part in NATO's aggression in 1999, if it was found out that yes, no bio, I didn’t do it, but I didn’t know how to do it. Many sous alone put their belly on oltar Otaџbin.

Kostyevi propose, oddly to a wheelbarrow "for Kosovo and Metokhiјu" Sazna the headquarters is the chairman of the carbon institution - and not himself - he proposes to Kosovo in detail. ”[8]

Kostiћ do not see any problems with the annoying current of the negotiation on Kosovo and Metokhiјi. Neither, equally, is problematic about neither the negotiation from 2013. to 2017.was the chairman Vlada Republic Srbie uz uchet the tadashњeg prvog of the chairman Vlade without studying the chairman of the Republic of Srbije, and from 2017. a year before the chairman of the Republic of Srbije was given without the chairman's student Vlada Republic Srbije. Could it be that Kostya nighe itself was determined for the “format” of which the norm of the Charter of the Republic of Srbije?

I will change sleep and love

From this article, you will learn how to easily make gates from rye flour and potatoes yourself with the attachment of step-by-step photos.

A gate is nothing more than a Karelian pie; gates are prepared from rye flour, or rather, with the addition of rye flour (in our case, in a ratio of about 50x50, i.e. wheat to rye flour).

For the sake of fairness, it should be added that gates can have various fillings, in particular, gates with millet porridge are traditional for Karelia, in addition, they are prepared with potatoes, cottage cheese or sweet.

For the preparation of gates, yeast-free dough is used, its use determines the speed of baking.

Gates made of rye flour with potatoes turn out to be very aromatic, tasty and nutritious, perfect for both a full meal and a snack!

Today we are preparing wickets with potatoes.

Rye flour gates with potatoes


Use the following ingredients to make the rye flour gate dough:

Mixing and preparing the filling with pouring - 20-25 minutes.

Test rest time - 20-30 minutes.

Cooking process

Pour milk into a container of suitable size, add: sugar, salt, egg, wheat and rye flour, baking powder, KMIX everything well.

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